“Dead” PGCC needs post-mortem; and Batu Kawan?


The Penang Global City Centre project may be dead, but what I don’t understand is why there are no calls for a full-scale inquiry into this massive stinking deal.

The Chief Minister has said that the PGCC, in its original inception, is as good as dead. Notice the choice of words. Does that leave some wriggle-room for the state to consider new proposals from greedy developers or other interested parties on what was once recreational land?

Let’s see who benefits in the end from the PGCC land deals.

After Abad Naluri entered into an agreement in 2004 to buy the land at “recreational status” price, the previous state administration incredibly rezoned the land to new or mixed development, multiplying the land value several times over. This rezoning could land a potential profit of RM1.5 billion to Abad Naluri… RM1.5 billion! (Remember the Turf Club agreement with Abad Naluri has been extended from 2008 to 2011.)

As for the Batu Kawan land on the mainland that the PDC sold to Abad Naluri, what is the status of the 300 acres for the new race-course, which I understand remains unpaid even though more than four years has lapsed since the principal agreement in 2004 and the deadline for payment has been exceeded? Shouldn’t the PDC be taking back the land?

In the first place, on what basis did the PDC enter into a Principal Agreement to sell over 1,000 acres of land in Batu Kawan to an obscure company? And how did Abad Naluri claim during its tender bid in 2002 for the Turf Club land that it already had the Batu Kawan land to build a new race course –  when the Principal Agreement between the PDC and Abad Naluri for the land in Batu Kawan was only signed in 2004?

It’s great that the PDC is lodging police and ACA reports against a now-defunct company (in which Ahmad Ismail was once a director) over its failure to return some RM500,000 to the state after a dubious land deal.

But why the silence over 1,000 acres, 1,000 acres!, sold to Abad Naluri – including the 300 acres unpaid?

Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but why is no one calling for a full-scale inquiry into this saga? Batu Kawan wasn’t even raised during the debate between Guan Eng and Tsu Koon while the PGCC was only mentioned in passing when it was one of the most dubious land deals ever. A golden opportunity to corner Tsu Koon was missed for reasons best known to Guan Eng.

Instead other smaller land scams were brought up. It’s like swatting at flies and mosquitoes when you have a snorting bull in the living room staring at you.

By doing nothing about the rezoning, by not setting up an official inquiry, we are effectively “gifting” a huge profit to Abad Naluri – money which could have gone to the state, had it bought the land itself, rezoned it and then sold it to others. By not taking back the unpaid Batu Kawan land, aren’t we allowing time for other developers to come up with similar PGCC-type deals involving relocation of the Turf Club to the mainland?

If mala fide can be found in the whole affair, surely the conversion of the Turf Club land to “new development” could be declared null and void. So why no independent, far-reaching inquiry, which CAT would surely demand?

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I want to thank Anil for keeping us up to date of PGCC , he sure did Penang a great favor for highlighting various inconsistencies in his blog, well done, bro!

Habib RAK

Perhaps LGE has his own angle on how he wish to pursue this matter. I however will continue to support and encourage you to continuosly bring this matter up from time to time till a full disclore is made by CAT government. Thus far, i am happy with the progress given its only about 6months plus since CAT government. Please continue to have this matter in your radar.


We need accountability for these land scams and to bring the culprits to justice. Otherwise, future CMs and their cronies will just help themselves to state assets and we do not want that, do we?

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, I agree with Concerned Citizen and MohdAli to be a little patient, but only want to caution that we should not rest until a full investigation and resolution of the issue. The CAT policy would not and should not allow this mega case and other cases that ‘siphoned’ Rakyats’ money to rest. The state should try to recover/redeem as much back as possible for the rakyat, and in so doing, gives bite to its CAT policy. The rakyat would then not hesitate to give its mandate to the present govt. in the next GE. The over RM500, 000… Read more »

Concerned Citizen

“MohdAli on September 4th, 2008 at 1.36pm
Patience is the word”

Couldn’t agree more with the posting. Just wait a little bit, guys.

I can assure you that this matter is currently being investigated. You gonna hear something about it in the not-too-distant future.


The NGOs have already performed marvellous task to expose the misdeeds of previous adminstration, clamour and efforts to mould the eventual recognition of Penang Heritage City, Voice out the many grievances of the less fortunate. And these NGOs never sought for any rewards. Three Cheers to the NGOs. But it is time that the Penang CAT government should play its part to react to the many proposals and voices of the NGOs. I strongly feel that the CAT government cannot remain low key to the possible misdeeds on the Batu Kawan Land deals!!! It is time that the real CAT… Read more »


There seems to be a great deal of suspicion over LGE’s moves as regards the land scams in penang. By any means, this whole drama has many episodes left. LGE will not let this be rolled up and hung around the present state govt’s neck I am sure. There is still time for the state govt. With UMNO out of their hair, land (scams) will hopefully be a thing of the past. Slowly but surely, this whole thing will surface. Maybe Penang will take the path of the Terengganu state governemnt. They went to town explaining everything in detail about… Read more »


go on u doing great


and what about all those news releases and press statements that could have influence the share prices of Equine Capital. is the pm an accomplice when he help launched the pgcc project….over to you sc.


Anil, continue blogging ablout this to remind. I do, agree that LGE is carefully planning the next steps. It is sometimes better to remain quiet for a while to think, rethink properly on the steps. It certainly beats any flip flop decisions that the BN government does.

Oh , review oil price 15 days.. no… 30 days.. no….


amy you are missing the point anil is making,why go for the small land scams when you should go for the larger ones.You are right anil something doesn’t smell right here.


ai-seh-man! Wats wrong with you guys? Sometimes, the way you phrase your questions to YB LGE is if as though he’s not done his job!!! For goodness sake, he has only taken over the state in less than 6 months or so. Give him some space-lah! I already commented thousands of times that why are the people all jumping the gun so soon??? BN/UMNO has been destroying us for the past 50 years and you all say nothing-lah! If you all want to highlight to YB LGE, then, rephrase your questions-lah!!!!!! I’m 150% sure he’ll take note of your request.… Read more »

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, The public should not rest until the Batu Kawan land controversy is fully investigated and resolved. One question that bothers me is how is it that the said private company has such great foresight to buy PDC’s land at Batu Kawan to synchronise with the shifting of the 2nd Pg Bridge original site to the one at Batu Kawan? Moreover, how and why is it so convenient for PDC to sell the 1000 acres to this company? Is the PDC going to take back the unpaid 300 acres? Not withstanding the on-going legal tussle, the onus is on… Read more »


Patience is the word



yup, you are right. Guan Eng has to clear this issue. Let the state take back the batu kawan land and penang turf club redevelopment will be dead. and punters can say goodbye to the monsoon cup fella and his counter, equine capital.