Darling penthouse aimed at casino ‘high rollers’


“If you need to ask the price, this is not the place for you.” That’s what the general manager of the Darling Hotel, the latest extension of The Star Sydney’s casino complex, had to say about the brand new luxury penthouse in the hotel.

Come, let’s go on a virtual tour of the penthouse. It’s the closest most of us will ever get to it.

The 171-suite standalone hotel is one of the key features of The Star Hotels and Casino’s A$860m extension and refurbishment programme. The Australian Casino News website describes the top floors of the Darling Hotel as “dedicated to the ultimate in luxury, featuring two bedroom penthouse suites”. The hotel boasts stunning views of the Sydney city skyline, Harbour Bridge and, farther away, the Blue Mountains.

By mid-December, only Hollywood celebrity George Clooney had stayed at the hotel penthouse. That’s not surprising as the usual tab exceeds a cool A$15000 per night. Who’s know how much it would cost during super-peak periods like New Year’s Eve, especially as it overlooks the Sydney harbour area, famous for its extravagantly spectacular fireworks display to usher in the new year.

A breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour's New Year's Eve fireworks - Photograph: thedarling.com

According to the Australian Daily Telegraph in mid-December:

Four other penthouses at the 171-room Darling – due to be finished in the next fortnight – will each have their own 24-hour private gaming salons, complete with blackjack table and any other casino games they want to play. Fat Prophets casino analyst Greg Fraser said this raised the spectre of VIPs “sitting at their own gaming tables in pyjamas”.

See photo gallery of one of the penthouses.

Eat your heart out as you slog from 9.00am to 9.00pm.

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3 Feb 2012 9.31am

“If you need to ask the price, this is not the place for you.” Wow…Auntie Rosie stayed there ? Actually I have some sympathy with Auntie Rosie…she’s may just have shopaholic tendencies, which is common to many Malaysians, yours truly included, except my budget is Much, Much, Smaller. There’s just this little question. She’s not on record as being a big businessman in her own right. Her husband’s official income is comfortable but not huge. Neither of them inherited very large estates (Malaysia’s 2nd PM was as upright as anyone can be, whatever his other faults) So how does she… Read more »

Mich Raging Elle
6 Feb 2012 5.55am
Reply to  kittykat46

Boo…. they have to spend those money before the Tax office, rival parties, media and papparazzi and whatever track down the source of their money!! This is one form of money laundry, and the casino is the best place to launder those money!!

7 Feb 2012 3.00pm

In BolehLand, one can walk around with a loud-speaking halo, but once off shore he/she can shrink wrap the halo and hide it in a suitcase. This is freedom in globalisation of halo wearing for the hypocrites.

2 Feb 2012 4.46pm

There will be another George Clooney’s sequel to Ocean 14.
However, the 1st lady may prefer to be involved in the prequel called Ocean 1 to be filmed in Sydney Casino in line with 1Malaysia ?

2 Feb 2012 3.09pm

I think there might have been a time in my younger days when I might have gone ga-ga at the sheer luxury of that penthouse suite. But with age, and seeing with my own eyes what so many of my M’sian brethren still have to make do with, somehow I don’t think that suite makes me salivate any more. For 1/1000th of the RM60,000 price of that suite, I could have room and board in a kampong “resort” with the sound of a bubbling stream beisde my room to listen throughout the night and cool fresh breeze. Mothere Teresa’s words… Read more »

2 Feb 2012 2.54pm

Just so ridiculous Najib is defending Rosmah claiming an international conspiracy. Now people understand why LKY request to meet her when he came to see him?