Capacity crowd at Beng Hock forum in Penang


Slideshow photos by an eye-witness at the scene (For best results, view on Firefox browser.)

More pictures at Romerz’s blog here.

A capacity crowd packed the hall at the Teoh Beng Hock memorial forum at the Caring Society Complex in Penang tonight. Hundreds who couldn’t squeeze into the hall, sat in the foyer downstairs while many others spilled onto the corridors outside.

Blog reader Ibrahim reports on the turnout:

To give you an idea of the numbers who turned up on the rainy evening, carpark spaces were all taken up by 7.40pm. By 8.05pm, there were standing room only in the hall, with all seats taken. By 8.15pm, some were seated on the floor in front. By 8.30pm, the hallways outside were filled up. By 9.00pm, the stairs leading to the exit as well as the foyer of the building were full. We, the folks inside, could hear stadium-like cheers from the outside when Guan Eng walked in. I would put the numbers at over 4,000.

Blog reader Christina describes the mood of solidarity at the event:

I was there and the speakers were insightful. The speakers were from Pakatan Rakyat. The crowd was mainly Chinese but I was amazed that the loudest cheers were for the Pas and PKR speakers. This shows solidarity amongst the races…. this was truly 1Malaysia here in the hall tonite. I am so happy that we Penangites showed that we care enough to brave the rain and the forces. And I pray that Teoh Beng Hock’s soul rests in peace…. Let him not die in vain.

Blog reader K W Mark was clearly moved:

Just got back after Kit Siang finished his speech at the forum. Kneeling right in front of the stage of speakers of the night…I couldn’t stand to see the big banner across the hall with Beng Hock’s photo and lost it to my conscience and shed tears… for Beng Hock, his family, his future family and most of all to all fellow Malaysians.

Earlier, another eye-witness told me the car-park was already full after 8.00pm. People arriving at around 8.15pm were unable to even squeeze into the hall. It was that full.

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For a mere few thousand ringgit MACC officials use … type of interrogation. Remember how they (went after) Anwar after (they) extracted a confession fr Munawar and others that Anwar was homo. But (many BN leaders suspected of corruption)… NOT one question asked . This is JUSTICE Malaysia Umno/Bn style. We MUST NOT LET TEOHALTANTUYA and many others die in vain! For Evil to flourish Good men do nothing . For the sake of our future Generations & children WE RAKYAT MALAYSIA of all Races SAY NO NO NO >>>CUKUP Stop the Torture & Beatings & (deaths) of anyone in… Read more »


I believe if TBH did not take his own life, then somebody else did! WHO???????…


Think about it folks, before you open your mouth. Kugan died almost a year ago. Has anyone been charged? Why not?…

do you not think enough is enough, that we no longer can nor will accept their bulls***???

Edwin SJ Ng   PJK

Something bad had happened. But life must go on.

Let justice take its course. We must learn to forgive.

It is our ability to forgive that will make Malaysia a great country.

Let those responsible face their Karma eventually by the universal forces that exist. Let us just reach out to help his fiance and his child.

What goes around comes around. That is certain.


I was there and I was so touched to see the support people gave to Beng Hock. Ya, do NOT let Beng Hock die in vain, never… Ya, let us take good care of Beng Hock’s fiancee, child and parents… Actually, I was thinking of visiting Beng Hock’s fiancee and parents to show that we all do care… I was angry and i prayed to God and I said, “… it is time these (those responsible) STOP their evil deeds… 1st, Altantuya, then Kugan and now an innocent Beng Hock just becos he is from the Opp party…” Let us… Read more »


Let the BN govt tremble at the anger of the people. Set up the Royal Commission NOW!

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men
It is the song of a people
Who will not be deceived again
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There will be justice for all
When tomorrow comes!

(adapted from Les Miserables)


A simple question is why Pakatan having this gathering ? Isn’t this politicising is actually being highly disrespectful of dead ? I think this is not the way to ensure Teoh’s soul rest in peace and an act of disgrace by Pakatan.

I wonder what will Pakatan leaders do if the death is actually linked to DAP as some commentators have said.


