Stop work orders – but work proceeds, claim residents



This map is taken from the geotechnical report for the Bolton Surin project along Persiaran Tanjung Bunga (Click to expand)

The Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) clearly states that Bolton Surin can only work on Lot 4189.

The map above shows where Lot 4189 lies in relation to the other neighbouring plots, which have not been approved.

According to one resident, Penang state exco member for the environment Phee Boon Poh informed him on 30 April of stop work orders issued for the unapproved lots (Lots 4165, 4166 and 4188).

But the Tanjung Bunga Residents Association is claiming that photographs on 2 May show an excavator at work on what appears to be a very steep (Class IV) slope on Lot 4165. They maintain that the cleared land stretches from Lots 4165 to 4166.

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18 May 2009 2.42pm

CAT stand for Corrupt, Arrogance, Treacherous. What do you expect from a CAT government? Pro-business interests,selective press freedom, indiscriminate hill cutting, empty talk, publicity blizt, of late OSA.

Angry Citizen
Angry Citizen
17 May 2009 4.42am

bolton surin is related to umno?

umno will ravage & savage everything & everyone in its unholy quest as umno require tons of money for its diabolic acts of feeding its parasite goons & destabilising PR state governments, umno has already done it in perak, very soon it will be penang.

LGE, stop bolton surin while you can, it only benefit … not penangites and environment!

17 May 2009 2.11am

children were given free lands in selangor ! does this scandal happen in other states ?

Francis Khaw
Francis Khaw
16 May 2009 11.20pm

4186, 4165. … whatever…..these are all numbers for us to bet in empat nombor ekor next week. The problem is that nobody respects the law anymore in this lawless country where $$$ selesai everything. Stop work order..SO WHAT??? Please tell me, how many company directors have been charged for going against a stop work order? Just take a drive along Jalan Sungai Kelian in Hillside where residential houses are being converted to commercial units. Just imagine, Tsu Koon, when he was CM, and staying in Hillside, and was supposed to uphold law and order, passes by Jalan Sungai Kelian everyday… Read more »

16 May 2009 9.53pm

Once again, I repeat my questions related to this issue:

1. What is stopping this DAP/PR government from acting against Bolton Surin?

2. Is this DAP/PR government hesitating because CM Lim Guan Eng is pally with developers like Bolton Surin?

3. Has CM Lim Guan Eng compromised his impartiality because the DAP has allegedly taken money from developers as campaign and party donations?

Answers are URGENTLY required to the above questions. CM Lim’s reluctance to act against Bolton Surin and to meet the demands of the TBRA only fuels suspicions that there is a DAP-developer conspiracy afoot here.