Video: DPP demonstrates ‘self-strangulation’


DPP Abdul Razak Musa demonstrates during the Teoh Beng Hock inquest how a person might strangle himself.

This clip is an except of a much longer video that was uploaded to the AG’s website this afternoon. Thanks to Malaysiakini for the editing.

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This is the quality of our lawyers that Apanama has made. Wait until you listen to some of our diplomats and our vice-chancellors and our education ministers . Horrific!


the look of disbelief on Gobind’s face says it all. Where and When does this abuse of protocol of our legal system stop. This is what affirmative action by the Government for 40 plus years done.You have incompetent and insensitive folks running the show. I should be complaining the least because it put me through uni and got me a cheap bungalow in Kg.Tunku and i got my UMNO membership also. But nothing is free. everthing has a price. Sekarang kita barang dan harta semua ada tapi justice dah hilang dah. Everything is becoming shoddy particularly the process of running… Read more »


what can we do ya ?!! yet many idolized them blindly ..


My 2cent Questions:

Q: If indeed there was a strangulation (self-inflicted or otherwise),
how on earth can a dead person walk to the window, climb over the ledge and gleefully jump??? Assisted??? Or self-strangulate after jumping???
Q: Was there any Devil of a Knot found on site???
Other possibilities could be edges of tables, chairs or even wooden staffs or batons.

May have to consult Mr. Pink Panther!


Apparently it is possible to self strangulate. What amazes me is that the dpp had not much of a foresight when he tried to proof his how tbh managed to climb and jump out of the window if indeed he had died from self strangulation. 2002: Di Nunno Nunzio; Costantinides Fulvio; Conticchio Giancarlo; Mangiatordi Stanislao; Vimercati Luigi; Di Nunno Cosimo Self-strangulation: an uncommon but not unprecedented suicide method. The American journal of forensic medicine and pathology : official publication of the National Association of Medical Examiners 2002;23(3):260-3. The authors report two cases of self-strangulation in which the investigators had… Read more »


So, Dr M and all the BN leaders, in particular, Dr M, what do you think of your own product? Satisfied, happy or disgust, disgrace and betul betul malu ? Your own creation, dont forget. Now, i really pity this Razak guy… The saddest thing is i wonder he realises his follies or he still thinks he is great by answering he is a lawyer of 24 years !!! Since Sodomy Part 1, ours is already a well known comedy court, therefore, there is nothing new nor surprise so to speak. Not sure about you, but am numb !!! Only… Read more »


Don’t ask M…
He will be so proud / fond of this dunggu court jester of 24 years, he will tell you off like this: So Be It!


What a disgrace, from (where) did they find him, he is like a … in a gentleman’s suit, what a disgrace!!!!!!!!


24 year and more years ahead to be a fool My goodness Malaysia AG and the bunch are live acting crowns.

ayep sepa

this is the best COURT JESTER ever… hahahhahAHAHAHAHAHhaahahaaa….. buat malu saja… can’t even speak english properly.. !!!


After self-strangulating, he still had the energy and presence of mind to jump out the window?


A lawyer moonlighting as a court jester and fortune teller(?)

Jeffrey NG

SO PATHETIC… If these are the products of our Malaysian Education system. One that favors one race over meritocracy… I hope TUN M you are watching this…


Is the DPP acting for MACC or is he a “real DPP” seeking the truth? Everything seems to be “boleh” in bolehland, even self-strangulation using own hands? Wow! Lebih dahsyat dari cerita kung fu!

Pala Richie

24 yrs of experience in M’sian courts, you represent part of the system. You learned a lot, but forgot many, such as:- if you are not that smart after all, wear smartly, don’t eliminate that benefit of doubts, it is better to keep quite than confirming that in public. It implies more than a joke. A Malaysian was killed, why it feels like a group of people are battling against the whole government to find out the truth? Maybe the problem is deeper that a mere ‘suicide’ or ‘homicide ’, more of confidence crisis of the system, right from MACC,… Read more »



Let it be, less one … idiot is fine!


What a waste of tax-payers’ money, we paid for his law degree and he ends up frontline clown of MACC, a total disgrace!!!


A shame to the legal profession with this kind of lawyers/DPP trying to articulate his case in such fashion. A shame to all Malaysians with such … lawyers in a high profile case. I remembered we were leagues ahead of the Thais, in spoken or written English, but, it had been proven otherwise in this case. Even the Vietnamese are ahead of us now. Tak Malu ke UMNO/BN for the deteriorating standard of education and command of an international language which we were so proficient at, at one time? Vote UMNO/BN then we will be worse than the Cambodians in… Read more »


Did the DPP leave a suicide note?
…or, Death by misadventure!!


how much longer will we tolerate this kind of nuisance?


This is the type of lawyer that rode on Ketuanan rather than meritocracy. No wonder competent lawyers left civil service as they wouldn’t want to work under such dungu.


The taxpayer paid or his law degree? how disgusting, can we get a refund? sheeesh, a DPP at that, is Malaysia so void of talent?



That, a lawyer with with 20 odd years experience talking?


When I saw that Dunggu strangled himself, I couldn’t breathe ( I was choked by overt self-amusing )!
When I tried strangling myself, I hallucinated seeing Plaza M!
Lucky to be alive!

(WARNING: Do Not Try This At Home / Parental Guidance For Children Viewing)


From the short video, I can see Abdul Razak Musa compounded his slipshod preparation in this inquest with his poor articulation in English.

That’s the reason why he made a fool of himself.