Bersih 3.0: Even sardines have more room


What do you call it when tear gas is fired into a tightly packed crowd with little room to manoeuvre – and when people try and move away, more tear gas is fired, even in areas farther away from Dataran?

A section of the 200000 crowd at Bersih 3.0 - Photograph: Aliran

According to rally participants, the crowd was so densely packed that it wasn’t easy to move around.

The chances of any disorder breaking out would have been minimal if they had been allowed to use Dataran. Witness the scores of peaceful solidarity gatherings held in cities and towns in Malaysia and abroad.

The KL turnout, estimated at some 200000, was perhaps the biggest display of people power in Malaysian history. The political tremors could be felt across the length and breadth of the land, from the corridors of power in Putrajaya all the way to the banana fritter warongs of Sabah and Sarawak.

Public awareness of the rot in the system has grown since 2008. If the turnout, along with the sheer diversity of the crowd and the notable presence of the young, is any indication, then a new Malaysia is bubbling beneath the surface, raising hopes for a new era of democracy, social justice, accountability, environmental consciousness and inclusiveness.

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Koh Teng Gee

Tear gas and water cannon used by police was not to disperse the people, rather it was to punish them. Firing tear gas in a tightly packed people with little room to manoeuvre was to hurt the people. It can even result in death due to stampede. How can PM say police acted professionally and with restraint? The whole cabinet should view Bersih 3.0 in youtube uploaded by individuals who recorded the police brutality instead of viewing the edited versions by pro UMNO bloggers or those produced by the police.

Richie Hee

Those policemen are messing up their karma.

Eddie See

The Rakyat does NOT need a vindictive Government. Let replace it with a imperfect but more caring one.


It is called SERVES YOU RIGHT. … the only help you get is a can of tear gas and rubber bullets.

semuanya OK kot

Excellent point. Remember, most of these people took time off from their busy daily lives, and do not have servants, bodyguards or outriders looking out for them.

“Whom the gods wish to desteroy, they first make mad.” – ancient quotation of unknown origin.

Pala Richie

After 428, bersih is beyond free and fair election!. Do you feel the forces of change?, the undercurrent is strong, like Anil said, ‘it raises hopes..’. Read the experiences shared by the participants, the messages, the attitudes are very positive. Their cause ‘raises the hopes’ for 1 united M’sia. The jasmine revolution, started off from Tunisia which spread across Arabian countries turn into series of revolutions as Arab spring. Jasmine revolution, the point of tipping started when Mohd Bouazizi set himself on fire, upset and helplessness, where authorities refuse to attend his injustices, not even grant him an audience. That… Read more »


Why the mata2 break the court’s order by setting up the barriers 50m to 100m away from the PADANG? That is not Dataran. Did DBKL submit the KL curtain(Berlin Iron curtain or China bamboo curtin boundary) to the Judge?

If those breached the barrier, why mata2 attack the hinterland and not just the beach head?


They’ve angered a nation, already lost 250k votes + families, neighbours and friends in GE-13!


Just like 308 Penang where Penangites lost total confidence in Gelakan. ‘Enlightened’ people who don’t think & cari makan in the likes of Gerakan K.
People who don’t wait for gravy trains.
Timely for the Rakyat to act like Angry Bird!

Gerakan K

Angry bird = violent actions !!!


Angry means express disgust at our EC & Kotor!
Angry means telling the power that be it has to clean up its dirty act.
Angry means to be ready to vote out BeEND & that means the END of gravy trains to some sundry shops!
And angry means we mean Bersih business!
And also Angry Bird metaphorically in Chinese means Got ‘Bird & Hoot’ to call our shots, unlike your life-mentor Ostrich Boh Lan Hoot!!!


GK , Angry is better then being a hypocrite like AMMo or a wannabe who cannot reveal oneself.


what are you waiting for Gerakan K.

Bersih wants to topple govt, Gerakan K?

Gerakan K

Aiyah, if that really happens then I will migrate to Singapore lah. NO hudud to worry about. You know lah, anything can happen when bunch of losers cannot win it via democratic means.


GK, wowo wowo you won;t get any privilege there. Can you tahan and compete with your AMMo mentality. You will surely come back and become another wannabe here. Do you know what type. you guess??


In SinKahPoh, don’t count on any BolehLand ‘gravy train’ arriving at Tanjung Pagar or any sundry shop operated by Barang Naiki minions.
In SinKahPoh, you have to work doubly hard for your own destiny, not depending on kangtau or back-scratching deals or Satu Lagi Projeks.


What do you call it.

It is called BRUTALITY


It’s a historic event – kind of ‘Merdeka’ though this time from our own colonists, BN! It’s ironic that the RAKYAT was deprived of using the very place call ‘Merdeka’ to demand for a clean and fair election. Yes, the tide of change is coming faster than anybody expected, just like the last GE result took everybody by surprise! With the availability of online media, the govt cannot fool everybody all the time now. The report on the no# of participants is so controversial but definitely far way above 25K as stated by some media. Add to those who didn’t… Read more »

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯


Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯


Get Bersih viral online where the youth are – facebook, twitters, blogs, YouTube, etc. Make Bersih an art form movement: be it a song, a cartoon, an art (T-shirt) or a skit (coffee beans cafes are good avenues to express disgust). Make it a personal statement, a belief beyond doubts, a tak-tahan disgust for EC & its dubious role. Better still, make it a cult. Any one knows James Dean? Spill the ‘s… on dirty linen’ for all to see, to publish, to spit. Get factual testimonies of underhand tricks, cheats & change of voters’ addresses. Make it a litigation… Read more »