Cheah Kok Leong’s life not in vain


The life of Cheah Kok Leong, 29, son of former Asian Rare Earth factory labourer Lai Kwan, has not been in vain.

Kok Leong’s life was sandwiched by two controversial plants: the Asian Rare Earth factory in Bukit Merah where his mother worked in 1982, and of course, that other plant near Kuantan now under construction.

In life, Kok Leong was a constant reminder to us of the tragedy of the ARE scandal in Bukit Merah. In death, he reminds us never again to risk human safety and the environment at the altar of personal and corporate profit.

If the Lynas refinery is eventually stopped as many hope it will be, then Kok Leong’s life and legacy would have played a major role in taking the campaign to its only logical conclusion.

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Gopal Raj Kumar

Tin, oil palm and rubber also bring workers into direct contact with harmful chemicals and waste. Many Indians and Malaysia too have died in carrying the burden of developing a modern Malaysia. You are beginning to become another apologist for the Chinese in our midst who grab the lions share of the economic pie through foul means not fair then complain the loudest and make themselves out to be martyrs. Please get your facts right. This is a bit like the case of Teoh Beng Hock, an overrated exaggerated martyr overshadowing the life and more cruel and less deserving demise… Read more »


Who is making out a martyr based on a person’s race? Just b’cos the Chinese holds the most economic pie that you mean a Chinese has no right to complain, not even in this case. Was Madam Lai Kwan a rich sundry shop owner? In Malaya of past, was there any selective race-based career profiling & forced recruitment? Your warped-racist thinking deserves the rubber sheet roller treatment to squeeze out the last drop of warped reasoning. Learn from the Chinese of how to progress in life without the gold or silver spoons, if you truly detest the rubber tapper and… Read more »


The Chinese came to this country no richer than the Indians and others.
Like the Indians, most of them came as coolies and labourers.

The key difference between them and the rest was that many of them paid a lot of attention in ensuring that their children would have a better life through education than themselves.

There are also many recent generation Malays and Indians who are living better because they have thoughtful parents.

Madam Lai Kwan wasn’t fortunate to lead a good life.
She had to work in Asia Rare Earth.
She could be an Indian.


“She could be an Indian.”
Wira, I empathize with that thought.
Hardship knows no skin color.
Anybody could be dealt with a blow of misfortune.
While we can live a reasonably good life, be contented & be appreciative of the now instead of wallowing & screaming at anything.
Sometimes win, sometimes lose. Right?

Gopal Raj Kumar

There is nothing wrong with grabbing a lrger shar o the economic pie than others. If it is based on merit or a meritocracy thats fine. But the Kuomintang their opium trades, heroin, prostitution, Ah Longs and protection rackets then complain about being treated unfairly is garbage. The point I made and I stick to is this. It is a bit rich to make a story about this without looking at her plight in context. The Tin, Rubber and oil palm industries too have toxicity that workers are not protected from. he Chinese tend to make martyrs of themselves with… Read more »

Jeremy Soong

Gopal should use his ‘reasoning ability’ to advise the Indian community to ubah their predicaments by exercising their votes carefully i.e. not to be blinded by the BR1M bribe.

Phua Kai Lit

Right-wing politics is not only bad for your mental health.

It is also bad for your moral health !


Were there any apologies coming from umno ,mca, bn to the affected people of Bukit Merah after all this while?

Pala Richie

//In Malaysia itself, Japanese company Mitsubishi processed rare earth in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Their shoddy operation is believed by public health experts to have done untold damage to a whole generation of Malaysian children in the area, some born with shocking birth defects and others contracting childhood leukaemia at five times the national average. The Malaysian Government does not represent the people of Malaysia. They represent the vested interests of big business. They represent the one per cent of Malaysians that can afford to flee the country should it ever become necessary. If Lynas were to conduct their… Read more »


The no-empathy and pro-Lynas nkkhoo said in his blog in response to the death of Cheah Kok Leong.

“Anything to do with radioactive? Retarded child problem is not limited to Bukit Merah. Tin ore is not rare earth used in Lynas. Education does not make many Malaysians more critical in thinking except more retarded in brain power.”

Andrew I

What goes around, comes around. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a retarded descendant.


From what I have seen, this blogger is ‘degil’ and cannot accept any views that challenge his opinion. He usually scolds his readers for that. That’s why I prefer Anil’s blog as Anil’s is open to all viewpoints.


That’s Anil’s good character.
By allowing all viewpoints, usually the fools show theirs ‘naturally’ and some with great entertainment for us.
View points are just like a day’s weather. They come and go. For tomorrow we will be looking forward to new view points like the new sunshine to brighten our perspective. And to learn from them. Unless we choose to stay heads buried like the proverbial ostrich of Lynas toxic-deep soil.

Jeremy Soong

You may want to part this advice to nkkhoo at his blog. It will help your karma anyway.

Gerakan K

I definitely have a lot to say about that Lynas and Cheah. Yes, I feel sad for the Cheah case. I don’t feel happy about it. I also feel sad when pakatan and its fanboys take this Cheah case as their political spinning subject. A field day for pakatan. Why spin the case ??? Unless there is qualified expert confirm the root cause of that Cheah illness related to rare earth factory, then it is all about baseless accusation. Just like TBH case, TBH family being used by pakatan for their political agenda. What is the conclusion after TBH inquest… Read more »

Ho Ho Ho

Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

:mrgreen: Woi ❗ GILAkan @ Gelakan K (po heow) ….i believe ‘1’ day HELL GOD will pull your πŸ‘Ώ soul down straight to HELL n they will show you the proof there….your ‘1’ way ticket to HELL ❗ :mrgreen:


Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:


Just a matter of time when proofs of misdeed will surface. The worst time will be Judgement Day, For nothing escapes the Eyes and Ears of the Lord. The guilty dead will be resurrected to answer for his every crime, For none can escape beyond the graves, beyond the reach of man’s manipulated law of justice. Be truly terrified to see TBH & Altantuya & Kugan, Pointing their fingers at the replayed scenes of crimes. Surely by then all souls will know who did it. By then, the lake of fire awaits the guilty ones of misdeed. Whoever did it… Read more »

Fred Yong

RIP Mr Cheah Kok Leong.

The struggle continues at Gebeng!

Andrew I

From a different perspective.


So what you say now, Gerakan K? Why not you go and live in Lai Kwan’s house and take care of her handicapped son from day to night. See for yourself the life of a handicapped person marred for life due to toxic-corporate greed and irresponsibility. I had taken care of a handicapped person and also experienced the sometimes difficulties in caring for her both at home and outside, and the social stigma attached to those associated with mentally, emotionally & physically handicapped persons – who are like ‘little children’ totally dependent on us normal persons. May God bless Madam… Read more »

Ho Ho Ho

Ho πŸ˜₯ Ho πŸ˜₯ Ho πŸ˜₯

πŸ˜₯ PUKE..our present USELESS πŸ‘Ώ leaders only know how to play their 😈 money,porn,dirty ++many many sick politics that ….majority RAKYAT starts to see them as INCOMPETENCE + USELESS + HEARTLESS πŸ‘Ώ n in-human …. πŸ˜₯

😳 πŸ‘Ώ LYNAS greedy NAJIB 😈 BEWARE ➑ 😳

Ho πŸ˜₯ Ho πŸ˜₯ Ho πŸ˜₯


The problem is the current administration Ammo and Barang Naik does not care about the tragedy, our life and safety. What they care is the benefits and money that goes into their cronies pocket

That is why we must make a change come the next GE. Let us not be misled by the pittance that Najib and AMMO is trying to entice us.