Bourdon to be deported at 11.30pm


French lawyer William Bourdon will be deported at 11.30pm.

Bourdon’s statement to the authorities at KLIA:

Via lawyer Fadiah Nadwa

At KLIA, flying into KL from Penang, Bourdon was asked to sign deportation papers in Malay. He flatly refused. Instead, he wrote a statement, asserting he had not violated any law in Malaysia and protesting strongly against his detention.

He had no access to lawyers for five hours.

Bourdon, 55, told the authorities he is a lawyer for human rights group Suaram for the Scorpene submarine case, and deportation would be a breach of his right to perform his professional duty as a lawyer. He said he did not understand the rationale for his detention as he had come to brief those interested about the progress of the Scorpene investigation and lawsuit.

“They (the authorities) wanted to detain him for three days because his (return) ticket is on Sunday,” according to lawyer Fadiah Nadwa at KLIA.

Lea Forestier communicating with her fiance William Bourdon at KLIA - Photograph: Tian Chua

Bourdon protested and made arrangements to return to Paris later tonight, together with his fiancee Lea Forestier. The lawyer, who is working pro-bono for human rights group Suaram, had been scheduled to speak tonight in Petaling Jaya and in Ipoh on Saturday. One of the speakers at the Penang dinner last night mentioned that more information on the Pakistan angle of the Scorpene investigation had been planned for the PJ event.

Organisers of the PJ dinner said the fund-raising event tonight to raise money for legal costs in France had already recorded a net surplus of RM150000. It will proceed as scheduled at Dewan Sivik. Last night’s dinner in Penang raised another RM100000.

Bourdon, speaking softly with a slight accent last night, revealed the investigation into the Scorpene submarines deal in France was on the verge of  unravelling unusual cashflows and the revealing the identities of the parties involved in the deal. “We are determined to ensure this investigation will go as far as possible (in the courts),” he told some 600 diners. “There is no democracy if there is no complete eradication of corruption.”

Despite the complexity of the case, Bourdon, whose scruffy hair makes him look like an artist more adept at using a paintbrush on canvas, was optimistic that the truth would one day be revealed. “This requires determination and solidarity.”

That resolve would no doubt be strengthened after his hasty – and ill-conceived – deportation.

Bourdon’s offered words of encouragement to local activists: “Thanks for your warm hospitality. The truth will prevail. You can count on me to fight on in this case. Good luck to the Malaysian people.”

He also thanked the public for their support for Ops Scorpene. “I offer you hope and courage and keep fighting for truth and justice!”

The deportation reinforces the widespread perception of an administration fighting a rearguard battle to safeguard its image on multiple fronts. Rightly or wrongly, many have linked Najib’s abrupt return from Europe with Bourdon’s sudden deportation.

Like the impact of the Bersih crackdown and the detention of the PSM 6, the public relations fallout from the deportation is likely to provide the Ops Scorpene legal campaign undreamed of publicity – not only in Malaysia but around the world.

For the administration, it is a case of shooting itself in the foot – repeatedly.

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He looks like an orchestra conductor!


He looks more like Michael, The Archangel who is most feared of all angels by the Devil of the endless pit of fires and brimstones.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


You can’t play hide and seek with truth
For that will be considered as uncouth
Without respecting the aged and the youth
By putting own foot in your mouth

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sat.23rd Jul.2011.


Lets twist the story and do a spin just like any umno’s controlled medias will do. If Monsieur Bourdon is here to give some nice speech about Najib ‘s 1Malaysia or doing some fund rising for the FLOM’s permata thing. I bet Bourdon will be welcome and be nominated to get a Datukship award. But he is here to link the Malaysians govt sponsored illegal dealings plus he is exposing the entire deal to the public .That particular deal is pointed directly at the former Deputy Prime Minister and former Defense Minister. Najib have no other options. (Is) Najib …… Read more »


Gerakan K, I don’t blame you, since you lack the knowledge of global developments and political affairs. Lawyer Bourdon comes from a developed country and live in a modern city, whereas, … you still squat in an attap shed…boasting of a developed body but, with a peabrain!

king kong

This bloke going to see the queen, popey and cameron is just for makan angin. Better go to Cameron Highlands to save the taxpayers’ money and adding more carbon to the atmosphere. All the PRs go down the drain with this one strike. Clear this bloke show the Queen, Popey and Cameron, there are dirty … bloody laundry.

semuanya OK kot

That’s only 3 hours out of 1 week. Where was he the rest of the time?


