Democracy, Sarawak-style


This is what happens when you raise inconvenient issues in Sarawak.

From Bernama: DAP’s Chong barred from attending current state assembly sitting

Wong said Chong had made the remarks outside the assembly proceeding that “80 per cent of the development fund is controlled by one person, Minister of Finance” published in See Hua Daily News and “Sarawak budgetary allocation – 80 per cent at the disposal of one person, Minister of Finance” in Sin Chiew Jit Poh that would tarnish the image and affect public confidence in the assembly and the state Finance Minister.

He said Chong made the remarks to the media on the same day Chief Minister and state Finance Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud tabled the Supply (2010) Bill 2009.

Refuting Chong’s accusation, Wong said based on the normal procedure, the financial allocations would be divided among the different ministries and departments with the respective financial controlling officers handling the financial matters as required under the Financial Procedure Act 1957.

“From the Hansard of the proceeding on Nov 9, 2009, the Chief Minister and Finance Minister who is also the Member for Balingian, did not move a bill or motion on development expenditure whereby 80 per cent of the allocation would be controlled by one person, that is, himself as the Finance Minister,” he said.

Perhaps we should also ask who really benefits/profits from the Bakun, Murum and other dams, which are being built with public funds (whether directly or indirectly), at huge environmental and social cost.

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banana republic

They should just change the name Sarawak to you-know-what. After all, he all but owns Sarawak. We all knows that is the truth.


Funny for sarawakians to be scared of one person.


Taib and his (political) eunuchs are making a mockery of the democratic process. The State elections here is a farce, we all know how (it is conducted). All the more reason to register and vote them out. On a brighter note, all these stupid acts and blatant abuses of the democratic processes by BN and all the misdeeds shall be used against them as evidence in their trial for the abuse of power, corruption etc. Let them continue to dig their own graves, i’d say. Afterall, the S’wak BN is a house of cards and Taib knows that. And that… Read more »

Chauncey Gardener

Sarawak is not a “banana republic”.

It is a guided democracy. Just guide everything to the Chief Minister !


Swak is far, far from a banana republic. It is a peaceful, super resource-rich state, but raped, plundered left, right and center, foremost by the termite and his family and cronies. And secondly by the federal gomen through petronas.

Rakyat Rajah

1st Sillicon , Titanium bridges multi-billion SCAM Sarawak BN Best Kept Secret In previous DUN Sarawak sitting 2007, DAP YBs made several enqueries most notably on some of state’s best kept secret: 1) 1st Silicon Sarawak and 2) Titanium bridge project. Part of the DUN proceedings was from DAP YB Wong Ho Leng’s DUn diary ( but the point is how BN YBs either simply no reaction, slow reply, laugh it off, silence on such possible mega losses suffered by both state and federal government funds. Why did the JKR Director clarified on behalf of Titanium? We all know how… Read more »


That’s what you get for returning m… to the state assembly at every general election. They start (funny) businesses everywhere.


This is what you call Dictated Democracy.

We have all the BN politicians who are acting like … when you throw friesbie and they (happily) run to grab it and return it to you.


That is why I said Sarawak is a “banana republic”…

Gerakan K

What do you mean by “banana republic” ?


A country or state that is run despotically