Federal govt “ready to help”; Koh: Don’t blame me


Now we hear that the federal government is “ready to help” the High Chaparral residents, says Deputy Minister T Murugiah.

“Although the Barisan Nasional (BN) is not in power in the state, the Federal Government still belongs to BN and we should help the people, regardless of their race,” he said. Check out the Bernama report here.

Meanwhile, former Penang chief minister Koh Tsu Koon has washed his hands off the Kampung Buah Pala crisis, saying he would not interfere to avoid getting blamed.

“He (Lim) always blame me for everything that he cannot do, he either blames the federal government or the previous state government. He always push issues which he cannot solve to the federal government,” he added. See full Bernama report here.

That’s a cop out. Tsu Koon cannot be let off so easily and must be held accountable. He must provide a detailed explanation as to how the Brown housing trust (vested Crown) land for the Kampung Buah Pala villagers was turned to TOL land. Who were the beneficiaries of the trust?

He must also explain why and how the land was sold to the Penang State Government Officers Cooperative for RM3.2 million.  Who were the key players in the state government, the cooperative and the developer responsible for the deal? He must answer these questions.

Guan Eng for his part has to explain what took place on 27 March 2008 – three weeks after the Pakatan took over power in Penang. Was he aware of it – or was it done by the Land Office without his knowledge? Had the new administration issued any instructions to the Land Office not to do anything without the state government’s approval? Or was any change put through by the Land Office without the new state government leaders’ knowledge? We need answers.

I hope Deputy CM Mansor’s investigative committee will be looking into all these issues in his report as well.

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Tang Loon Kong

My point of view tells me that the federal government is trying to show the people of Penang, that it is still a viable alternative. It is trying to push Penang’s DAP to a corner, and reduce its degree of freedom as a state government. Many are suspecting that the BN is trying to conceal its internal workings, and try to stop fund flow and multiplier effect in Penang. Most ‘selected’ contractors for new infrastructural projects would come from Kuala Lumpur, that is for sure. Therefore, these BN politicians in Kuala Lumpur are dead on centralized control. Is this a… Read more »


“He (Lim) always blame me for everything that he cannot do, he either blames the federal government or the previous state government. He always push issues which he cannot solve to the federal government,” he added.

Well, well, well Mr.KTK …. You expect him to clean up your … and your master’s …? Clever. Now I know why you run to the Fed.


In all fairness, any settlement must be done prior to the high court ruling. Once the court rule, both the plaintiff and defendant must abide by the ruling. The court ruled that the residents are in fact squatters. I think the squatters want to have the cake and eat it too. Plain & simple, they had lost the trial. They were determined by the court that they do not own the land as they had claimed. They have presented tons of evidences yet the court is not convinced. In this case, I think LGE and company are going overboard to… Read more »


LGE will stay as the CM of Penang. Hindraf is barking at the wrong tree. They are playing with people’s emotion. Hindraf should do their homework before condemning the PR government in this blunt manner. Soon, Hindraf will be seen neither here nor there. Please do your homework before opening your mouth. Whose fault is all this? The present PR government or the past BN government. The truth is out now, and Hindraf go and tell the true culprits to solve this problem. LGE is a sound leader. He will past this test with distinction.


I have a question here: If ever PM federal able to settle the kampung buah pala issue by bailing out with some fund, will this mean the villages & hindraf will support BN? I dont think tax payer want their money all into this kampung buah pala. By history how many malay kampungs in Penang were destroyed during BN-UMNO’s time. UMNO just loving doing it one kampung after another in the name of development and facililated by Gerakan. The malays continued voting BN until when it is critical, when they want change, how many kampungs left today? I can see… Read more »


Anil, is this true? Rent cover from Cm’s salary or backcharge to Penang State Govt? Help. http://thenutgraph.com/article-4409.htmlPenang Gerakan Youth wants Guan Eng to explain luxury bungalow 8 Jul 09 : 7.40PM PENANG, 8 July 2009: Penang Gerakan Youth today called on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to explain the renting of a luxury bungalow. The movement’s vice-head, H’ng Khoon Leng, said the explanation would be in line with the concept of “Efficiency, Accountability and Transparency” practised by the state government led by Lim, and that Lim’s avoidance of several questions raised by Gerakan on the matter showed that he was… Read more »


Thanks Anil.
There are more to come like kpg buah pala in the future if BN rules penang again.


A thought…why isnt Penang Heritage Trust interested in defending this kpg buah pala turning it into heritage indian kpg for tourism….

