French lawyer on the submarine deal


In case you missed it, Joseph Breham on the submarine deal involving DCN, Perimekar and the Malaysian government.

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16 May 2010 4.21am

Why no need for defence? Not so good a dodge, Gerakan K !

The French guy simply said there’s no need to pay EUR114m as this was not for any part of the submarine package – ie this is a form of corruption. So what did the Malaysian Navy get for the EUR114m? Nothing (not even a parang)!

12 May 2010 1.14pm

The French company will probably be charged. They wont do anything about another countries corrupt government. That’s the duty of its citizens.

Fabian Tew
Fabian Tew
12 May 2010 10.53am

Let’s be realistic, the probing is not going to be published in the news media. Everyone knows who the big sharks are. The low income group, the “unconnected” group and all the income tax contributors are the greatest sufferer. The only thing these group can do is to seek for change. Seek for change in such a way that the whole system is changed. When a commercial corporation is illed. The shareholders change its board of directors, who is vested with the responsibility to lead the corporation to meet its operating objective. (i.e. profit) The shareholders do this by casting… Read more »

11 May 2010 4.41pm

Nothing will happen last cent.

11 May 2010 2.25pm

The world is laughing at us. Millions paid out to Perimekar when the poor are dying to put food on the table. This is how the hard-earned money of Malaysians is spent. The poor and the uneducated do not really know what’s happening. The mainstream media will hide everything from these poor citizens. The rich are super rich. They have mansions and properties overseas and use the country to siphon out the money. Half of our population cannot make ends meet wheh it comes to livelihood. They are poor in every sense. Look at our schools, villagers, estates and other… Read more »

11 May 2010 1.26pm

Just how many schools, hospitals, roads can we build with 114 million euros?

I wonder?

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
11 May 2010 9.26pm
Reply to  O

Using your logic, no need for defense lah. Disband our troops. Then lelong all weapons to our neighbor countries. That should enough to feed us free for decades.

OK, then fight any intruder with parang. Apa macam, O ???

PASti bungkus jika O = PM