Cahya Mata Sarawak: Apples of the eye


These are the substantial shareholders of Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd, according to the firm’s 2009 Annual Report.

The analysis as at 22 March 2010:

Substantial Shareholders as per Register of Substantial Shareholders, excluding nominee companies
Name of Substantial Shareholders – Direct – Indirect – % of Issued

1. Datin Hanifah Hajar Taib (daughter) (Direct) 705,000 (Indirect) 44,925,102  – 13.85%
2. Datuk Syed Ahmad Alwee Alsree (son-in-law) – (Indirect) 45,630,102  13.85%
3. Majaharta Sdn. Bhd. (family concern) (Direct) 44,925,102 – 13.64%
4. Jamilah Hamidah Taib (daughter) (Indirect) 44,925,102 1 – 13.64%
5. Lejla Taib (late wife) (Direct) 37,000,000 – 11.23%
6. YB Dato Sri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib (son) (Direct) 29,465,085 – 8.94%
7. Dato Sri Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib (son) (Direct) 29,400,085 – 8.92%
8. Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (Direct) 26,965,360 – 8.19%

The closing price on 5 July was RM2.30 per share. You do the maths to find out how much the Taib Mahmud family is worth in CMS shares alone.

The CMS group made a profit before tax of RM124 million on the back of turnover of RM875 million in 2009.

Its total equity attributable to equity holders of the firm is RM1.3 billion as at 31 December 2009. It had cash and bank balances totalling RM438 million.

The firm started off in 1974 as Cement Manufacturers Sarawak, a joint venture between the Sabah and Sarawak state development corporations, manufacturing Portland cement, before it was effectively privatised in 1989. From a single product manufacturer of cement, it has broadened its interests into a group of over 40 companies involved in cement manufacturing, construction materials, trading, construction, road maintenance, property development and financial services.

Via CMS Cement, the group retains a virtual monopoly of cement manufacturing in Sarawak, with an annual production capacity of 1.75 million tonnes.

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Just looking at the Bigger Holistic picture, you can see the “Tentacles” all over…the Who, What, When, How, etc

You be the judge.



Now you can really see the lies and half truth of UMNO and Najib. Now he say that the betting license will go to Ascot if the sporting plan goes ahead. Lie lies lies AND HALF TRUTH is what he is trying to preach. As I have said earlier and many times, no matter how much you oppose, Najib will have to award that license to Ascot…



Actually CMS to Sarawakians stands for Chief Minister and Sons.


Why should you be complaining so much now when you still believed in their lies, deceit and half truth by voting them. Not only are they trying to gag the media in Sarawak, it is also now happening in Peninsula starting with NTV7 and now Harakah and PKR.

Wake up fellow, UMNO and Najib together with their coalition have already gone too far. KICK THEM OUT NEXT GE OTHERWISE YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SUFFER. Don`t blame anybody but yourself if you continue to support them.


….why, ani’ after over approx. 8 and a half hours ago?…….is it too hard hitting…….

Kamal B

Kudos to Sarawakians for having elected such a leader in Pek Moh Taib.


Every Sarawakian knows the abbreviation for CMS is Chief Minister of Sarawak.


…..why do we citizens of MALAYSIA, inclusive WEST AND EAST MALAYSIA(SABAH and SARAWAK), have to be so pathetic, whinning, lamenting and complaining…..the STUMBLING block for victory to PUTRA JAYA for TSA(Robin HOOD?) and his honest merrymen, will not be the undoing of the etchnic chinese, both in sabah and sarawak, for they are solidly behind the opposition, BUT WILL definitely be those that still … considered themselves as BUMIPUTRAS, loyal to UMNOPUTRA of course …..why ? each time when election comes around, they are given free CHEAPO packets of maggie mee , belachan, sacks of rice, the proverbial survival all… Read more »


If you think the wealth is a lot. The money they lost either from botched deals or sheer waste is EVEN more. Their companies have received bailouts and sweetheart deals that just got wasted because of incompetence that are even LARGER.

Cawan Lama

Dear Anil,

It is nice for you to highlight this issue for us to “think” but it surely annoyed the … cohorts such as proudsarawakian as above.

Well, Sarawakian had made the choice by voting … in again & again. If you dare not change why blame others for “abusing” you. Just pretending ignorant could not change sarawakian destiny.

Hope this will change come GE13.

Thank you.


CMS was originally under a stable of several profitable companies under the Sarawak Economic Development Corp, supposedly a corporation that was set up by the state government to help the bumiputra to foray into business. During the tenure of Effendi Norwawi as Chairman of SEDC, (some of) the profitable companies, under the guise of privatisation, were (allegedly) transferred one after another to the Taib family. Of course the non-profitable and (lousy) companies were left to rot under SEDC.


At those numbers, CMS/Taib clan certainly runs foul, the percentage of public spread at 25% unless something happened recently that I’m unaware of.

Dalbinder Singh Gill

There is a section in the video by the sacked RTM reporter on Bakun, watched it at Ong Boon Keong’s place last week, it showed a road, constructed by this company and ready, but after many years, road still not opened.


so wt r u jealous of????

semuanya OK kot

Such brillance while busy taking the state to great heights of development (as emphasized at every election). And genius children. And wife.


Jealous? What a reaction!

Indignant, yes! Sarawakians and Malaysians alike are!

Taib and Family declare themselves as … They done it to themselves.

The RM27.0m Sarawakians own would hardly be anything at 1970 prices or even 1983 prices when he came to office.

There is yet more to be unearthed.

The potential long term damage to farmlands and the environment of Sarawak is yet to be appreciated fully. The hydro power projects could be a damnation to all Sarawakians, and other Malaysians alike.