Rousing reception for Pakatan’s Sabah CNY bash


Pakatan leaders, euphoric over the turnout at their Lunar New Year open house in Kota Kinabalu, have told Sabahans that their state could play a leading role in changing the political landscape of the country.

A sea of people packed the hall – Photo via Tian Chua

The turnout this afternoon was “overflowing”, observed Lim Kit Siang, noting that Anwar Ibrahim arrived to a “riotous welcome”.

It is a “sign of the times (for) Sabah, Malaysia”, said Kit Siang.

In his speech, Kit Siang called for a raising of the “political whirlwind for change” in the next general election to elect a Pakatan Sabah chief minister and a Pakatan PM for Malaysia.

Anwar, for his part, touched on the Allah controversy, the missing jet engines, the “unsinkable submarine”, corruption and the need for Sabah to be at the forefront of political change to save the country.

“Fantastic support!” twittered Anwar. “Kit Siang was in his element. My appeal: save Msia and return to the Merdeka spirit.”

Anwar later announced that Kalakau Untul, the United Sabah Dusun Assocation president, was joining Keadilan, along with the Sempurna PBS deputy chief and 500 PBS members from Lahad Datu.

Kalakau had served as deputy labour minister from 1986 to 1990 and United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) youth chief for a dozen years from 1985.

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All remember ‘For Evil to flourish , Good Man & woman say and do Nothing ‘
Say NO to Racism ala carte’ … Mahathir, Say No to Umno/Bn Corruption esp. Sarawak CM Taib’s (administration which) has been raping the State of billions….



Dr. Pang HC, do you think the Sabahans LOVE to be abused? They have voted out the BN govt at least twice and they only vote BN is there is no alternative. Once there is an alternative you’ll see their “loyalty” tumble like a house of cards.


Ken, I agree with you! These Sabahans were at one time the most affluent and democratic minded people in the whole of Malaysia! They dumped Haris Salleh for Pairin! Haris Salleh was then linked to the BN! And mind you, Haris Salleh had to suffer the shame of an ex State Chief Minister to lose his deposit in an election! We never hear of Haris Salleh after Labuan was made Federal Territory! And Pairin too, sold the Sabahans out! There is a chance for PKR here come the next GE, but, again, PKR MUST clean up its membership and leadership!… Read more »


The more these goons who look for personal interests rather than sincere in serving (Tan Tee Beng, Zahrain & Fairuz) join BN, the more rakyat know what is the real deal behind, DO NOT think the rakyat are bunch of idiots. Time will tell, will see in 13 GE.

Jason Loh

Gerakan K,

In my opinion, the next GE will see the end of BN. This is what the people want. 😉


I hope the issue of Allah has finally awaken the Bidayu, Dusun, etc. I hope they now see the true colour of BN. They are here to “kolet, kolet”. They are self serving politicians. Tell me which BN leader is not rich and wealthy ? Tell me which BN leader travel economy class. They flew private planes la !!! I just wonder what had Pairin Kitingan done for them for all these years after he happily joined BN. And yet, year in and year out, they faithfully voted for Pairin. How can they worship him like that? That is why… Read more »


Kee, While we are optimistic of the peoples sentiments and resentments for the BN in Sabah, how confident are we of the PKR’s candidates for the next election? I read an article by Ronnie Klassen, and you will have second thoughts of what might turn out if PKR do not choose their candidates carefully come the next GE! At least 70%, I hope I am correct, of the delegates/branch chiefs of PKR, who attended the meeting with Azizah, are active members of UMNO! And 15 of them have also submitted to form a new party! So you can see, how… Read more »



For your reading pleasure.

Does not give you much confidence, does it? Unless there is changes in the weak PKR set up, the peoples effort will be again futile. Do you have confidence in the renegade group within PKR who wants to set up a new party?



The debate of what is PR status in Peninsula right now and will be. PR have to keep in mind that its big win in 308 is partly accidental. They have to admit there were a lot of protest votes in 308 that may not necessarily repeat. BUT to say PR has not made progress since 308 is just crap. Sure there are some votes that have swing back to BN but some THAT did not swing in 308 has swung to PR. Kelantan Terengganu, Kedah, Penang. Non-Malays votes also should have gone up and will remain so but that… Read more »


It isn’t about who quit and join who. It is about what the rakyat wants. The rakyat is not expected to follow the politician when he/she quits; they are expected to follow the rakyat. And if BN continues to re-enlist quitters & deserters, they lose the on political perception. Any party can do with less trouble-makers. Besides, the general perception is enticement and not ‘quitting’.


hahaha gerakan k, zahrain joins umno 2, so wat..issues ‘hilited’ by zahrain has brought penangites to respect LGE even more for zahrain really has no issue at all. general comments of ‘LGE being chauvinistic, communist, dictators’ r just emotional vibes wt no grounds. wat specifics zahrain gav us ? just generalisations. when LGE retaliates wt facts n figures on RM 2 company formed only 2 months b4 the tender (wat a joke!), zahrain kept saying the IGP board has unanimously approved of it, that zahrain didnt do it alone. even so was the situation, wat’s wrong of LGE vetoing on… Read more »


Fairus joined umno??, good for Pakatan Rakyat, let him go. No big deal…..oof lalla!! another plus sign for PAKATAN’s in house cleansing drive.

