Bukit Relau/Botak Hill: CAP issues statement


The Consumers Association of Penang has issued a statement on the illegal hill-top clearing at Bukit Relau.

The statement can be found on the CAP website.

We still don’t know why the land was rezoned from “hill-land” to “housing” and who was responsible for this.

What do you think? Do you agree with the CAP statement that it is all “sandiwara” and the developer got off lightly?

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OM Saigal

As a member of CAP, may I ask if all complaining about CAP are members or just talking heads?
It takes courage, persistence and perhaps risking one’s job to stand up and be noticed by ‘Big Brother.’ Seniors can stand up to the policemen who hide behind their guns!!


the ‘botak-ing’ of hill lands leads to the unanswered question of where do the soil and earth from the excavated site end up being dumped…surely the parties who benefits from such activities should also be accountable…or are they being protected by the powers that be…there are still bit players in the whole sandiwara that are yet to be exposed…maybe its all not so clean and green after all?


RE : unanswered question of where do the soil and earth from the excavated site

Could soil/earth being “dumped” to create another land-filled Straits Quay II ?


Kill 3 ‘birds’ with one ‘Rape’ of Madame Gambier Hill:

1) Pristine Nature, quietly converted by Holy Komtar’s unholy ‘priests’.
2) Trees & Top Soil/Sand/Boulders for Ready Sale to greedy developers.
3) Reaping Millions from ‘Chay Sua Khua Hai’ Homes (after all the cry-rape has died down or forgotten in a matter of 6 full moons)

Note: Anil, these are metaphorical words, so pls no fear-induced editing in the court of justice.

Albert Goh

CAP has its agenda to attack DAP. Its revenge time. We are not interested in your war. The most important part we want to know is who approved the “Turning of Hillland to Housing”.


Conspiracy of the government! They suck!

Vexy Hackus

Anil so pro-bicycling with many fans yet forgot to highlight thebike trails created recently along Tanjung Bungah ?


While the hills losing greenery to become balder; may be LGE re-balance the scene with bike lanes ?

Not very convinced myself and like to know the views of fellow readers.


CAP should focus on ensuring the the likes of Tenaga, Astro, Telcos do not charge sesuka hati indiscriminately.


CAP dare not touch those crony companies.

loke min xian

CAP operates as though it is a civil servant, so tend to be selective in its prosecution.


To curtail too much would impede development and to develop too much would endanger our environment. What we can do is to try to balance everything otherwise we will continue to lag behind. Look at Singapore & Hong Kong. They are clearing and developing at a much faster rate but with their balancing of development and environment and a proper enforcement, they have create a perfect order. Look at Indonesia, their simplicity, primitiveness & lack of enforcement made others suffer