Farewell, ‘Lady Macbeth’ of Tunisia


Ousted Tunisian dictator Ben Ali had to put up with serious insult from his wife Leila before they boarded the plane to flee the country.

'Lady Macbeth' Leila - Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
When hubby refused to board the plane, Leila commanded, “Get on imbecile. All my life I’ve had to put up with your screw ups.”

“Leave me, I don’t want to go, I want to die here for my country,” pleaded Ben Ali pathetically, sounding a bit like Mubarak.

But Ben Ali’s hated political police chief, Ali Seriati, pushed him up, shouting: “For —-‘s sake, get on!”

Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow for dictators (not to forget their spouses – remember a certain Imelda?), isn’t it? They literally have to be shown the boot – or shoe, as in the case of Egypt.

For the full Telegraph article, go here.

Also check out this article from The Australian: How a gold-digging Tunisian hairdresser, Leila Ben Ali, perfected art of plunder

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As I look at leila, she remind me of rosmah. identical look…


Domineering “first ladies” do have one thing in common.

(Many) of them have broad faces.


mahatir must be wondering if egypt hits the fan of malaysia, what will happen to his family assets….

better find a bogeyman to distract meantime while he scratches his head on assets preservation, no?

Andrew I

A night in Tunisia. Probably why Ben didn’t want to leave.

Behind every great dictator is an amazon. Also something to do with hair. Hairdresser, flamboyant wigs…


M… said that he would migrate when Anwar Ibrahim takes over as Prime Minister. He is afraid that he had to migrate and that is why he said many things to urge Malays to retain UMNO in power. He suddenly remembers that in 1964 he boasted that he did not need Chinese votes and lost his seat in Kedah in a dominant Malay constituency, and thus he tries now to pretend that he was human sometimes hoping that some non-Malays would be stupid enough to vote for BN in the coming GE 13. But his remarks raise more questions than… Read more »


I think the sign is all there in Sarawak.

Taib mahmud had a Lady Palestin as bride.
The same Tunisian fate (may) befall him.


Our own Lady Macbeth may find it difficult to board the plane with the extra large baggage! Was that the reason why the (country) bought the submarines?…latest, new Naval ships lagi!!


Sense some changes here too.


ah ah its will come to malaysia soonest, its will be the same same story……

James Bond

…we are in for a hard landing…


Sounds like the familiar Malaysian couple we have, the penguin series!


We are seeing this kind of behavior happening in this nation. Now, we know how the ending will be.


The recent revealing of the ridiculous “First Lady of Malaysia Division” dedicated to Rosmah Mansor is bewildering and has yet again shown the inconsistency of the Barisan Nasional government in informing the public.

najib is clearly contradicting himself when the official website of Prime Minister’s Department included the “First Lady of Malaysia Division” in the staff directory, under which five staffs are employed to work, suggestively for the self-proclaimed “First Lady” of Malaysia, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.