Tg Tokong: Do we know what we have lost?


Kakipulau tells us what we have lost – and are still losing – in Tanjung Tokong and elsewhere:

Tanjung Tokong was a beautiful fishing village area and before the land reclamation was done, you could see a natural sand spit going out to sea, formed by the tides. A mangrove forest grew just by the promenade that ran along the road opposite Tanjung Tokong village proper. The fisherman used to anchor their boats in the lagoon formed by the curve in the sand spit.

I’ve lived near there since I was 10 and will never forget that beautiful sight or the feel of the wind from the sea. I used to sit there for hours wanting to put that beautiful scene in a painting. It was beyond words and the peace that one feels gazing into the vast expanse of sea and the fishing boats with their gossamer nets is now only a memory.

Society has become such that it has no time for beauty or to listen to the sound of the sea as if it was sighing. Perhaps it knew its days were numbered. Now all we can talk about (in sharp angry voices) is of the corruption that has been committed, the denial of rights of villagers, the money that has changed hands, the conglomerates, the value of compensation and wheeling and dealing that oppresses.

While we talk, more towers appear, the sea is pushed further and further out, so we can’t see it. The fisher folk have been scattered and housed in boxes called apartments, a far cry from the gracious dwelling of the traditional kampung house that suited their needs and did no harm to our environment.

We have lost the beauty of this land and no matter how much we quarrel, it will not be returned. Whether the blame lies with Federal or State authorities, we will never get back what has been destroyed forever.

This may be a lost cause just like Kg. Buah Pala; the responsibility for the mess does not only lie with the state government but more so on the federal government. No matter who the villagers chose to champion their cause, the result was the same; the developers won out and have gone to the banks laughing. So, what do we do? Who can we hope in?

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Gerakan is part of MIC also part of BN.Therefore Gerakan K is GUILT just as MIC. When things happen Gerakan K keep his mouth shut. For 50 Gerakan K did nothing and now Gerakan barks…


I m a Malay. I know. Complacency the sickness…

So, what will the Malays in Permatang Damar Laut
do after seeing kpg tg tokong or still complacent?


I think both LGE and KSK should focus on the work ahead, the latter should ensure the government are performing and the former should help to develop.
Give LGE a chance of 5years if not … him off the next GE. Time are clicking quite fast GERAKAN K.



Everything has a life cycle. Sure we want to keep it but, how no replace certain parts where here is no spare parts? Eg even to buy firewood is difficult or to use kerosene. Look at hotel, even it is a commercial venture, things get wore and tear and needs to be place. Do the owner has the capital to replace the items. Some have but not all want to place all. So the hotel is getting older and more worn out. The sun and rain also the main contributor

Gerakan K

Now you understand why Samy Vellu did said “it was act of god” when landslide or structures collapsed. Clearly there was no foul play involved.

Gerakan K

In the name of greed, tradition, heritage can be throw away. Corrupted leaders can bring down an organization/state. Clean but pro-development leaders also can bring down an organization/state. In contrast, a moderate leader can ensure status quo of the organization/state without being over ambitious and thus refuse to take risks that possibly can ruin the organization/state into irreversible damages. During the tenure of KTK as CM, I can observe his administration style of moderate leader that play safe all time to ensure no major events that can directly put penangites into deep trouble. But it is sad to say that… Read more »

Morning Dew

* I believe I had made a mistake. Microwave was not in the initial study but from a different study on its own.

Morning Dew

I think the title “Anil’s lamentation” is more appropriate 😎 . It is a lamentation that I share. As western and developed nations learned the folly of their ways and are paying heavily for it we in asia are only beginning to repeat the follies of western nations of yesteryears. We destroy that which is old and traditional and is being drawn like moth to the seductive flickering lights of modernisation. We seem to have some warped sense of reality shaped and manipulated by the media and their agents of economic growth that what is new is good and what… Read more »


Morning Dew, One must always seek for second opinions especially there is a grey areas. In this case, don’t think it’s logical that charcoal burning can induce healthy living. It’s only one Canadian doctor. Is he accepted by most of teh scientidic communities You hear recently that Monkeys & humans are not cousins after all People, Tanjong Tokong residents are seeking for better compensation. In the TV. Stick to that. Frankly, it’s been an overdrive for this heritage thingy. Anything can be a heritage including my grandpa’s plot of lands turned into a car park. In Kuala Kangsar Preserve the… Read more »


time goes by. people progress. population grows…so must development…in order to accomodate the growing population. If we refuse development, than we are considered self-centred with attitute like ‘why should I give up my TOL land. the new population can go elsewhere’. mind you, even freehold land was forcefully taken by the govt. In return for taking the property the Govt should compensate fairly base on the current economic situation.