‘Those who do ill shall suffer more if they are not caught’


Some lunch-time philosophy: How is that those who are massively corrupt or evil seem to evade justice whether in the courts or even divine justice during their earthly lives?

We have seen RM1.0-1.5 trillion in illicit funds flow out of the country over a decade or siphoned away. But how many have been caught and tried? How is it that the corrupt and those who have siphoned away public funds seem to escape most of the time? Malaysians can only shake their heads and wonder at the brazen corruption.

Well, the philosopher Boethius (480-524) believed that those who do ill will suffer more if they are not caught than those who are caught!

How? If the culprits avoid punishment, he reasoned, they will continue in their evil or corrupt ways rather than turn to the path of good. And so they will stray even farther from blessedness and ultimate happiness – the happiness which surely is the goal of every human being.

I dare say they will find it hard to find peace of mind. Study the faces of those whom you suspect of massive corruption and crimes against society. Do they look happy and at peace?

Conversely, Boethius believed that God is synonymous with goodness, and that everyone who is truly good would be happy and would participate in God’s goodness.

Boethius, a Roman senator, died at 44, executed by the Gothic king Theodoric. While imprisoned and awaiting execution, he wrote his masterpiece De Consolatione Philosophiae (The Consolation of Philosophy), a work which rivals The Last Days of Socrates.

Reference: Philosophy, 100 Essential Thinkers, Philip Stokes

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peng cheong

Three high-profile murders have been linked to corruption. So, who are these victims? It is worth noting that the exact circumstances of their deaths are less than clear. In some cases relatives of the deceased claim proper inquiries have yet to take place. 1. Hussain Najadi, AmBank founder The founder of one of Malaysia’s largest banking groups was shot dead in broad daylight at a Kuala Lumpur car park on 29 July 2013. According to his son, Pascal, Najadi spoke to him about “massive corruption” just a day before he was gunned down in front of a Chinese temple in… Read more »


MALAYSIA THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THE THIRD WORLD It would be simplistic to declare, in the wake of the Washington Post’s foreignpolicy.com listing, that Malaysia is the third most corrupt in the world, and the most corrupt in the Third World, because of the RM2.6 billion political “donation” controversy and the 1MDB scandal. Dr Mahathir Mohamad, taking power in 1998 as prime minister, saw the removal of all checks-and-balances and the concentration of all political power in the country in his person and the Prime Minister’s Office and Prime Minister’s Department in general. These are the keys to the… Read more »

Stylo Logan

Retribution will hit the person committing ills, or their children will suffer on their behalf. Such sins can never be redeemed or forgiven even if you make countless pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Don’t play play with your fate with corrupting practices!


In time of crisis we noticed Ah Jib would go to Mecca, to seek forgiveness or to seek for more donation from the Arabs?


“And whoever does a speck of good [in life], will see it [on the Day of Judgement]. And whoever does a speck of evil, will see it.” [Qur’an 100:7-8]


All versions of this dogma – that there is an automatic universal mechanism of justice – is meant to undermine any quest for justice, retribution, rejection of exploitation or even gradual change. In other words, let’s all sing “Everyting’s gonna be all right.”

Don Anamalai

GST has no impact to those who have 3 sources of income from 3 jobs?


If you do ill to an individual, you will suffer.
If you do ill to a nation of people, you will suffer the most. If not now, it shall be in the future or hereafter.
This is an inescapable law of Karma. Like it or not.


And if you believed to Jesus all your sins shall be cleansed


“And what if you do ill to the environment/Nature?” 1)The Earth Dragon will whip you with its tail > torrential rain + massive mud flows + rock falls + landslides. 2) The Sun God will scorch the earth till it bakes & dries & cracks till no living greens will survive. 3) The Wind Deity will blow winds of tornadoes packed with ferocious velocity not even the demons can run away to hide in empty condos of the richie. By then, no where can one hide from the forces of Nature in the Combo Fiery of tornadoes, tsunamis & rains… Read more »


Never trust the so-called “God” that could cleanse your sins just because you believe in Him.
A sin is a sin, one must pay for it. Else there is no justice in this world. So I subscribe to the notion of Karma as there should be a compatible retribution for your action.

Don Anamalai

Law of Karma is simply based on the belief that ”what goes around comes around”.


Try throwing a boomerang but do wear a safety helmet!


“MACC’s ‘name and shame’ website should probably be closed down as it only shames Malaysia when the person responsible for Malaysia to be ranked third in world’s ‘worst corruption scandals of 2015’ is not mentioned.

Read more: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/325522#ixzz3wM8cSjpM


What about those telling lies to rakyat?


This Maslan joker is not fit to be a minister. He talks lots of nonsense, insulting our intelligence.
If he truly promotes his ‘PKPK’ concepts as outlined in the video below, then he should ask NEP to be abolished so that those lazy folks would not be reliant on crutches.


“Nat and Bol” sounds like a topic of sex education? Ha ha!