Candlelight vigil for Sukumaran at Kajang police station


Another reason why we need the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC). The following clip shows people gathering to protest the death of Sukumaran, who was found dead and handcuffed after a few police personnel and bystanders had chased him down a street.

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5 Feb 2013 5.04pm

Do not forget the Kugan’s case is still unresolved.

RCI will serve no purpose as teh TBH’s case has shown us.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
4 Feb 2013 11.59pm

Anil, can you confirm that candlelight vigil is NOW legal, right ??? Err, under peaceful assembly act, right ??? I’m too interested to organize candlelight vigil to protest DAP poor administration and giving empty promises to all Penangites !!!

5 Feb 2013 1.57am
Reply to  Gerakan K

It’s election season, this NajibRazak/BN regime suddenly no more afraid of candles like they used to!
Desperate times, what choice have they at this last stage of terminal cancer? …let live and hope to live a lil longer lo!

5 Feb 2013 10.34am
Reply to  Gerakan K

Sure you can organize candle vigil and nobody is stopping you. We are peace loving people who believes in democracy and the rights of its citizen unlike Ah Cheap UMNO BN and their sycophants hoodlums who disrupt peaceful gathering, rally and ceramah by PR people. The problem is you might not have a good issue with the exception of just saying PR DAP LGE and so and so administration is poor without any concrete evidence. You might be the lone one in the vigil and good luck to you. Unless of course you could spend 2 millions over for oppa… Read more »