Beng Hock committed suicide because of aggressive questioning: RCI


The royal commission of inquiry has ruled that Teoh Beng Hock committed suicide because of relentless pressure from aggressive interrogation by MACC officers.

The questioning was described as “agresif, tidak wajar, maka langgar peraturan”.

The ruling is set to put the spotlight on the nature of this “aggressive” and “inappropriate” questioning.

In an immediate response, opposition politician Lim Kit Siang tweeted: “Is ‘forced suicide’ suicide or homicide? Is TBH’s death caused by more than ‘forced suicide’?”

He, however, conceded he had not yet seen the report.

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If we are to go along with the Govt issued RCI verdict.
It will be read as “forced suicide”.
In other word to describe it is murder.
Now, a guilty person will fight to the last .
A good example will be the famed Botak Chin. ( anyone remembered Botak Chin?)
Whats more from an innocent man in the name of Teoh Beng Hock.
I am sure he fought .


It seems Commit Suicide is the No.1 formula of defence (of perjury) for unexplainables… Very convenient to get away with a dastard evil deed even the elephant couldn’t smell a foul 1 foot away!

semuanya OK kot

Since 1957, thousands – mostly Tamils – have “committed suicide” or died of “congestive heart failure” while held in custody. Racist Malaysians thought this was of no concern to them.


See you have liars… in MACC and PDRM as Senior officers what a shame, you expect these people to uphold justices but just so much of the low culture standards brought in by the Kotor UMNO BN. There had been unwarranted tortures’ deaths unaccounted for in PDRM and MACC’s custody and the culprits’ responsible are free and protected by lies, cheats, denials and spins by the suppressed Main Stream Medias. …


I really wonder how many Malaysians believe that aggressive or harsh interrogation methods alone can push a man to suicide when he’s not guilty of any crime. Would a responsible adult such as Teoh, who knew his young wife-to-be was bearing his child and in need of his care and protection, commit suicide? If TBH really committed suicide, the whole MACC need a major revamp, because we can expect more ‘suicides’. For a start, we need a RCI comprising not just government appointees but also civil society/NGO representatives to look into MACC’s modus operandi. From day one, i never trusted… Read more »

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


When you are severely driven to your death
You are practically being outright murdered
There’s no need to search for deeper depth
Even if ‘accidental’ loss of life is indirectly ordered
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Fri.22nd Jul.2011.


Incompetent officials! This government has lost all political integrity and dignity. We don’t are now left to suffocate under weight of their (govt)instituitions!


Nazri, … and all your UMNO … are shame to the nation!..To cover the truth…


Suicide, my …!

Knocked off a building through a small opening by a flying mosquito is accident. Why did (they) think it’s suicide?


Reading the other parts of news on the RCI report, I find it strange as the suicide conclusion is not consistent with the rest. Is it possible that

1. The RCI is trying to block further actions by making this suicide conclusion?
2. This suicide conclusion was not an initial RCI conclusion but inserted (later)?

Whatever it is these 5 men’s reputation is tarred for the rest of their lives.


I recall watching a korean drama, in the story the male lead had a grudge against some people and he set out on revenge. In one scene, he lured a lady (his enemy’s lover) to the top of the building. And menacingly, step by step, he forced her towards the ledge of the building and eventually she fell to her death. The police who investigated her death ruled that it was sucide. Was it?


This is BolehLand judiciary in action ???


So now it is confirmed that it is not a crime to force someone to commit suicide in this country. I am sure many would-be murderers are happy to know that.


I smell a politically-sensitive forced conclusion. I have my severe doubts that such a decision will stand the test of time, unless it is widely adopted as part of the tissue of lies that forms the fabric of Malaysia’s fantastic ‘reality’. Nazri’s statement in parliament is unmistakeably “And so lah-de-dah-de-dah, tum-te-tum-te-tum, bish bash bosh, there it is”. What’s next – Bruno Manser is still at large in the jungle and MI5 has disclosed his terrorist training in the use of C4 to kill oriental women? If this is to form part of a children’s book of 1Malaysia in order to… Read more »


That means 2 separate commit suicides at 2 separate MACC Buildings within 2 years is believably commonplace?
It’s like saying the moon turns Blue full moon twice in a month!…

Phua Kai Lit

And “aggressive questioning” is OK too?

Another term for “enhanced interrogation” (also known as torture) ?

Phua Kai Lit

Assuming what the RCI claims is the truth:

Let’s see,

Adolf Hitler forced General Erwin Rommel to commit suicide.
And then gave him a military hero’s funeral.

So, Hitler is not culpable for Rommel’s suicide?


I feel disgusted with the RCI First, it should not exonerate MACC. MACC is guilty as hell, no matter how the RCI worded it. Secondly the RCI do not have the guts to call the truth. I am disgusted with this BN govt. May the force be with us. We shall throw them to the garbage dump (in the next GE).


If RCI spells the truth and nothing but the truth, more hideous heads outside of MACC will roll!
Can we recall the sequence of events before the unfortunate suspected murder or was-it-death-fall of TBH?
The vouch with lava-red face of Pinky Lips to retake Selangor just like Perak fiasco?
BTW, Pinky Lips was overseas while the dirty job was being executed at home.

Anyway, TBH gave me this incisive ‘dream revelation’ for my own analysis and curiosity benefit.


RCI findings are just opinions of people who are not witness, not facts.

TBH’s family can, however, now sue MACC for using ‘aggresive interrogation’ techniques and not following SOP.

If ony Khir Toyol was subjected to such aggressive interrogation….


Sufficient Evidence to sue MACC? Note that TBH was a witness and not a suspect. Abuse of power led to forced suicide.
Some money to help the wife and child if they can win the case.


The RCI said; “A senior Selangor anti-graft officer launched a full-scale fund abuse investigation solely on an informant’s “mere belief” and without supporting facts,….” This contradicts the usual MACC excuse when high profile cases are either not investigated or deliberately delayed. They often cite lack of report, evidence or confidentiality to drag their feet. But here is the complete opposite. So what prompted this “enthusiam”? But if one reads between the lines, I think we all know who directed the MACC to go to any lengths to find wrongdoing with the Selangor PR Govt. to “win back Selangor at any… Read more »

Gerakan K

Oh, that was a suicide case.


Anyway who fall from MAAC building are always suicide.

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥

😥 💡 GODS 💡 knows every of those B-eNd … macc (officers) evil wrongdoing…….many will CURSE them…..until their coming generation…..TBH soul will not rest in peace!!!!!!! 😥

Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