A PHT spokeswoman did speak strongly about the heritage value of the area during a press conference organised by the villagers. – Anil


Lets all camp infront of GERAKAN PENANG HQ OFFICE MACALISTER ROAD PENANG……..some rakyat dont know true story of kpg buah pala…


Federal wants to help…haha haha haha kah kah !!!


That was what happened to kpg tg tokong back in the 1980s…
on platinum plate to UDA…now…walllaa!!! multi billion projects in the fat belly of (certain parties).

Past 38years was umno penang being facilitated by gerakan penang in the name of DEVELOPMENT kicking away kampung one after another.

I admire the residents of this Kampung Buah Pala, stood up, to tell the world of land scams. UMNO – GERAKAN, education and knowledge of rakyat’s rights is important.


Ravi on July 7th, 2009 at 11.05am

well LGE resigns, another by election, and you expect KTK to turn back the clock and let Kampung Buah Pala folks to continue squat for free ?

why don’t the hindraf fellas go and camp outside Jalan Marie Pitchay ?

Jebat musibat

Rakyat diutamakan – Najib

kah kah kah!!!! lol!


please dont blame the present state govt. they are indeed trying to clear all the s*** left by the previous BN govt.

let’s all be fair and give our whole support to the present state govt. after being looted by BN for the last 5 decades, we shud at least let pakatan prove that they can do better to look after Penang.

i believe they can and are doing their best.

Penangites unite for ours and our children’s future.



I spoke to even BN people, Johor is also not safe for them. It is count down to party time…..as slong as PR stays together….


Now you have a chance to explain – come next 2013 GE13 when the new govmen form, we lock you up.


If the CM of Penang can’t solve this problem then he must resign and pass it someone who can.

Penang for the people of Penang.
I love this state and all its history.

Andrew I

Well said, Pauline. Cut off your nose to spite your face.

Good one.


Yes, go ahead and vote in BN in the next GE!!! And then see which squatter area will be demolished next! Give your vote to BN again so that they can continue to rape & plunder the country’s wealth. Swing back to BN and see your children education go further down the drain. YES! GO AHEAD! CUT OFF YOUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACE!!!!

Oh! Yes! Chinese, Malays and others are thirst for Hindraf leadership. DON’T COUNT ON ME….I’m for MALAYSIAN first!!!

Morning Dew

Pauline, it is not about one or the other but about doing what is right in the right way. BN took 52 years to utterly corrupt the nation and to incurr the contempt and wrath of the rakyat. LGE is in power for less than 2 years and he is already falling victim to the seduction of power and an inability to acknowledge a mistake when he should have admitted it. Now that the rice had become porridge does he still have the capacity to come clean ? I still believe that PR still holds the best hope the country… Read more »


GEORGE TOWN (July 6, 2009) : Penang Gerakan has broken its silence on the Kampung Buah Pala land transaction controversy, saying the onus is on the current state government to take action if there were elements of fraud. State Gerakan chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan said the party, which led the previous Barisan Nasional state government, would not get involved in the matter as it was up to the government of the day to resolve the problem. “We leave it to the DAP,” he said in an interview. “If there is any new evidence (of fraud), the residents can… Read more »


Yeap on July 6th, 2009 at 11.52pm


Hindraf like MIC has no way to win any seat at their own ticket. I forsee Indians will swing back to BN in the next GE.


The greatest service Gerakan members can provide to the people of Penang is to dissolve the party.

The present Gerakan leadership have done enough damage to our beloved state.


It’s about time we spread the words come next GE vote BN to teach Pakatan a lesson. From the information that I have gathered so far, BN will take back their 2/3 majority and Penang will fall back to BN. I urge Hindraf leaders quickly form a party to contest in the next GE. From the Kam Buah Pala incident, we see that actually BN is for real change. Pakatan for all its promises is unable to bring change. The rakyat have opened their eyes and see clearly the differences. I really hope Hindraf will contest because Chinese, Malays and… Read more »


Let this not be a blame game. It is useless for any of us to start ‘fighting’ amongst ourselves trying to outdo each other in it and pointing fingers at those who we think is responsible for this trouble at Kampung Buah Pala. There is not enough facts found thus far to indicate or implicate who the real culprits are. Anyway, it is not going to help solve the problems faced by residents of this village. Since Najib feels that it is a State Government problem and not a Federal government problem, the ball is now on our side of… Read more »


Latest… Najib says he wont interfere in the KBP issue. He said all land matters is the individual state matters. Can he explain the BMC issue in Selangor where police under the Federal Govt instruction bash up a young man and sided with the toll operator. Such double standards!!!!

Dont worry, we Penangites will vote in the PR govt come next election. Dont believe me? Send your spies to the ground and you will get my drift.