Five reasons why Najib is under unbelievable pressure


When I told a friend I was going to list down five reasons why Najib is in trouble, he laughed, “You are going to need more than five!”

He is of course right. But let me try all the same.

1. The economy is in trouble

The economy alone could provide 10 reasons! But I will just lump it under one. By now, we are all familiar with what ails the economy. The bright side is that many have started paying attention to economic indicators. Those who haven’t will find out anyway when they pay the bill at their favourite eatery or grocery shop and get a rude shock when they find out how much prices have soared and their ringgit has shrunk.

By now, we are probably familiar with our dwindling international reserves, the high household debt, the youth unemployment (even among graduate and diploma holders), the slump in commodity prices, the drooping domestic demand as folk cut back on spending, the soaring food prices due to overreliance on imports and the brain drain. See I told you the economy alone could provide 10 reasons. But who’s counting anyway. Let’s move on

2. A credibility crisis

The list of broken promises on the Sedition Act, etc took the cake. But the way Najib handled the 1MDB scandal and that RM2.6bn (could be worth a lot more now after the ringgit depreciation!) ‘donation’ was like having that cake flung into our face. The disruption of the investigations simply smashed public confidence in his leadership.

Pointed questions have been raised about what happened to the balance of the ‘donation’ when his bank account was closed.

Now, even the Swiss have begun investigations into banks linked with 1MDB. Questions have also been raised about the accounts in Singapore.

Add to that the international perception of Malaysia as a place of rampant corruption, and it doesn’t look good for Najib’s leadership at all. He gives the impression of a desperate leader lashing out with unstatesmanlike words like bangsat.

3. A rift in Umno

Was the Umno Supreme Council informed about the RM2.6bn ‘donation’? Muhyiddin appeared to be in the dark. If I was in the Supreme Council, I wouldn’t be amused to find that the party president had received such a staggering amount. Was the party Supreme Council kept in the loop?

Outside the inner circle, Mahathir and Muhyiddin are not going to make life any easier for Najib.

The longer this stalemate continues, the more the realisation will dawn on the Umno upper echelon that Najib is more of a millstone around its collective neck than a vote-winner.

4. Eroding confidence in Institutions

From Mara dabbling in properties in Australia reportedly at inflated prices to FGV share prices tanking to attempts to get Tabung Haji to buy land from 1MDB, one has to wonder what the grassroots, many of them Umno faithful, make of all this.

And then, there is the matter of the public perception of the judiciary, the MACC, police, Election Commission….

These institutions are supposed to protect our interests; but now the saying “Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi” comes to mine.

5. The Bersih 4 rally

A massive turnout at the Bersih rally will serve as a referendum on Najib’s leadership and pile added pressure on the premier. That is why everyday we read stuff in the papers trying to deter Malaysians from attending.

But many are simply so determined to participate. Judging from the response at Bersih forums in Alor Star, Penang, Klang and Batu Pahat, a yellow tide is rising against the corruption, lavish spending and ostentatious lifestyles that are the hallmarks of the top leadership.

Why even Perkasa has indicated it will not stop its members from participating! I wonder what the ‘red shirts’ make of that!

A massive turnout would show all and sundry the extent of public dissatisfaction with Najib’s leadership. This external outpouring could convince the establishment that Najib’s leadership is getting the country nowhere and that Malaysians have had enough.

See you in KL; I will be wandering around the streets there in the next few days, giving you a flavour of what it is like. If you are unable to access my blog for any reason, follow me on Twitter.

I am not going to miss this for the world – because I care for this country and where we are heading, and I am sure you do too. Will I see you there?

Now, where’s my hat?

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Bridget Welsh on the political future of Najib as interviewed by athe Diplomat: My own view is that Najib will no longer be the premier for Malaysia’s next General Elections. It is a matter of time before he has to leave office. The longer Najib stays in power, the longer the crisis will continue with negative spillovers into the economy and in society. This position is based on the argument that UMNO cannot win electorally and assure political stability and its position with a deeply unpopular and non-credible leader at the helm. Even if an emergency is declared, the situation… Read more »


What can you expect from an opposition spokesperson

Phua Kai Lit

Unpaid 🙂

No pay or even “donations” 🙂


The Financial Times (FT) blames Malaysia’s troubles on the fact that the country has been ruled by one party for too long. In an editorial yesterday, the international business daily said having the same party in charge of the government since 1957 is “too long, and suggests that the fate of the state and Umno have been fused”, referring to the main component party in the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition. “The scandal over the troubled Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and the RM2.6 billion transferred to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s personal bank account aside, Malaysia faces deeper problems. “The… Read more »


Polls show majorities 57% of the people are not in favour of Bersih. Out of the 43% in favour only 17% are really in favour with the other 26% only a little bit in favour

Poll: Support for Bersih 4 split along racial lines


It will be proven wrong tomorrow!

