Clinton’s KL speech dogged by controversy


In case you missed it, Clinton’s US$200,000 appearance in KL has been shrouded in controversy.

Check out this NYT report.

Wasn’t it Clinton who promoted and expanded neoliberal free trade?

Wasn’t it Clinton who facilitated the shifting of the cost of health care from corporations to workers?

Wasn’t it Clinton who built prosperity on a foundation of debt?

Wasn’t it Clinton who deregulated world trade and pushed the US middle class into debt while facilitating profits for US multinational corporations globally?

And this is the guy that people actually paid to listen to?

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I hate to point that out to you, when a man is in a position of power, using that to take advantage of a female intern is anything except testament of his character, glad you are not in the position of his victim, so you can stand by his side without feeling the creepiness to a sex maniac and talking loud in blogsphere!!!!


There are many ordinary men and women in Malaysia contributed so much to the world suffering without making a big scene, they work quietly and contributed bit and piece daily to make our world better, due to the fact they are neither holding high position in government or private sector, none is noticed by the simple mind and ignorant,there is nothing shameful about them.


Any man can still stand “tall” and “hard” even after a head job by an intern, had to be a real testament of his enormous strength and character,especially if it is happening in a president, no doubt about that!!! LOL


We Malaysians gave this guy a really”BIG” break =US$200,000. Where in the world can anybody find such a generous citizenry like Malaysians so forgiven and kind heart ed toward a pervert? Sigh….should we hand him a position in our cabinet too????


Give the guy a break. The Clinton Foundation does good work and is making a huge difference to the world. He might be too busy to research background of people who invite him to give speeches, and maybe he is a little slack in rejecting invites because he would rather the opportunity to spread his message and the money collected helps continue the good work of the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton is making a tremendous difference. The fact that he is still standing tall even after the Monica Lewinsky controversy is testament to his strength of character and credibility. What… Read more »


Actually the world need to thank Bill for clarifying the definition of sexual harassment that forced oral sex is not a sexual act in America.


Bill, if it hadn’t been for Monica you would not be famous. Perhaps, you are racist and critized Obama. You are ‘famous’ because of your relationship with Monica. I wonder : If Hillary was President today would she too have an affair all for the sake of revenge against Bill. Bill, your speech is not too clever. Grow up! Malaysia should not bring this clown and pay him to speak rubbish to influence the multitude. We too have a mind of our own. Donate the money and do not give it to Bill. Who know Obama could run the country… Read more »


Majority of us who attended BIll speech hoping to get a lesson on how to make million while in office and sexual assault of an intern without facing legal prosecution, he is a big disappointment to me and a waste of my time and money.


What transpired during his presidency is typical of short-term thinking for political gain and quick wealth creation. 2 terms, that’s all he had and what he did during that time reflects the thinking of the time, that prosperity came through free trade and globalisation. A lot of those policies are now being questioned; but a whole lot of problems were also the creation of the Bush administration. Deficit spending while cutting taxes, deregulation which led to the destructive instruments being passed through the system, foreign wars all led to the problems the US is facing now. Now it’s Obama’s baby.… Read more »


This guy vinod is what you call a *** *** of the highest degree,he has been escaping but let’s see fot how long.

Eagle has landed

As president and as an ordinary citizen, is two different positions.
Surely you know that Anil?
Someone should have ask him on the issue you brought up during Q & A, so that the president can highlight his past and present outlook and clarify and justify. Did anyone in the convention centre asked him?
” Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable”


usd200K maybe on the lower end. typically, clinton’s standard fee is usd350K excluding: first class accommodation and local logistic. on top of that, you have to pay for his advance team (sort of secret service). his advance team will be at the site country for 5 days ahead and you will have to take care of their flight, hotel, F&B and local logistic. since he is coming from hong kong and vinod knows him personally, give and take i m guessing usd300K. i am perplexed, tunku imran said “invested subtantial amount but no returns”, here they can pay good money… Read more »


exactly sir, i was actually a bit surprised that thousands of people applied to listen to him talk. His reign as president was full of controversies, and i think he is doing better now (after becoming ex-president).

We Can

ERRR. when you pay a guy so much money to speak … of course he has to sacrifice his personal views and provide you the paid-for-views …. what you expect

Andrew I

Where is Monica? Bill should be proud of her, or is it her mouth?