Gerakan K

Ha ha O,

I just visited malaysian insider website, your idol ie ex-Penang deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has joined UMNO [1].

Like I said earlier, even if PR wins Sabah/Sarawak elections (which is highly impossible)it will lose substantial seats in Peninsula.



Gerakan K, Thank you for your reply and information. I read the news earlier in the evening, while watching AST vs MU in the Carling Cup Final. Well, Gerakan K, do you think something not so right is happening? Remember, when he was dcm1, he was harrassed by UMNO Baru assemblymen in the State Assembly so badly? He was also cited for investigations by the MACC? He was also widely reported to be a non performing dcm1? Remember? Now, UMNO Baru like you is treating him like a prized asset! That is the problem with Malaysian politics! For cheap publicity,… Read more »


… (Fairus was supposed to be) going oversea to pursue his so call PHD…?

…like the 2 Perak aduns… this shows how pathetic Fairus is or in an even more sorrowful scenario, HOW PATHETIC AND DESPERATE najib and UMNO is. So much so for this desperado Najib & Gerakan K.


We are very happy that UMNO and BN are accepting all the (rejects) from Pakatan. Fairus was mysteriously charged for corruption, resigns and then the charges dropped. I hope UMNO quickly takes in Zul Noordin (extremist), Zahrain (… tried to influence tender with RM2 associate company), Badrul Hisham (MIA), Radzi (another case dropped), Tan Tee Beng and the 3 katak from Perak. Oopss… Tan and hee the katak cannot join UMNO cos different skin colour… so much for 1Malaysia


Let’s go for a change. God will be with us. The wind of change is blowing. Ibrahim Ali, aka,”Tin Kosong” by some, is stirring up emotions which many believe is a liability to UMNO. He is failing UMNO more. The non-Malays are completely distanced from UMNO now. The perception is, Perkasa is an UMNO tool. So, it cannot sell. This man (IA) is talking to himself. As they say in Malay, “Menang sorak saja”, Most Malays are not interested in his rhetoric. Sorry. The Malays are too intelligent to buy this man’s story-telling. We now need a new coalition to… Read more »

Dr. Pang HC


Sabahans are by and large very loyal to Barisan Nasional.

Just because they come to Pakatan’s free meals does not mean they desire change.

Heck, they have not made much noise even though they have not had a proper referral hospital for 2 years!


Malaysians, be a part to create history! The BOLT & NUTS Government is the only Government left standing in the world after the second world war! Let us create history by bringing this corrupt and evil Government down to its knees. We must vote UMNO Baru out for good, like what the Indonesians did to Golkar in Indonesia! The chance cannot be better than GE13, and I can bet many of the lawmakers from East Malaysia will jump ship this time. Pity the Zahrain, Nibong Tebal and Zulkifli Nordin guy! And do you know the guy who won with a… Read more »

Gerakan K


In my opinion, even if PR can capture Sabah/Sarawak (mission impossible) it will lose badly in Peninsula.


Gerakan K, Whoever wins the next GE, it will not affect us as laymen, it will affect our future generations! The thing is we should be better, much better where we are today compared to many countries. At the time of independence, we were the second best nation in Asia after Japan, now just look around and see where we are? Do you sincerely do not feel bad at all? All this is due to bad governance! Petroleum wealth brought us some physical developments which we can see especially in the NS Highway, which is good, but the agreement as… Read more »


Gerakan K, Thats what you think. Try dissolving the Perak assembly if they have the guts. Yes, They have the guts to entice corrutible aduns and protect them from behind the veil of lies and half truth. They can cause trouble here and there from Penang to Selangor but the people have now seen through the deceits, lies and half truth of Najib and UMNO. Zahrain and those UMNO creeps can go. It will make a better PR and thanks to this idiotic & deceitful PM Najib or fools like you … This is the lies and deceit that you… Read more »


The signs are ominous, the change will come, and let us hope the winds from Sabah will blow over to the whole of Sarawak. No wonder, 1PM had been pleading with the Indians and the Chinese for their cooperation! His intelligience must have told him about the mood in Sabah. Hopefully, Sabah and Sarawak can deliver the 35 winnable seats to the PR! Then we can march to Putrajaya and rebuild this country to its former glory. Another deperate sign is the laughable efforts by PERKASA to stir up the emotions of the UMNO Malays. It is a real joke… Read more »