Full-scale probe on Scorpene deal needed


In view of the latest revelations about the France-Malaysia arms deals, a wide-ranging and full-scale independent inquiry is required.

Too many questions have been raised, and it is a shame that we have to rely on the French courts to unravel the truth.

But I suppose we will have to wait until the cows come home before any such inquiry is held here. Right, MACC?

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extracted from : http://hornbillunleashed.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/30067/

A confidential report in the Paris Papers notes:
“It appears that the management of Thint Asia is aware that the amount paid to Terasasi ultimately benefited Najib or his adviser, Baginda.”
Thus, as Suaram’s French lawyer Joseph Breham has put it:
“Investigations so far have provided sufficient evidence to point our finger at Malaysian officials in this (court) hearing.”


also in that same article :

DCN former finance director Gerarde Philippe Maneyas had made a claim for 32 million euros (RM127 million) allegedly used to bribe Malaysian officials for purchase of the Scorpenes.

The commissions and dividends for the Scorpene deal were funneled through two companies, Terasasi and Perimekar, both (allegedly) owned by Abdul Razak Baginda. His wife, Mazlinda is a director in Perimekar, while his father is (allegedly) a director in Terasasi. Malaysians have heard about Perimekar and its “coordinating service” in the submarines deal. But so far there has been no mention of Terasasi.

Andrew I

Again, only after posting my comment can I see the three preceding comments.

Gerakan K

What are you complaining about ??? You want VIP treatment ka ???


And you get thumb down treatment as follow ups!
More gelak-gelakan to read under your sincerely!

Gerakan K

I don’t know why a probe on scorpene deal is needed. Sales commission is normal,what ??? Instead, I believe Malaysia need at 20 – 50 such scorpenes to ensure Indonesia and Singapore well behave.

Pala Richie

That is why, don’t watch to much tv1,2,3… now you don’t know what other are talking about.

We are saying, we only buying sub from the French, but they are very kind to tell us the whole story on what really transpired.

We are saying, the MACC is helping NFC, waiting the cow to come back to their condos.

Too much TV, boy.


the downfall of Sarkozy will trigger internal French probes leading the investigative trails all the way to Malaysia enroute Mongolia pit-stop.

GP Lim

PARIS; 7 May 2012 0227 hrs : Francois Hollande was elected France’s first Socialist president in nearly two decades on Sunday, dealing a humiliating defeat to incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy and shaking up European politics.

So the probe begins; and someone is shivering now !


Hope this Francois Hollande is not a “you scratch my back, I scratch yours type”.
Socialist! This must be a dirty word for some highly corrupts of the bourgeois here.
In Hokkien, “Lu khe holland” sarcastically means “You are dead meat!” Delight that this literally comes true.

syiok syiok

If this 10 May 2012 report is true, then a big scandal gonna erupts in Malaysia ?



it’s open secret to most blog readers that the submarine dealing was/ is the grandfather of all scams & scums in Msia.