When the mama cat is away, the mice start to play….


The BERSIH and Anti ISA (internal security act )group in London were right.
“Shame , shame , shame . Shame on you Malaysian Prime Minister “.


Seems to me, there is some kind of power struggle going on in AmNo. Mutiny? Jbby running back home. Bypassing Italy. Was he scared stiff of being near France?


Yeah. Looks like jibby kena sabo.


apanama maestro still controlling behind the scene ? May be N carrying too much baggages now that apanama now calls for M to take over in silent mutiny ?

Gerakan K

Balik kampung tanam jagung !!!

Booooo !!!


Are you talking about the Malaysian u know who or this French lawyer…?


Its better than be a murderer or worse still a wannabe

Andrew I

Ah, your mini market got sell diapers or not?


Cucumber. If you do not have anything good to say, just pickle it.


BN took the bait………deporting him was what the international media and internet were looking forward to as admission of … guilt…..

Malaysia is now stuck with a lame duck PM….looks like UMNO may remove him soon before the electorate does…


This Perri-M carries a lot of ‘dirt baggages’ too heavy for Umeno to carry. And his antics has shown what kind of a fool he is when managing his own reputation and leadership crisis.
Let me ask you: In times of international war, would you want such a bumbling leader to lead us. To destruction and extinction?

Umeno is now scared stiff of its own eventual extinction!


fair play at its finest.

And you also must accept that our election has been clean and fair so far, and going forward.


Liberté, égalité, fraternité . vive le france. The French connection will sink you know who. And I do not mean the Scorpene submarines.


All the signs of the GUILTY..


William Bourdon, at least you are returning home with flying colors!
Unlike the Mongolian killer and associates still hiding in the “Unsinkable” yellow submarine…(afraid) to confront the truth.


Altantuya is taking no rest and so is Beng Hock…


So he made it back on time early this morning to get this French lawyer Bourdon deported? Stooopid fella, he’s drawing more attention to himself now. …


“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned
Nor hell a fury like a (murdered) woman scorned.”


Fish starts rotting from its head. Looks like the guilty one is up there but where can he run when the French are closing in, fast?

Is PDRM or Immigration trying to silence Bourdon from telling the truth?
What was the reason for detaining him, and under whose instructions?


Barang Naik folks committing blunder moves one after another, signaling the imminent road to self destruction ? Cannot hide away from truth and reality will prevail – karma in action ??????


Now the Mongolian grassland, where the Gerkhins and like-minded minions of Barang Naik languish in trembling fears and biting pains from the persistent Hell’s locusts, is starting to bloom with Yellow Submarine flowers exuding sweet fragrance of Altan spirit during the serene summer days.
However at night, the ghostly howling of screeching for vengeance will not leave these minions in peace and can reach here as far as Putrajaya, disturbing the peaceful lakes and trembling the hitech bridges.
Karma is seen to be Yellow in benevolent aural and Pitch Black in repercussion.


Now we know why Najib ‘rushed’ back from his European trip to ensure that Bourdon is deported?

Conspiracy theory has it that certain group within Umno is behind Bourdon’s visit in a plot to bring down Najib? So Najib took the threat within quite serious, much to the dismay of FL for cutting short her European shopping spree?

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯

… really SCARED of ((ALTANTUYAS)) return to curse them….huhuhuhuhuhu!!!!! 😯

Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯

Andrew I

Don’t think the French will be giving us a statue of liberty anytime soon.

Penang Voter

More like Malaysia will be getting a ‘Statue of Stupidity’ from France