EXPOSED: Tony Blair’s lucrative cash-for-contacts deal with 1MDB-funded PetroSaudi


The Sunday Times in the UK has a massive expose on that war criminal Tony Blair:

TONY BLAIR secured a secret contract with an oil company founded by a senior member of the Saudi royal family for a fee of £41,000 a month and a 2% commission on any of the multimillion-pound deals he helped broker, a leaked document reveals.

The contract agreed in November 2010 between Tony Blair Associates (TBA) and the oil firm PetroSaudi involved the former premier arranging introductions to his contacts in China, including senior political figures. The firm was told it could not divulge Blair’s role to anyone without permission.

Interestingly enough, a joint-venture between PetroSaudi and 1MDB was entered into in 2009, a year before the above contract was agreed. Effectively, 1MDB had pumped several billion ringgit into PetroSaudi.

Before that, PetroSaudi had only little money in the bank, according to some top-notch investigative journalism in Sarawak Report, and it was hardly a Saudi state-owned entity.

Here is Tony Blair visiting the Sacred Heart Cathedral while on a “private holiday” in Sabah – in 2009.

The Australian reports:

It (PetroSaudi) is a relative upstart in an industry dominated by big long-term players, but its global ambitions were bolstered in 2009 with a deal with 1 Malaysia Development Board, a company owned by the Malaysian government.

1MDB agreed to participate in a joint venture with an initial $US1bn investment. The money helped established the fledgling company as an international operation.

There were questions in Malaysia over the lack of transparency in the deal, and 1MDB later disposed of its interest

So basically, 1MDB had raised money via bonds, incurring expensive fees, and then lent most of it to PetroSaudi.


In 2010, 1MDB sold its 40 per cent stake in PetroSaudi. This resulted in a “gain” of RM650m from the deal. If not for this “gain”, 1MDB would have made a loss instead of a profit for its financial year 31 March 2010. But 1MDB apparently did not receive cash from the sale at the time. Instead, it was forced to accept a 11-year repayment bond, for which PetroSaudi has to pay 1MDB interest.

1MDB reportedly made more loans to PetroSaudi after that – to help PetroSaudi service the interest? Oh, what a mess!

Hey, it was also in 2010 that Blair again visited KL – to chants of “War criminal!”

If only, the protesters had also known of Blair’s links to PetroSaudi back then.

In 2011, Blair and Bush were found guilty of war crimes by the KL War Crimes Tribunal, a Mahathir-inspired initiative.

But then, two months ago, in September 2014, this war criminal, Tony Blair, was apparently allowed to visit Malaysia and address students at the Subang campus of Inti International University and Colleges. So much for the KL Tribunal!

So that makes it at least three visits by Blair in the last five years. Now, why would a retired British premier – a war criminal at that – be so interested and made to feel so welcome in Malaysia? Cuti-cuti Malaysia?

Something else of note: PetroSaudi is reportedly registered in the Cayman Islands. Does that ring a bell?

1MDB now says RM4bn of its RM7bn parked in the Cayman Islands has been returned to Malaysia since 31 March 2014 with the balance due to be returned by this month.

I can’t wait to see what the auditors of 1MDB have to say about the Cayman Islands money.

Najib has some serious explaining to do.

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Callum Chen

Is this article (26 February, 2014 on Asia Sentinel) written by you, Anil?

Fund Scandal Looms in Malaysia

G Dorai

Tuesday main cover stories in majority chinese newspaper (my news vendor translated for me) are on rampant corruption as reported as usual by The Public Account Commitee (PAC).

However, The Star editor plays down such critical information and instaed report on College Marijuana alledgely happening in Malaysia. What’s the transparency when the the Star readers being concealed about the scandals in present administartion ???

Wong Choon Wai got to open up ?


PAC has also uncovered that 11.94 million Ringgit are drawn as pension from 3786 dead soldiers!

Money deposited as pension were withdrawn from the bank account of the deceased soldiers!

Who pocketed the money?

Read on China Press, as it is not reported on NST, Star or Utusan:


The White Sheep blairrrr but underneath the sheep’s coat of perceived British coats of honour is a black entity cunningly moving among the sheep of nations willing to turn a blind eye to its atrocities. This is modern day colonialism in a suit without the deployment of a huge Nelson armada, but the manipulation of politics of fear & lies + the unfair advantage of global economic sanctions & free market forced-opening of economies for dubious dealings & cheap dumplings of goods. Never since post WW2 have we seen such devious international manipulations of minds during such times of wars… Read more »

Ed G

An Moh .. countries like the US, Canada, Britain, Australia, NZ, and many other western European countries are still the location of choice for many as far as migration/career/education is concerned. Many would even risk their lives travelling by sea in unsafe vessels just to start a new life in these so-called ‘immoral or infidel’ land. And of course, these same countries happened also to be locations of choice for many of our leaders as far as investments, vacation or even their children’s education is concerned.


The ‘WOW’ factor (attraction of western countries & lifestyles) won’t last longer than a wished for lasting peaceful + just global society of humanoids. Behind the bling-bling facade of western standard of freedom lifestyle, nice work culture & individual expressions lurks a controlling global entity vent on controlling the individual by any hook or crook. Just take a look at American & European middle-class now at the mercy of economic, wage & financial policies that rendered them to the poor class sooner than surprised in the Land of Dreams. Flowing with the ‘events’ seems a no-choice circumstance for individuals &… Read more »

Ed G

Perhaps the Malaysian government together with institutions like MARA etc should just stop sponsoring our students to these Ah Moh countries. Besides, our government should also stop paying for any non-official trips and also drastically cut the number of official trips to these countries. By doing so, I believe that a great sum of the taxpayers’ monies can be saved considering the high cost of living in these Ah Moh countries. After all, why pour good money down the drains of countries with questionable ‘WOW’ factors?


Pakatoon is Pakatoon. Always trying to bring down our country with lies and deceits

Consumer confidence up, says Nielsen
Nielsen says Malaysia is now ranked at 18th place as the most confident country globally.


Typical answer from those who have been influenced by the writings (propaganda) of NST.


1MDB was started with RM5bil of funds guaranteed by the govt. It supposedly now has RM44.7bil of assets, fully valued and RM38b of debt. It has incurred accumulated losses as far as we know, about RM5bil. Meaning, its largely worthless after operating for 5 years – THIS with injection of billions of dollars of properties, lucrative power projects – most of which has not yet been implemented and require funds to implement. Its a freaking high-wire act, in fact a musical chair of projects and leverage. As soon as the music can’t play for some reason, it will fall apart.… Read more »


“Najib has some serious explaining to do.” Anil

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. His noble silence is without equal.


He is silent because the majority of the malaysians are ignorant.

Phua Kai Lit

Britain had Tony Blair’s “New Labour”.

We had and continue to have UMNO Baru.

Perhaps we should all be on our guard whenever the word “New” (affixed to old things) appear !

G Dorai

Tony Phua least week said 1MDB mess could become the biggest scandal in Bolehland !