LIVE: Beng Hock’s national memorial service


Live images from the national memorial service for Beng Hock at the KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall from 8.00pm onwards (see also live webcast below)

‘chiacy’ has images on Twitter here.

2111: “Perhaps even more people here than I thought,” says my contact. “People still coming as Kit Siang came in.”

2054: PKR’s Sivarasa is now addressing the crowd. He asks for the terms of reference of the royal commission to be extended to include the question: How did Beng Hock die? The crowd responds with thunderous applause.

Says my contact: “What’s nice is though mainly Chinese Malaysian, large numbers of other communities are also here. This is no race issue: custody deaths are a Malaysian problem.”

2051: Another contact estimates the crowd at 3,000. “The hall is full… ground and first floors. Dozens are outside. I have never seen the hall so full,” he marvels.

The emcee leads the crowd in chanting, “Justice for Teoh!”

2049: Beng Hock’s fiancee Soh Cher Wei is seated next to Guan Eng.

1955: About 1,500 people are already at the KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall along Jalan Maharajalela in KL for Beng Hock’s national memorial service, according to an eye-witness at the scene. Proceedings are expected to start at 8.00pm.

Among the speakers expected are Kit Siang, Karpal, Sivarasa, Kuala Selangor MP Dzulkefly, Guan Eng, Kok Wai and Suaram coordinator Moon Hui.

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Thinking Two
Thinking Two
24 Jul 2009 4.28pm

Please stop buying any ASM issued by the Government or else you are supporting them.

24 Jul 2009 2.29pm

If our leaders are rational and sensible people, it would never be in their interest to take advantage of citizens (half of whom voted for them) under NORMAL circumstances.

However, there is a political economic theory that says that under certain unique circumstances, even rational people will behave against their long-term interests.

24 Jul 2009 10.50am

Thanks Anil as always.

“Let justice flow like a mighty river” indeed.

24 Jul 2009 9.58am

How sincere ARE you? If not for those “everybody” whom you claim are just milking the political mileage out of his unfortunate death, would YOU do it? Would you stand up to be counted and act as intermediary for the family to convey their thoughts, their request, their disappointment to the powers-that-be?

24 Jul 2009 9.17am

Very, very upset lah…….!!!

When next GE comes….
I wonder what “goodies” we will all get….!!!!

“Art Of *********** !!


24 Jul 2009 3.16am

Don’t shake hands with anybody who will stoop so low as to endorse the crime minsitership… what more accept contracts from a foul-breathed zombie regime!

24 Jul 2009 12.15am

how sincere are all those… who are clamouring for so-called justice for dead beng hock?
everybody is just milking the most political mileage out of his unfortunate death…

23 Jul 2009 9.50pm


But am afraid this boy died for nothing…

Did you see all those … lining up to buy Amanah shares that will give you returns of 6% in exchange for loss of freedom…

heck …everyone seems to know… kasi sikit duit … semua kau tim..!!!