“Mess” in Botanic Gardens raises concern


Of late, I have heard a number of people expressing their unease about the “mess” in the Penang Botanic Gardens.

A RM5 million federal project to expand the Gardens is underway, but concern has been expressed that it has already deviated from the original plan drafted four years ago. Initial work has reportedly uprooted about 30 trees.

Kanda Kumar of the Malaysian Nature Society adds civil society’s voice to the disquiet over what is going on there.

Concern over slope stability at the site of the proposed Penang Botanic Gardens Visitors’ Centre

We, group of NGOs, stake holders and concerned citizens, are calling for this press conference as we are concerned over slope stability at the site of the proposed Penang Botanic Gardens Visitors’ Centre.

We want to highlight that the proposed Botanic Gardens Visitors’ Centre is being built on a site that had experienced land/rock slide long time ago and there were reported deaths during that incident. Not too long ago, small land slips have also occurred near this site. There seems to be no studies done on the stability of the hill slope of the proposed site. If indeed studies have been carried out, we urge the authorities to make their findings public and release the study.

Normally we would have expected the authority carrying the project to have geo-technical studies or commission such studies and take mitigating measures where necessary but lately we find that projects carried out at the Botanic Gardens are not being carried out according to decisions made during discussions of public/NGO participation and even what was disclosed during briefings does not translate to what was briefed during actual project implementation.

We have not been able to receive any straight answer from the authorities that geo-technical studies had been carried out on the hill slope of the proposed site and that the slope is stable and as such there is no danger. So it is very likely that the authorities may have not carried out geo-technical studies on the hill slope.

We have had enquiries from the public (seniors who remember the land slip) and the hawkers who have moved to the new hawkers site which is opposite the old land slide site on the safety aspect of the proposed visitors’ centre.

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Kah Seng

No sacarsm here. The pro Gerakan commentators are playing really good opposition role here, stimulating debates and information flow. Had this forum been the Penang state legislature, I’m sure Penang will become a shining advanced state in just one decade.


Penangnites PENANG is being RAPED…! PENANGNITES BEING SODOMISED…! The Developers in Penang is having a gala time with LGE… bcos whichever projects approved conditionaly by KTK (seem to be) now proceeding smoothly on the FAST TRACK under LGE …. The Common Denominator between the previous KTK Govt n LGE Govt is the Developers who seemed to be working well with both the Federal BN Government and LGE Govt. Do we see a Coalition DAP/BN Govt with the help of Developers $$$$$??? The Penangnites is being taken for a ride by LGE Govt with false election promises. LGE is NOT a… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Another proof of LGE inability to resist DEVELOPMENT. It is not that LGE ca’t afford to spend RM5million or RM10million. He just has no idea what to offer to Penangites. Anything under the name of DEVELOPMENT sound good to him. He will allow any abuse to go on without knowing what to do. This is just another example of his Callous Abusive Thoughtless administration. The very basic thing that LGE should do is to implement the MSMA((Manual Saliran Mesra Alam Malaysia) in order to curb any abusive development. Why LGE just like his BN counter part still refuse to implement… Read more »

PR Man

LGE, you got to take notice of the displeasures voiced by those concerned, excluding the comments by the K or Gerakan K. He is always spewing lies and speaking half-truths. We can disregard his comments, as it is irrelevant, but from other fair minded comments, you got to sit up and take notice and to take actions and fast! The state of the Botanical Gardens cannot be compromised at any costs! It is the pride of Penangnites and generations of Penangnites had enjoyed the beautiful sceneries and had lots of memories of this beautiful and historical place. Do not allow… Read more »



Which of my argument are lies and half-truths ? Care to elaborate ?


Gerakan K, : You spewed lies and half truth through your mouth… 1. There is no land conversion mistake. NST write lies and half truth. Most of the lands along the reclaimed area are still under 99 years lease with the exception of area around Queensmall that were converted due to KTK and the Federal government protection of a listed company. 2. Why worry about the convention center when it will be a privatize project. Check it out before you talk nonsense. 3. There is no priority to rezone land as it can be done as and when it is… Read more »

Gerakan K

Thanks for enlighten this PR cheerleader


I hope they will privatise than using govt fund


Yang.. I am sure your DAP masters will be mighty pleased with your untiring and unceasing efforts in defending … LGE’s Development Above People govt. It is not the NST is twisting the facts but you are. 1. This point was already a common knowledge that even DAP lawyers agree that the Cheap Minister has made a blunder of massive proportion. 2. This has been proven a lie as the money is from the public coffers. Do not mislead us… 3. In re-zoning, the overriding concern is the public interest and NOT political expediency and/or the interests of the Big… Read more »


