Canadian property market receives lift


Hey, maybe I shouldn’t have gone into journalism.

Perhaps I should have gone into politics or property investment.

Then I would be interested in some of these exclusive properties displayed on the Sarawak Report website.

The Canadian property market appears to be thriving. The Canadian government must be welcoming investors with foreign connections into the country’s property market.

What do you think? Did I choose the wrong line?

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What’s stopping you from going into politics?


Why are the C.M.(‘s)… family members investing abroad… ? Even if you add up all his income since he became the C.M.
and assuming he did not have to spend a dime of it, it would not enough
for him or the family to buy the land the ‘Castle’ it sits on….



Did’nt I tell you, you have picked a wrong profession?
Take up politics and turned frog, you be a millionaire overnight. Look at the Foochow heeheehee.
Be a BN candidate when PR take over Putrajaya, you can turn frog or retire in the last frontier land!


Anil….u wont be cursed la the way these people are being you better off where u are 🙂

WHEN ARE MALAYSIAN EVER GONNA LEARN? In this country BN rules and (goes after) anyone who seeks justice!

Look at Mahathir, Najib, Khir, Samy Vello and now Taib….!

Thats the curse of the poor penans/indians/poor malays….

you are so cursed!! Do you hear Najib, Mahathir, Samy, Toyol, Taib? Do you hear the cry of the poor??

… you sleep in your posh home, posh-bed..people to bid ur every move (even to …!) So sick la u people!


Going into property without powerful political connections is extremely high risk, Anil! 🙂 That’s why the Umnoputras ganged up against Anwar when he was finance minister & DPM – because he introduced legislation by which the corrupt can be prosecuted even after they have left public office.


right line wrong line it is most important not to pawn your soul to the devil …


Would the MACC be interested to pursue this case? heeheeeheee… 🙂


Anil. You did not choose the wrong line. You just did not pick the right in-laws.


The problem is the vast majority of Sarawakians don’t get to read this and even those that have heard of this, many don’t really quite understand what it means to them.