Concerns in Canada over Petronas LNG venture


Concerns have surfaced in the province of British Columbia over Petronas’ massive potential investment in a liquefied natural gas project in the Canadian province.

Apart from the concerns among First Nations groups over the proposed site, the other worry is that the BC government would not receive all that much in return from taxes, other income and jobs for what is being viewed as the “massive privatisation of a public resource” in the province. Read Just How Bad Is BC’s LNG Deal with Petronas?

Now fresh concerns are being expressed about the BC provincial government’s dealing with an entity owned by the Malaysian government, which is mired in all sorts of corruption scandals and allegations. Read BCs Export Hopes Face ‘Scandal that Ate Malaysia’.

The point is, developed countries will find it tough dealing with domestic criticism over doing business with a government entity that ranks low in democracy, human rights, good governance and environmental standards especially in cases of environmentally sensitive projects with low returns to the public.

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Malaysia’s honour is at stake and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has to reveal his reply to his British counterpart David Cameron, who was reported by the British press as urging the prime minister to clean up his government amid a deepening corruption scandal surrounding 1MDB. Quoting the headlines in British newspapers The Telegraph and The Guardian, Lim Kit Siang said this is the first time that a Malaysian prime minister was confronted by a foreign visitor about corruption in the country. “This is not a shame for Najib alone, but for Malaysia as well. I want Najib to… Read more »


Now all Malaysia knows why the Najib has moved to sack the countries top legal officers and top politicians. In an irony of perfect timing Najib used the visit of Britain’s David Cameron as an endorsement of his unconstitutional move to hijack the State of Malaysia.


Likely for Najib to sign TPPA in the presence (and perhaps pressure) of Obama.


UK’s Cameron and US’s Obama could not wait doing business with a nation that ranks low in democracy, human rights and good governance.