What happen to MIC, MCA and Gerakan. They have been gagged. All useless guys. Better not vote thme next time


If MACC is impartial as “they” said, why the body was found by janitor at noon BUT family and party comrades informed at 17:00 pm ???

Maybe they were conducting internal inquiry to catch the culprit before evidence was destroyed,…. maybe.


16th July. A young man died. Lets us remember him in our prayer….

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, UMNO’s cronies, including its mass media, is trying to divert attention on MACC’s interrogative process and failings by playing the ‘race card’, when what the rakyat demand is the truth of how Beng Hock came to his demise! Those who play the race cards are the very ones who invoke and warn others not do so – a ‘reverse psychology’? But remember the people are not that naive anymore!! If Beng Hock is not the accused, but only helping the investigation as stated by MACC, why then the need to hold him from afternoon till the wee hours… Read more »


Yes,come next GE,PLEASE,PLEASE booted out this BN/UMNO…. PLEASE.


i was there and the speakers were insightful. speakers from Pakatan Rakyat. the crowd was mainly chinese but i was amazed that the loudest cheers were for the PAS and PKR speakers. this shows solidarity amongst the races….this is truly 1Malaysia here in the hall tonite. i am so happy that we Penangnites showed that we care enough to brave the rain and the forces. And i pray that Teoh Beng Hock’s soul rest in peace…… let him not die in vain.


Fencesitter is either damn stupid or a BN lackey! We are talking about the high office of the MACC, and they can’t protect an innocent witness??? And allow someone to be intimidated right under their nose??? Stupid idiot!!!


Teoh Beng Hock did not die in vain… he will always remain in our memories as the young innocent man who was a victim of MACC’s heinous crime. Our memories will remain fresh come next general elections; we will topple the racist BN and seek justice for Beng Hock!!!


george then
a collection was made during that night and if i’m not mistaken, RM12,000 was collected.


I think the ruling powers is trying to send the message to all caring mothers is that they should not allow their right minded sons and daughters to join politics especially right now when there is such groundswell of support to better governance and reforms. And after Lim kit siang and Anwar… there will be no more opposition left!


Again …why would MACC only investigate on Paktan Rakyat folks from Selangor for mere few thousands (which is mere suspect of MACC, Teo’s case is Rm2,400)while totally king corrupts scot free. This eventually cause death to an innocent political member.

Sure enuff …raised the anger of Rakyat.
Justice is dead too. Evil rule. M’sian must care..its never to late to vote off the present governance away.

Ong Eu Soon

Come next election, we will make sure that all (those responsible) pay for all the wrong doing that they have committed.


what if, and i mean what if the poor fellow was intimated by some corrupt pr ppl? will the whole saga backfired on pr? dear oh dear.


I have to say, this is actually quite special. Tan Beng Hock was an unknown, a journalist turn politician, and yet his death has galvanised people across the spectrum across the country and for a lot longer than past cases of abuse. It is clear that (many) people don’t trust the MACC, Police and Courts – not when it comes to conflict with BN politics and interest. There is no denying the truth that our basic institutions have little standing above the very very simple things in life. That the govt and system is NOT trusted beyond the simple things.… Read more »

George Then

Please start a collection for Beng Hock’s wife and coming baby. We need to give something back to them for the ultimate sacrifice which their beloved has made for all of us.

John W. Ho

IT IS NONE OF MY PROBLEM!! Most Malaysians would say that Teoh death is none of their problem. But please let me tell you a good story… There was this rat, called Ben, who one day was so worried that he quickly ran to Ms. Chicken and said ” Chicken, Chicken, please help me!. The farmer wife has just installed a rat trap to catch me. What should I do? Ms. Chicken told Ben off and said to him : Ben, that’s your problem, not mine. Feeling disappointed, Ben then ran over to Mr. Piggy and told him the same… Read more »


I have over 100 pics on my blog post too.

Just like Han Chiang mammoth gathering, only limited by the size of the hall and maybe the last minute notification. However, the spirit of the people is there.

Sammy Vin

Why is TBH’s death is still being politicised?