Charles Santiago on the Selangor water crisis


Charles Santiago, the MP for Klang, provides a run-down of the water crisis in Selangor and explains how certain water corporations are making quick and easy money.

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13 Mar 2009 10.05pm

We the rakyat must support the present Selangor government to take over the water issues from these blodk sucking inefficient coperations. These coorprations have milked the rakyat $$$$$ all these years.
Plase the Selanagor State givernment takeover for the beneifit of the rakyat.

13 Mar 2009 9.15pm

It is actually much safer to drink rain water. Very simple. Take a large plastic container and put a plain white cloth over it. when it rains just put the container outside. Once it finishes raining take the container inside remove the white cloth and trust me the water is very sweet to drink and is clean. for even better results let it rain for a few minutes first then put the container outside. Those days no such thing as water pipes and water supply so all of us used to drink rain water only. so tasty and healthy. I… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
13 Mar 2009 11.08am

Dear Readers

Sorry to go off topic.

Here’s an interesting article to read:

13 Mar 2009 9.48am

Dear Ganesh, I totally agree with you. How i wish we could use such bad service of SYABAS to court and get this money-spinning company to the state govt.

13 Mar 2009 12.25am

I live in Subang Jaya. Every week, I backwash my outside water filter. Thick brown water comes out. It comes out non stop. Even after 10 minutes, still brown water comes out. That is a whole 10 minutes of backwashing. Imagine brown water still coming out. The water filter company told me that only every 2 weeks need to backwash. But I am paranoid. So I backwash every week. So despite back washing every week, without fail, thick brown water comes out for a whole whopping 10 minutes. I have to wait, say 15 minutes, before, the water becomes clean.… Read more »