Ps: most civil servants are Malays and their reluctance to participate openly in Bersih activities is to protect their job/rice bowl, especially under the strong pressure of UMNO regime.


I am really amused at the way these opposition sycophants have been acting lately on the Bersih 4. Some go to the extend of calling on to God with some even calling on deities, prophets & saints to come over and join them. He miss out the many Dato Kong. Don`t they realise that when you can call upon all these God, deities, prophets and saints, so can Najib and his followers, so can M and Mudyiddin and so can many others. Suddenly Gods, deities, prophets and saints have been drawn into Bersih 4 and the political scene. HOW AMUSING… Read more »


Yaya these Gods, prophets, saints and deities including dato` kong must now be kepala pusing. Who will be going cracko, lets see ???


Who are the ones started to use religion and race first? They always raise those topics and accuse others of questioning the rights. After so many week after wsj report, those dunggus, pea brains come up with kiddy stories it is a donation to win the election contradict as Isis reward. Worse, they do not have the dingdong bell to sue WSJ with the dungg, idotic and pea brain lawyers and mata2 taikoh asking Interpol to do donkey job to go after sr. The Mata taikoh always jump to wring channel

Phua Kai Lit

Borrowing a colourful phrase from a US politician:

His word/commitment/promise is “not worth a bucket of warm spit”


Although its dollars is strong it is not doing any better as I have said many times

Weaker ringgit, rupiah can have unpleasant effects for Singapore


Things are heating up in Umno, as the ruling party files a suit against its president Najib Abdul Razak to reclaim a portion of the RM2.6 billion alleged party donations said to have left the country.

A large portion of the funds, which The Wall Street Journal had exposed was deposited into Najib’s personal accounts, were allegedly transferred to Singapore two years ago.

Umno, through one of its grassroots leaders, named Najib and Umno executive secretary Abdul Rauf Yusof as defendants in the suit filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court registry this morning.

Read more:


The one who filed has been automatically sacked.according to umno constitution. No problem at all


All the best cleaning some rotten $oils!!!
Take care and do check out street foods of KL !


When one keep talking of God one should follow the law. Instead they keep breaking the law. Moreover Jesus said, if some one slap you in the face let him slap on the other side. This really smack of hypocrisy


What does 4 in Chinese means.


4 to those practising 4 Cs


Anil, I love your Bright Yellow Banner!
Bersih 4.0 passion?
Keep it that way.


The yellow banner has brightened up the mood!


Right, brother. Despite all the yang-yang of a foul spirit.
I for one will not call God for anything despicable, neither to quote His Scriptures to shame Him, nor to the extent of using His Name to support an evil regime as an excuse of fouling.
Only that foul spirit has no qualm until he gets multiple slaps by Him.
Yellow up for Bersih & foul spirits will run away!


Yes, love that yellow !!! Kind of it brings hope !!!

johan Khun Pana

And any news portal or bloggers that are promoting Bersih4 , will be shut down.
Not just shut down, cops will come calling too.
Very scary “lah” , when a govt have to resort to such threats.

His family must be making preparation to fly to Kazakhstan should things go awry.

Phua Kai Lit

Saudi Arabia is another welcoming destination.


Phua kai Lit ; Be realistic. Don`t be so shiok sendiri. Najib is here to stay even with a vote of no confidence.


Yes, those who have souls are awaken now at this crucial hour !!!

My brother and sister will join their Malay friends for the Bersih rally. They will put a night too to show solidarity with fellow participants.

The chinese and the Indians please do not stick in your own group but please join other Malay friends so as to avoid any untoward incidents.

Meanwhile, Anil, please take good care of yourself ! May the good Lord take care of all
the participants and stretch out His mighty hands to cover and protect them !!!


Anil, may Kuan Kong walks beside you.
Fear no evil. Those with exceeding bad & kotor intentions have more to fear than us Bersih @ hearts.
Walk with your hat tall, Anil.
Mighty are those pure @ hearts for Bersih Malaysia.


Anil should understand the situation before giving 5 reasons that is being blah blah blah. 1. Is our economy as bad as it is. A sane person would know that the ringgit drop is not the cause of the govt but due to speculation by the US and the West. We have had a reserve of almost a hundred billion compared to M time in 1998 when it dropped to only 20 billions. Our GDP is poised to expand by 5 to 5.5% this year. Our economy is fundamentally strong with export out stripping import creating a surplus. We are… Read more »


You should contribute your writings to NST, sure get published and you can cari makan and drink ooothong kopi. Nobody here bother to read what you are writing. I could be wrong as you could be paid to infiltrate Anil’s blog.

Phua Kai Lit

Should be given another medal

“Order of Super Gasing, First Class” 🙂


True, whenever I see his/her comment, I don’t bother reading. Just vote down.


Yellow colored banner of anilnetto has brightened this blog despite the all the yang-yang of irrelevance & desperate support for this “Na Ji”.