Drop in donations for Batu Caves supports eye-witness impressions of turnout


The Batu Caves temple authorities have made public their takings for this year’s Thaipusam celebrations.

Malaysiakini reported that the temple collected only RM1.04 million this year compared to RM1.8 million last year – that’s a 42 per cent plunge in takings. (That’s assuming all the money has been properly accounted for.)

This corroborates the impressions of eye-witness sources who told me there was a 30-50 per cent drop in the attendance when they visited the Batu Caves temple early on Thaipusam morning.

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Devotees are tired of politicians trying to intrude into their religious obligations! They are tired and news that the figure of Najib is bigger than Lord Muruga had really made them sacrificed their religious duties this year, or perhaps celebrate in other venues!


The Authorities must have earned much more during the previous years from the entire Thaipusam collections for the Temple; Milk Kudams; Aruchanai; Lease of over 250 sites for petty traders in past years for sums exceeding RM 4 to 5000.00 per Lot inpast years. Added to this is the voluntary donations of money; jewels; family heirlooms etc made at the temple byDevotees who may have made various vows. There is a silent suspicion that the previous year’s Earnings have been shown by a lesser amount because the bulk of the collections in previous years had no receipts or transparent records… Read more »


The Indian Community today has been more united today than in the last 50 years to fight for their rights which has been hijacked by others. This awakening is caused by none other thatn the 5 HINDRAF leaders. Once we are united our voices shall be heard all over the world in every corner where there exist an Indian. What the MIC had failed in 50 years has been achieved by Makkal Sakhti at a very short period. Thaipusam is a classic example where many Indian boycotted in going to Batu Caves which is run by cronies of Dato Samy… Read more »


The evidence speaks for itself. Now the “Thopa Mudi Tamil Makkal Thaleivare” (Toupee-ed leader of the Indian people) must be contemplating his next move…. This is very often seen in all religious organizations: abuse of funds, corruption, power-mongering, cronyism, etc. These were the kind of abusive structures in civil society that Mahatma Gandhi was against. (He never wasted money on hairpieces) This was what his movement of non-cooperation of abusive and unjust sturctures in society was all about. Abusive and unjust structures in society are avenues by which the ruling party can perpetuate it’s vested interests and the interests of… Read more »