“Case closed”


Can’t say I am surprised to see this in the Borneo Post. I am also not surprised that the alleged victims were reluctant to provide statements.

Penan rape case closed: Deputy IGP
By Gary Adit

Nation’s No. 2 cop says police have done all they can and probe over

KUCHING: The police have done all they can to investigate the recent allegations of rapes of Penan women and though no one has been prosecuted, they now consider the issue over.Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar, who said this, pointed out that the police had thoroughly investigated every reported case to separate genuine cases from those that had been sensationalised.

Full report here.

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16 Nov 2009 9.49am

Gerakan K – I guess you should be asking your Minister KPI why he is defending the strong KPI for the IGP? So you go figure folks!

SungeiApong man
SungeiApong man
15 Nov 2009 12.16pm

You must understand that timber companies in Sarawak are very closely linked to the BN leaders, both financially and politically. This is common knowledge…. And timber licenses are issued only with signatures from the very top….

So it’s not surprising that right from the beginning when the news surfaced, there were denials from leaders … even before any investigation was conducted. Most Sarawakians knew what the final outcome would be. It is said that the most expensive Rolexes here are bought by timber tycoons as birthday gifts for …

PR Man
PR Man
14 Nov 2009 7.35pm

I think in the greater interests of the people and the country, BN must be brought down in the next election! Even a skeptical person like Gerakan K is also admitting that he cannot tolerate the nonsense that is so consistently belted out by the BN people and needs the intervention of PR now. Hang on there .

Gerakan K, together we will make a difference!

14 Nov 2009 1.59pm

Gerakan Kaki.. are u now hoping for PR cause Gerakan tak bergerak langsung?

Police is under (the) UMNO(-led administration). Sarawak is under Taib. The last i check, both are under the BN charter.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
14 Nov 2009 12.11am

What is PR waiting for? We need you now.

13 Nov 2009 8.03pm

Case Closed is becoming a very common phrase these days. Now with Bala resurfing…what will it be? Case Closed…..not a key witness?