Call near Penang traced to MH370 co-pilot’s phone: NST


The plot thickens. Was it a desperate call? Who was the person using the phone trying to contact? Or did a telco tower just detect the phone? When will we know the real truth?

If the plane was flying that low that a telco tower could detect the cell phone, wouldn’t the plane have easily been detected by RMAF radar? Wouldn’t it have been blipping on the radar screen – unless the plane was too low, perhaps?

But Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says unless the NST report is verified, he is unable to comment.

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they can track a phone…and lose a plane!!!!!


The superior satellite technology of US can beam live the killing of Osama to White House forObamq to watch, but knew nothing of MH307 flight path? Definitely the US knew something and chise to use the information as a leverage, else why Najib looked so weary and dead scared?


US army chooses to misinform, to misled & to hid the truth of its military expediencies, which may have (allegedly) included a testing of laser weapons on a civilian aircraft. This may have unprecedented consequences on global politics & security seeing the red flags of orchestrated misinformation by western mainstream media.
Imagine a super power able to, at its fancy to practise weapon targeting during a regional military exercise, yet tells a global lie.
The worlds now not a safe place it used to be.


It is not funny any more to hear our leaders uttering statements that are ridiculous,
but it’s indeed funny to hear them saying what should be the next logical and sensible
thing but turns out to be even more ridiculous. On my silly-scale measurement, this is 9.9
on a 10-point scale. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for more CHEESE and


We still do not know
– the source and destination of the out-of-season mangosteens, 2 or 5 tonnes of it
– the weight of the cargo of high-tech batteries
– other types of cargo


Is it just lithium batteries or mangosteens?
Was it some cargoes of military hitech value another country didn’t want Red China to have which may change the secretive game of aerial spying, combat & surveillance?
Espionage looks more likely for Diego Garcia (dark Latino tap dancer) to ‘dance away’ with something as innocent as a civilian cargo + passenger plane.
Note: This is just a conspiracy visually flashed in the mind after a cuppa of Kopi-O kau kau.


Tunglang, This conspiracy theory was written by the Chinese just 5 days after it happened. Accordingly the Chinese has boarded the flight with very secretive military high tech that may affect their national security and they were trying to stop the Chinese from boarding. 4 person was supposed to board the flight on that day but failed to do so and the story go on ……. missing

Yuk Lo

Do not forget that Utusan has speculated that CIA was in charge of the plan of missing MH370.
Perhaps NST also needs to create sensational story to boost its fledging sale?
Is it implying that Utusan and NST has got a licence to defame and create fictional stories and sell as truth?



kt is a downunder troll, i guess. go read his blog if you want to enrich your knowledge on whats wrong with anwar and PKR.

najib manaukau

It is now more than almost 5 weeks MH370 went missing since, almost daily more details are being revealed which weren’t revealed any earlier, if indeed the phone call was made ? Also why were so many contradictions from many government different departments every time when some details are being revealed ? You know when a lie is or was told one would need to tell more lies just to cover up the first lie ? Please remember this time round the entire world is watching and the government cannot cover up lies that they told just the way they… Read more »


The article is from the NST.
“world exclusive on MH370” by FARRAH NAZ KARIM AND TASNIM LOKMAN
NST is one of the official govt print media.
Furthermore, the owner of NST is……..( no prize money for the right guess)
NST , UTUSAN , TheStar are all Malaysian govt medias.
Oversee by the Kementerian Penerangan.and Kementerian Dalam Negeri.
Unless the 2 Kementerian are now stuffing stale curry puffs into Kementerian Pertahanan and Kementerian Pengankutan .

So , which Kementerian bungles this time.


This story comes from NST. Hehehe, something fishy. For more ask your friend in Ayer Hitam, ktemoc


NST now goes for sensational news to attract readers ?

Yuk Lo

Some influential Umno folks are trying to run down Hishamudin via NST?
Anyway this saga is a X File of Malaysia where the truth will never be known.


If NST report is true, MH370 allegedly flying at low altitude (5,000 ft) would put it within range of telco towers, which would have received the alleged phone signal, whether it was set on or a call was attempted.
But what about the passengers? Didn’t anyone attempted to make a call since flying low, what with possibly clear visibility of street lights of Penang?
Or was this an attempt to signal its position from the cockpit which was overtaken?

I ‘see’ Diego Garcia, a dark Latino tap dancer rhythmical tapping in ferocity to deny its secret rendezvous for military expediencies.


OK… reportedly there was an attempt [at most] by “co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid’s phone” to connect to a cellphone tower in Penang. But the NST “World Exclusive” report itself stated that “His call, however, ended abruptly, but not before contact was established with a telecommunications sub-station”. So how on earth do we know that it was a “DESPERATE call for help” as termed by NST? [emphasis mine]. For all we know, it could have been an frivolous attempted chit-chat call to a friend. Heck, it may not even have been a call at all – the very same NST report… Read more »


Conspiracy theory said MH370 unloaded some sensitive stuff (codename muar mangosteen) plus passengers at Diego Garcia b4 resumed flight that ENDED in Indian Ocean ?


If the co pilot had called, then others could too, assuming that they were then as alive as the man at the cockpit.

I thought the police had already investigated that. Or were the country being misled too? Don’t blame the Chinese victims’ families for being overly obnoxious. We would and should too.

Yuk Lo

This is how CNN reported it: