Gerrymandering to the max?


Did you know that most smaller constituencies are won by the BN while the the opposition parties do well in the larger constituencies?

Parliamentary constituencies ranked by size - Graph: Ng Chak Ngoon

A retiree based in Sabah has submitted a revealing graph to the Parliamentary Select Committee. The graph shows the 222 constituencies ranked by number of voters. Strips in blue are those seats won by the BN in 2008 while those in red were those clinched by opposition parties.

See a pattern there? Coincidence or gerrymandering? How does the Election Commission explain this?

Ng is reported to have pointed out that the smallest constituency in Malaysia was 13 percent of the national average (number of voters per constituency) while the largest was 288 percent, in contrast to the UK’s smallest and largest constituency of 77 percent and 153 percent of the national average respectively. See the Malaysiakini report.

The PSC will be stopping by in Penang for public hearings on 15-16 December.

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Just As Concerned

To the BN, gerrymandering is a tool of convenience to ensure their winning in each and every elections in Msia.
With SPR as the painter and MACC, etc the provider of paint and brushes – who could ask for more.

Alan Newman. NZ

Let’s pray for Malaysia, near hopeless. Politicians are corrupt to the core.

Sarawak’s (regime) has plundered Sarawak to the tune of multi – billions, and Najib pretends nothing is happening! Time for rallies & protest now.

Ahmad Sobri

Sorry, typo error, it should be, The EC, is it competent to conduct a free and fair election?

Ahmad Sobrih

My dear bro, Mr. Anilnetto, You asked, “Just how does the Election Commission explain this”? Just what do you expect the Election Commission to explain Mr. Anil? If the Election Commission is truly independent and responsible, this would not have happened in the first place. The discovery of hundreds of thousands of “doubtful voters” as alleged starting with the code “71” is definitely a cause for concern. Despite complaints reportedly made, has the EC taken action, and if yes, what is their explanation for such discrepancies? And lately Balai Polis Kerinchi had also become a voter? Just how ridiculous can… Read more »


Ahmad Sobri, i really respect you for being brave – you want change.

Look at the Chinese and Indians, so many of them they still believe in BN, they are so afraid of change.

Just wonder these ordinary people walking in the street, what are they going to lose actually if there is a change of government???

Ahmad Sobri

Dear Mr. Kee, Thank you for your reply. It had reached a stage in the political history of Malaysia, where we either change for the better or be prepared for the change to worse, if we continue with the corrupt and rotten administration of UMNO/sycophants. How would you fancy to see a State Government, duly elected by the Rakyat of Pulau Pinang being destabilized at will by those people ( they cannot be considered the Malay race as clearly they are not, and they do not wish to be identified as Indians, where their roots belong)? And the PRDM, looked… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

Mr. Kee, just join and support the movement by NGOs and other responsible organizations in their efforts to educate ordinary Malaysians the evil of UMNO!

Asalakan Bukan UMNO, is going to be the downfall of UMNO/sycophants!

Support ABU Malaysians! We just cannot allow UMNO to have its way by insulting the minorities using race, religion at will. Malaysians unite, and UMNO will be political history!

Salam 1Bersih Malaysia! Remember ABU!

Gerakan K

This is called HOME advantage !!!


That, in a nut shell, is what the PM meant when he says UMNO will defend putrajaya at all cost.


What is the assuarance there will not be any gerrymandering if the opposition forms the federal goverment. All boundaries will be definately be redeliniated to suit them.

Andrew I

This is support of the majority, Gherkin style.

Asam Garam

Hanky Panky must be the reason as we analyse the trend shown in the chart.