Did torrent of criticism of Najib result in reversal of MACC duo’s transfer?


The tide of dissent towards Najib is brewing both within and outside Umno – and both online and outside the internet.

We saw the cool reception that Najib received at the Pasir Gudang Umno meeting.

A memo was apparently submitted urging him to go on leave and cancel the postponement of the Umno party elections. (Umno is reportedly investigating the incident and the authencity of the memo.)

Critical banners have emerged in Johor.

This video of a Wanita Umno delegate railing against Najib has gone viral.

Support for Umno in Johor, an Umno bastion, is eroding.

Now, Najib may have 2.8 million people ‘liking’ his Facebook page. But that’s not doing him much good: he has to deal with a torrent of critical comments on his page. Look up the comments here.

In contrast, the MACC Facebook page, which has 170,000 likes, has a flood of comments expressing support for the commission’s efforts in probing the 1MDB scandal and the RM2.6bn reportedly found in the prime minister’s bank account.

Note that these comments are mostly written in Malay.

The recent transfer of two senior MACC officers to the Prime Minister’s Department sparked a public furore.  Whoever is advising the prime minister, if anyone, has done a lousy job and has failed to read the situation, which is fluid and certainly not moving in Najib’s favour.

Did the mounting public pressure finally result in the reversal of the decision to transfer the two senior MACC officers?

SPRM Sambut Baik Batal Arahan Pertukaran

Merujuk kepada kenyataan akhbar Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) yang membatalkan pertukaran dua pegawai kanan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) ke Jabatan Perdana Menteri setelah pertemuan pada pagi ini, SPRM menyambut baik keputusan ini di mana Suruhanjaya ini berpandangan bahawa ia satu tindakan yang baik dan sangat wajar.

SPRM juga ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Tan Sri Ali Hamsa, Ketua Setiausaha Negara dan Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi Zainal, Ketua Pengarah Perkhidmatan Awam serta semua pihak yang terlibat dalam hal ini.

SPRM akan terus menjalankan tugas dan tanggungjawab dengan bebas, telus dan profesional sebagaimana termaktub dalam Akta SPRM 2009 dan Aspirasi SPRM.




26 SYAWAL 1436 / 10 OGOS 2015


Was this reversal aimed at placating the public? If so, then this is a small victory for People Power.

We should also read in this context Najib’s recent comments calling for Umno “keyboard warriors” to counter the storm of criticism he faces on social media.

Meanwhile, the plunge in the ringgit is alarming the public. Why does Najib insist on clinging on to both the PM and Finance Minister posts instead of going on leave until the 1MDB probe is over?

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Can KJ do what Muhyiddin has failed to do on Najib?

S Tee

Hackers anonymous to create havoc b4 national day(?) It shows people frustrations over the fractured system we live in, sad but have face reality!

May be blue ocean keyboard warriors can counter such looming threats? If so, super yang zoro should take a rest to work out a strategy to prove jaguh kampung troopers boleh lawan international threats?


1990s Come Back to Haunt Malaysia http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-08-10/1990s-come-back-to-haunt-malaysia Improvements in Malaysian corporate governance have been slow and uneven. Hopes for an end to 46 years of affirmative action — which benefits the Malay majority while sapping productivity and repelling foreign investors — have been for naught. Efforts to weed out corruption and ween the economy off energy exports have been tepid. Today’s economic troubles are the product of that complacency. Had the Malaysian government worked harder to strengthen economic fundamentals and win the trust of global investors, Najib’s scandal might not be sending the ringgit to its lowest level in 17… Read more »

gk ong

In conjunction with Singapore National Day, PM Najib Razak wrote in Singapore’s Straits Times:

“The reality is that we share your aspirations for good governance; for a strong, inclusive and sustainable economy based on sound fundamentals; and for stability, harmony and diversity.”

Ed G

Good governance is impossible under the environment of widespread corruption. Widespread corruption cannot be weeded out if the anti-corruption body is not independent from outside interference. Recent event in which 2 of the directors of our anti-corruption body (who are in the middle of an investigation into a possible corruption case which may implicate the PM himself) were abruptly transferred out to the PM’s office without any clear or justifiable reasons is evident enough that independence of the anti-corruption body lacking. The subsequent cancellation of the transfers following protests and outcries from all and sundry within and outside the establishment… Read more »


Why is no one in the ruling coalition even mildly interested or showing any willpower to get to the bottom of the “donation” and 1MDB’s mismanagement? Aren’t these people that we have entrusted to protect our nations coffers from the corrupt and foreigners? It is downright baffling how our nation can be considered “developed” when such serious allegations are treated as if it’s nothing and none of our leaders have the willpower to ensure the problem is solved.


Ask yourself if you prefer to have BR1M or to have our Ringgit on par with SingDollar?


If you observe the torrent of criticism, they.are mostly from the people or.activist day in day out


Academics, social activists want PM to temporarily step down Read: http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2015/08/10/Group-wants-PM-to-temporarily-step-down/ “We also note with increasing alarm that various individuals entrusted with the responsibility to investigate these allegations of wrongdoing, in particular the officials at the MACC, have now become the targets of harassment and a probable witch-hunt. “Other incidents of significant concern include the sudden replacement of the Attorney-General, barely a few months before he was supposed to retire, and the abrupt dismissal of the deputy prime minister,” said the group in a statement on Monday. It also wanted the Government to stop any action which could be seen… Read more »


Of course, someone pretends not to hear perkasa sing a new tune not in favour of jibby. Also have eyes, but cannot see so many comments written about 1mbd. Even ah tee has no words as he cant hit below the belt. If this chief is democratic elected, he only good at pointing two fingers at the people elected him. He does not even bother to answer back to the Rakyat but play musical chairs with his party and in his majesty service


Perkasa is busy befriending the Christians For Peace and Harmony Malaysia (CPHM) movement.



【Najib’s recent comments calling for Umno “keyboard warriors” to counter the storm of criticism he faces on social media.】
Those trolls have subsided after the 2013 election due to the diminishing funding. To revive it Najib needs another 2.6b and surely, no moneys no talk !


Will, some trolls are active active on Anil’s blog.

S Tee

Including pretender of the late Ori Bernard Zorro Unmasked. Hahaha


Torrent are mostly from the opposition, NGO and the one who can’t get over the Chinese taxi driver, M. It’s also from a group of conspirators out to get power and to oust a democratically elected PM through illegal means

Did I see the populace come out in force. Even the support of the so called support Edge really on Aug 8 draw only a couple of hundred.

gk ong

“Democracy is dead. It is dead because an elected leader chooses to subvert the institutions of Government and make them his instruments for sustaining himself.

“There is no more democracy for anyone to undermine. Certainly talking about 1MDB will not undermine something that no longer exists. If anyone should be questioned by the police, it is Najib,” Dr Mahathir said.