K I am never a DAP man but I do not like Gerakan or KTK either which have been the lame duck of UMNO and have see the excesses of UMNO over KTK and Gerakan over the past 18 years. Ahmad Said and UMNO has almost overall control over the MPPP and he even has the audacity to sit in the meeting even though he is not a member. By being in the meeting he could have insight on development that are taking place…. Some example such as the bridge from Jalan Rawang to Lorong Kulit that were built and… Read more »

Gerakan K

CM/MB in any state can issue stop work order if there is imminent hazard to people/environment (whether it is state / federal project)


Yes they will do that. LGE are competent enough just as when the road collapsed at the Gurney Plaza area recently.


Finally Gerakan is talking some sense now, the only thing that I am concerned about is Gerakan sincere in his comments or merely taking pot shots????


Can someone explain the meaning of Federal project? Its functions and limits? Is Botanical Garden under the control of state or federal government? Who has the final say?



If this is a mess created by the Fed govt, I bet LGE would have made this loud and clear and the DAP’s cyberbrigade would have lambasted the Feds by now.

From my understanding, the money is from the Fed govt but the project (could be) managed by LGE’s Development Above People govt.

Satu Lagi Project Kerajaan DAP?


Yet another waste of public fund on an useless project. The Botanic Gardens is now a shadow of it’s former self. No just this mess, you might recall how the small business there was forced to move out in a highly questionable manner. I am very concerned that this Cheap Minister’s administration seemed to be not just pro-Big Businees but also one of low-IQ. The Cheap Minister seems to be very much more focused on taking cheap potshots at the Fed govt on such populist issues such as RPGT and credit card charge rather than ensuring his own backyard is… Read more »


That is what BN/Gerakan Federal Government is very good at . … Gerakan/umno has already give our taxpayer’s money directly into Federal Government Dept. No money money to Statement as they kiasu and kaise that PR Government gets the name. Look at NST shouting by Gerakan/UMNO grassroots that taxpayer’s money do not go into state but directly to Federal Government Dept. Go and read NST/Star paper. Like Gerakan K, they become billioaires and we die early


K or Gerakan K the one and the same. The Botanical garden has already been a shadow of itself since the day of Zero KPI KTK. We are concerned with the small business as well as the big and the Botanical garden need to be upgraded to bring in more local as well as foreign tourists. It cannot be left just as like in the 70 or 80 in a dilapidated state for the tourist to see. An area under modernized condition has been built for the small traders there and many have agreed to move with the exception of… Read more »


Yang I am not getting personal here, let’s stick to the point of debate. FYI, LGE has been in power a lot longer than Najib has been the PM. If you are a real Penangite, you will understand that it is one of Penang’s most valuable and cherished possession. Penangites are justifiably proud of the BG. However, anybody (except DAP/PR cheerleaders) can see the drastic decline in the BG since LGE took over. In fact the same can be seen in almost all areas if you care to look. I am for development but that has to be sustainable and… Read more »

Gerakan K


4)unorganized state transport plan, no open tender for monorail project

Gerakan K

Can LGE adminitration issues a stop work order now? I know LGE is pro-development CM, but please don’t close one eye when there is genuine concern raised by relevant stake holders. Be warned, people power can turn against you. We already quietly cried behind Kg Buah Pala demolition. We also saddened by: 1)land conversion mistake 2)50 millions white elephant project (another convension center) 3)refusal to re-zoning back land for failed PGCC project 4)unorganized state transport plan, no open for monorail project 5)chopping tree freely, lost of public space without proper reasoning 6)refusal to ban hill slope development 7)increasing density of… Read more »


RM5 million federal project, what can the State gomen do ah?

“Many within the state agencies and government departments are Umno loyalists. They were in fact placed there and promoted because of their links with Umno. So, while Pakatan Rakyat may control the top, it will never be able to control the bottom. In short, the head will move in one direction and the body in the opposite direction.”

Ong Eu Soon

Then transfer those UMNO loyalists! Why still appoint them to head various agencies and departments? Just for example the president of MPPP… Why not appoint someone from Pakatan? Can’t trust your own people?