Cheap land for Taib’s family?


The MP for Bandar Kuching has reportedly accused the Sarawak state government of alienating 269 acres of land near the Kuching airport to a private company at a “obscenely under-priced” rate.

Chong Chieng Jen alleged the alienation rate was RM291,000 per acre on average, according to a Malaysiakini report. “The market rate is between RM1.5 million and RM2 million per acre. Had the government gone for public tender, the state could have (earned) RM400 million to RM500 million,” the popular web portal quoted him as saying. Monarda Sdn Bhd, a dormant company that has a paid-up capital of RM100, only paid about RM78 million for the three parcels of land, he claimed.

According to Malaysiakini, Monarda is headed by Taib’s eldest son Abu Bekir, who holds 52 shares; other shareholders include Taib’s daughters Jamilah and Hanifah Hajar, and Taib’s daughter-in-law Anisa Hamidah Abdullah.

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if im in his position, i will do the same thing to my cronis…its all money matters pikik la sendiri..


Gerakan K,

If you could free parents or workers from paying loans back to gomen, in this case some RM100.0m annually, we could make life a little exciting.

There’s money to bounce consumption, for computers, pay reasonable rates for broadband and telecommunications, etc. Of course it can stimulate some bizness.

If the gravy train always stops at your door, it makes everybody else poorer! Of course your NKRA or whatever will be good and you make citizens poorer by forcing everyone to buy junk they don’t need.


On an assumption of RM7.5k per capita on a 4-year degree course for 10,000 Sarawak students, we could well have free university education for Sarawakians on RM300 million. If the Universities do usual research work, of course per capita costs of an undergraduate might reduce. On a minimum, you might still earn a fifth of investment income, instead of on the whole on the seed amount, too, over a draw down of 4 years, or whatever. Without the gravy train regularly stopping on each crony’s door, we could have had quality public goods with maybe just half of the amount… Read more »

Gerakan K

Dream on.

PR only promise free wifi and an end to “saman ekor”.

Your miscellaneous demand is not in their manifesto.


Gerakan K, And Najib and UMNO BN would continue with dream for their cronies not you or the people.


Gerakan. Go lie with the fleas. be happy to scratch your itch.


Gerakan K

Hey smart***, thanks for your cheap comments…now, go and do your cherry picking!


Gerakan K,
Could there be a company with a paid capital of RM100? Find out yourself from this link..

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, If Sarawak has been practising CAT policy like in Pg, then Sarawak would have made more than RM400 million for this alienation of land for Sarawakians. Imagine how much this money from just one business deal could do for Sarawakians and Sarawak! Is it any wonder that this is how BN-run national and state governments conduct their businesses and administrations, to enrich themselves and their cronies!! And, it is business as usual, as BN claiming that they’re changing is mere rhetorics!! They cannot change, and it is up to Sarawakians, and other Malaysians, to effect the change by… Read more »

Gerakan K

The assault on CM of Sarawak continues by Anilnetto.

However, I spotted a blatant lie from the article, that is:

Monarda Sdn Bhd, a dormant company that has a paid-up capital of RM100

According to Company Commission of Malaysia (CCM), the minimum paid up capital of a Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd) category of business registration is RM 100 000.

So, this is a fabricated story.


Gerakan K,
Think, check it out and verify b4 crying out like a fool!
The revelation is justified for the common knowledge and benefit of all and not just Sarawakians.
Even the Hornbills are lamenting.


Gerakan K, If you don`t know anything about rules and regulation of Sdn Bhd, just keep your mouth shut up. Don`t keep accusing Anil and others of fabricating. In all your posting you are just plain ignorant.

Gerakan K

You are so naive !!!

You treat all items posted by a person called Anilnetto as Gospel truth ???

Anilnetto is such a true cybertrooper that campaigning for PR for impending Sarawak state election.


I wonder why the people in Sarawak are so stupid to continue to let this to happen.


The alienation of land to Taib’s family/cronies had been ongoing for years and years. This is only just the tip of the iceberg. Many choice pieces of state land including those with government buildings on were taken by them. Anisa Hamidah is Deputy CM’s daughter, married to Taib’s son. As you can see, it’s all in the family. (Another senior minister) also had taken thousands of acres of rural state land for his palm oil cultivation. It’s all common knowledge here in Sarawak.


The dirty, filthy rich cronies get … richer,
the decent, hard working poor get (leeched) poorer.
Time for massive… CHANGE comes next GE.


PM Najib Razak must act. If Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen’s allegation is true, that Taib alienated 269 acres of prime land to his children at pittance (at RM291,000 an acre versus RM1.5 to RM2 million at marker price), surely it is up to Najib to reprimand him as head of the BN coalition.

Otherwise, this will be a far cry from his usual exhortation of building an inclusive society for all (10th Malaysia Plan, 2011- 2015, p. 178). Also if he will not, then what is the difference between him and Dr Mahathir Mohamad.


Cala, There is no difference between Najib and Mahathir. Just like Mahathir who feed his cronies…, he now buy buy election


“THE LAST SUPER”…..even our Lord would not have done it better! Some blokes are born lucky, with a stroke of the pen they can make millions…poor Anil and me have to sing for our super!


Wah! Like that so easy for Taib to rip off all the lands in Sarawak. What’s worse, MACC will do nothing, Najib will not, too!

The RM400 million could build a hospital and some schools in the rural areas.

ms cooper

i 100% agree with you.

taib and his family taken all the ncr land belongs to sarawakian especially sarawak native which was given to them by their ancestor and then, sell it to big company like plantation co. and quarry co. to make profit…..