‘Devotees of goddess of kickbacks’ bring home ‘dirty bread’: Francis


The Bishop of Rome, Francis, has condemned the culture of bribery and corruption as serious sins that rob people, including the children of the culprits, of their dignity.

Blog reader Michael who alerted me to this article from the National Catholic Reporter/Catholic News Service found it particularly – and sadly – relevant to our situation.

“Their children, perhaps educated in expensive colleges, perhaps raised in well-educated circles, have received filth as a meal from their father (who indulges in corruption),” rendering them “starved of dignity,” Francis said.

Bringing home ‘dirty money’ starves one’s family of dignity, pope says
Carol Glatz Catholic News Service | Nov. 8, 2013 The Francis Chronicles
Vatican City

Despite the perks and high living they may bring, bribery, corruption and dishonest work are serious sins that rob people and their children of their dignity, Pope Francis said.

“Devotees of the goddess of kickbacks” bring home “dirty bread” for their children to eat, the pope said Nov. 8 during his early morning Mass in the Domus Sanctae Marthae, where he lives.

“Their children, perhaps educated in expensive colleges, perhaps raised in well-educated circles, have received filth as a meal from their father,” rendering them “starved of dignity,” he said in his homily, according to Vatican Radio.

The number one enemy is the devil, the pope said, because “it is he who causes harm” with his love for a worldly atmosphere, values and lifestyles.

Worldly habits, taking short cuts and choosing the easiest way to make money are part of “the habit of bribery;” a way of living that is “intensely sinful,” he said.

“God commanded us to bring home bread (made) with our honest work,” the pope said. But when people engage in dishonesty, they “give their children dirty bread” and “filth” to eat because they have lost their dignity. “And this is a serious sin!” he said.

“Perhaps it starts out with a small envelope (of cash), but it’s like a drug,” he said, and “the bribery habit becomes an addiction.”

The pope asked that people pray “for the many children and young people who receive dirty bread from their parents: They too are hungry, starved of dignity.”

“Pray so that the Lord brings a change of heart to these devotees of the goddess of kickbacks and that they realize dignity comes from dignified work, honest work, from working day in and day out and not from taking the easy way, which in the end, take everything from you.”

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If people in the world would learn how to be compassionate with the people around them, treat human as human – with respect and dignity,then our children in the next generations will be spared from committing these vices.

Penang Foodie

Tonight 11 Nov 2013 on Taiwan TV a prtravel program focus on Penang Food (eg curry mee at Air Itam) :


The program will later appear on Astro AEC channel 301.

tua ki lang

“Rasuah” is accepted norms in Malaysia when the youngs being aware of the fact that every election free gifts (eg 1kg sugar at RM1, 10kg rice at RM10 during Sg Limau by-election) being distributed to gain favours.

Sejarah SPM must include such topics as our government is practising them.

Ed G

How does our society treat an honest ordinary person compared to the filthy rich ones who got their wealth through dishonest means? Shouldn’t the church lend its hand to shame the latter by singling them out? Or is the church going to continue talking about eternal existance after death or preaching morality with references to ‘dirty bread’ and dignity? Between the immediate worldly gratification of material wealth with all the delusions of grandeur and the illusive image of eternal life in heaven or hell, what would the inclination of most people be? On this count, I can’t help but feel… Read more »


I tried to preserve my dignity, be honest follow the rules but when the authorities keep breaking the rules to our detrimental and whatever complaints and action fell on deaf ears, can we still be that same honest guy with dignity.


Brother Yang, be patient. This world is fleetingly temporary, but the hereafter is everlasting. Which one would you choose: temporary earthly enjoyment of sinful desires which will deliver one to eternal fire of gnashing teeth or disciplined life of forbearing & choice of true salvation which can bring everlasting peace, dignity, joy & love in eternity. It’s up to each one of us – to choose & bear the price of our choice. As for those who live with bribery, corruption & dishonest work & bring home ‘dirty bread’, pray for each one of them. Bearing in mind they didn’t… Read more »


More so Yang. Don’t let the darkness of this world swallow you. Be the light.