Crucial day


Today is the crucial last day for the four private water concessionaires to respond to the Selangor government’s Letter of Offer to take over the water assets in the state in its bid to avert a 37 per cent water tariff hike.

And today is also the day the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chooses to announce they have enough evidence to go after Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim for allegedly abusing his power over the expense incurred for the maintenance of a luxury car and the distribution of cows.

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When the Barang N… Attack Eli We attack them. Now they counter attack using all the … department as a spearhead.
Now all we need is the PEOPLE POWER support as a measure to stop all this attack.
We may lost some ground but we will gain back the country.

Charlie Joe


..Apart from Raja Petra who initiated ‘change’ in Malaysia, who else is there to challenge these Barisan…??

No one…. Altho’ Anwar is trying hard…!!

So, those who can – Just take your monies and investments elsewhere….

Then…. “Back to the Padi Fields, Boys”….after the gang have fled the country to a safe paradise…

..Looks like that’s what we want…OR are we giving them another 3 years till next GE, to empty the coffers..???




Are you saying that all the Sabahan and Sarawakian are morons?
You narrow minded idiot.
You know why Sabah PR lost to BN because of Ansari can not see eye to eye with Jeffery Kitingan. DAP and KEADILAN killing each other by contesting in the same constituency.

BY the way you know who is Ansari and Jeffery? I bet you don’t.

Cheng Poh Heng

PR politicians have to be extremely careful in both their private and public lives, as Toyo and his …. have to rake up any muck ahead of UMNO’s General Assembly,…
This will back-fire on UMNO and make Malaysians hate UMNO and its cronies even more for such down-right disgraceful and dirty tricks.
Let us make sure that we bury BN at the next General Elections, come hell or high water.
Cheng Poh Heng


Whatever happened to the Ministry… staff giving out envelopes stashed with RM300.00 each journalist in KT?


The son of our 2nd PM, the “PM Wannabe” & now this son of our 3rd PM with their last Desperate Act…have now “Destroyed” their own “MALAY MUSLIM HADHARI” party “UMNO” beyond “Redemption”. Desperate People, at Desperate Times, will RESORT to Desperate Henious Actions even if it means “Destroying” their “Honourable Family Legacy”, their own “MALAY MUSLIM HADHARI” party “UMNO”, their Own Kind, this country & its Many Peoples ! For the others, “Either you are with us…..or else…., period ! Remember “What goes round, will come round to these Desperate UMNO Ketetuanan Beggars” SOON. Through “Devine” intervention, UMNO, its… Read more »


Now if you question them, you will be given free bullets. Hmmmm why don they give free guns as well

robin hood

‘PR should think very hard, there will be a lot of casualties ahead. This is not an easy war to fight.’

Huh. That’s right. And no thanks to the morons in sabah and sarawak who voted Barisan …


This is a decadent regime, no better than Mugabe’s Zinbabwee.

All the institutions are compromised by these buffons. Police aint working as crime rate soared. Mr Iodiot Chor and Al-Blur, this is no perception. Corruption is rampant, Mr MACC who just showed his ugly side of partiality. CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT is still running free while IRRELEVANT IRRELEVANT IRRELEVANT is being recylced to do the bidding of BN agaain.

What else, BN would you not do? CHNAGE? My mum always tell me this. Ya, CHANGE they will when they smell coffin.


NEXT IT MIGHT ANWAR IBRAHIM TURN (remember Saiful case.)

BN had mobilize all their enforcement arms to go all out to destroy PR.Apart from protest what can the PR do to revitalize their strategy from reactive to proactive, from defend to attack.

PR should think very hard, there will be a lot of casualties ahead. This is not an easy war to fight.

Michael Sun

When PR lodged report after report about corrupt BN politicians no further action is taken.

One month after Khir Toyo lodged report about Khalid, MACC swung into action and found evidence against Khalid,

That’s why we need to have a really independent anti-corruption body like ICAC of Hongkong.


Can’t you see the Evil cloud loom over us n can’t u see the bad moon rising..?

Can’ you see the the “Dark ages” sign everywhere..?

Prepare for the worst and Hope for the best Cos like the old time story- The good always defeat the bad in the end.


It goes to show that MACC is definitly controlled by BN.
Reports about BN’s all things dirty are not even looked into…!

This Toyo fella is just creating a lot of attention to himself to show Najib…


I am going to boycott paying my Syabas bills until Selangor take back the water assets.


Wonder why the so called Intellectual blogger Mr.Rocky is silent on so many corrupt issues concerning ordinory citizens tax money. instead he is showing himself busy at cut and paste journalism.
Hope he will change for betterment of public..!!

malaysia truly asia


did anyone read the latest news regarding a police report lodged on a teacher for uttering the words ‘anjing, keling’…..

how can this happen? will there be any action taken on these irresponsible, fanatic teachers??

teachers are the suppose to be the pillars of the nation, as they’re the ones who groom our children, and therefore will be the future of malaysia.

whats happening to this country??

i say, malaysia is not truly asia, not at all unless this race based issues are solved once for all!!!


Why charges on opposition is always so efficient compare to charges to BN’s ppl?

Anybody look into the reports lodged against those ppl?


I believe that the free for all has started and we will see plenty more. This seems like the tip of the iceberg. Ye all and behold for day and months to come for they will be the gloomiest. Thou shall see the power of the mighty befallen on the seekers of justice.

What a shame


When will they ever learn?

No amount of lembu/lexus/babi/nude photos/khalwat are going to change the verdict passed by the court of public opinion…

Talk about a bunch of moronic power craze people, huhu


How about the 15 million spent on the police, 6mil spent on canopy alone… and, millions spent on ‘Failed Class’ contractors and journislis’ ang pows for the KT by-election?
There are two more maybe, three by-elections are on the card, Anil like to chip in on the canopy business?
What is MACC doing about it.


The timing … is (this) their modus operandi?… Malaysians ain’t that stupid anymore! We must fight this scourge destroying our country!

The Penquin

Only ‘Cows and Car’ kena charged ? Those involved in millions of ringgit tak kena ??


A good day to reflect that these attacks on His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and leaders of Pakatan-led states thus far shows up BN-Umno rule as corrupt and bankrupt dont’cha think?


i cant understand why issues of cows and cars are highlighted when before this we have millions of cash swindled by BN leadership!