Concerns remain over electoral rolls (Video)


Even before Australian MP Nick Xenophon was deported, Malaysians have been concerned about the integrity of the electoral rolls, as this video clip suggests.

I hear some Malaysians are even reluctant to register as overseas absentee voters and would rather return home to vote in person – but not everyone is able to do that. Such is their level of confidence.

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Meng Chye

Jom pantau dan lawan penipuan… an election observer and fight cheating at GE13:

Date: 27-2-2013
Time: 7pm
Venue: KL Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH)


I am going to fly back from HK to vote because I dont trust the EC


Good move!

For every 100 people making noise on internet complaining about Barang Naik, only one has registered to vote. Sad!


This video recalls Obama’s desperate last minute tactic to win reelection with Hispanics & Mexican immigrants of the South with free loader enticement (immigration ‘open gate’ reforms).
Soon Malaysians will suffer the same fate as those Americans who pay blood & sweat taxes to feed those free loaders from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma & Philippines.
That’s how receptive BeeEnd regime is to the Asean foreigners for a ‘deceptive purpose’.


And the real Malay will so become the minority to the imitation Malay just like the Chinese and Indian and the white in America

Gerakan K

Anil and co. already start finding excuses for projected pakatan heavy losses in GE13 !!!


The game has not started yet and GK already shiok sendiri just like his mentor the pornstar

Andrew I

Haha, SS Gherkin.

herman tan

Tanda Putera the May 13 movie commissioned by Umno and sponsored by Finas is now being screened after several delays to accommodate Najib’s delay in announcing GE date. GE is near and the ghost of May 13 is revived to suit the occasion to scare chinese voters when the stability talk by CSL is deemed unsuccessful.


I think the non-malays need to come up with their version of the 13 May incident film and post it on Youtube.


This film TANDA PUTERA is a gigantic disgrace to the UMNO ruling regime. They have evil intentions and makes a mockery of the 1Malaysia slogan. This is absolutely frightening. Any consequences arising from its campaign of racial hatred and fear falls squarely on UMNO shoulders. What an irresponsible political party like UMNO. Malaysians today are not buying the stories of the USD44 billion man, the Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa, the ex PAS Ibraim, Riduan Tee and other fanatics that May 13th will recur, that Malays will lose power, authority etc If there is a recurrance of that tragedy, just think… Read more »

Dayang Sulu

Where are they and how many???