Final 54 minutes of MH370 cockpit communication revealed


The final 54 minutes of conversation published by the Daily Telegraph does not seem to suggest that anything sinister was happening.

Thanks to blog visitor Loke for the link.

Update (22 March): Malaysian officials, however, say this transcript is “inaccurate”.

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24 Mar 2014 1.47am

Something tells me that the Malaysian authorities handling S&R of #MH370 aren’t truthful and many things they aren’t telling.
At sat 22nd March PC, the DG of DCA merely claimed the transcripts published by Daily Telegraph aren’t accurate, and that’s it! Well, if they are inaccurate, what’s inaccurate about them – tell, explain! But no, they hurriedly ran off, ended the PC. Bunch of idiots! What are they trying to hide, huh?

23 Mar 2014 7.34am

The nearest airport to turn back to was Kota Bharu, not Langkawi, in a technical emergency. Kota Bharu could also take a B777, but for some reason the media has overlooked this. The fact that MH370 went out west and beyond our airspace seems to suggest something nefarious may have taken place, in my opinion.

Shakirin AlIkram
22 Mar 2014 2.18pm

What a baffling investigators is why the repeat (not necessary at 01:07hr of MH370 flying @10,700m height, after 6mins of the same msg? Meaning somthing happened at that time n NOT at 01:22hr, when Subang CT realised it and officially notified MAS at 02:40hr. Then what was the time Vietnam authorities pegged Malaysians side 2x that MH370 had veered West. and MH270 too sent 2spurts before the West-turning. That is the time window most experts believed that a fire or something major happened in the cockpit and the pilots opted for the nearest airport (Langkawi) but continued down Malacca Straits… Read more »

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
22 Mar 2014 12.03pm

Strange that quite a number of reports from foreign media later turned out to be true despite early denials by the Malaysian authority.

ps: Anil should post information on the Kajang by-election for all to discuss.

22 Mar 2014 11.21am

There was an odd repetition by the co-pilot at 1.07am. PM Najib has refused to confirm or deny the transcript which was derived from a Chinese spy satellite: