Smile, you are on camera


Have a look at this video clip.

The Sarawak Report has the story here.

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Hamim Abdullah

Dissent in Sarawak has gone on air via shortwave radio, with the launching of Radio Free Sarawak transmitting from London twice a day. The aim is to reach people in the interior of Sarawak, where shortwave radio is still an important medium and far from being an anachronism in an age of FM radio, Internet broadcasting, and podcasts. The broadcasts are, of course, also available live on the Internet and as downloadable podcasts: Episode 1 and Episode 2 Radio Free Sarawak, in name and spirit, recalls the days of the Cold War, when dissenters to authoritarian regimes were forced to… Read more »

Bako Boy
Bako Boy

Since September 2009, 27 native families living in Rumah Bansan longhouse at Sungai Bedengan here have been suffering from a ‘mysterious illness’ which they believe is originating from an aluminum smelting plant, about 300 metres from their homes.

Tak Gerak

Malaysia is the worst country in Asia-Pacific in Transparency International Corruption Perception Index in past 16 years since the start of the annual ranking in 1995.

Despite the “1Malaysia People First Performance Now” slogan and the alphabet soup of GTP, NKRA, MKRA, SRIs, ETP etc and one Roadmap after another of Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak and the National Integrity Plan of former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia is the worst country in the Asia-Pacific in Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) in past 16 years since the start of the annual ranking in 1995.

Wan Saleha

The GDP of Singapore will soon overtake that of Malaysia to be a bigger economy.


… Taib Mahmud & Mahathir,are totally ignored by world leaders when they visit Malaysia or when these Two … visit overseas.
Reformasi is ringing out all over malaysia !


Lingam, raykat are not stupid. Most voted out of greed.
With some pocket money & mini projects, they are willing to sell their souls. Sad case.

sam sung

Hey, we don’t hear MCA and UMNO saying “gua caya lu” to each other any more.


All BN component parties now only talk ‘1 Malaysia’, because it is a great bait (umpan) to get votes from all race, as evident in the recent buy-elections.

Of course gerakan, mca and mic failed to realise that the subtle message of 1MALAYsia is “We are ‘one’ – provided all of us eventually belong to one faith – Islam – and follow one culture – Malay”(?)


These people are up there because stupid rakyat voted for them, assuming the EC has ensured fair and proper election.

The majority of the rakyat should be ashamed of themselves.

We have the next GE to make amends. Exercise your vote carefully and do not be blinded by the empty slogan.

k1 tolong I and I tolong you also caught in tape This is bolehland, ada $$$ apa pun boleh. Look at what happen in Taiwan, ex-president chen shiu bien found not guilty in the corruption case. People like him also can escape from Taiwan, so what can we do even if we have new government, can we get the corrupted morrons with so many correct correct correct judges, ministers, police, rojak families…? can arr? I doubt lah

Ahmad Syafiq

I don’t really get what Taib Mahmud is saying. Can you clarify it Anil? Thanks.

Ahmad Syafiq

Oh yes, I forgot to read about it in the Sarawak Report. Thanks Anil for reminding.


Beware of short clips! He could have been saying:

“X was here yesterday and he said to you: “I am prepared to give you Rm600 per vote”, well I am here today and I say your vote is worth much more than that to me – I will give you RM1000!”

Or absolutely anything else. Is there a larger vid that contains that quote? Why was he talking English?