Beng Hock alive when he landed: Pathologist


1430: Prashant now backs the suicide theory.

1225: University of Malaya lecturer and pathologist Dr Prashant has testified that Beng Hock was alive when he hit the ground feet first, followed quickly by the buttocks, according to Malaysian Insider tweets from the inquest.

The white chalky substance on Beng Hock’s right shoe was from the ground.

Prashant estimated that Beng Hock died between eight and 12 hours before his visit to the site at 7.15pm that day.

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Beng Hock alive when he landed: Pathologist: 1430: Prashant now backs the suicide theory.
1225: University of M..


Until now we don’t even know who are the interrogating officers that were involved. No pictures no nothing. Strange way to handle this case but again this is Malaysia. Land of the Apanama.


Dr Ramanathan, practice medicine because u cannot practice politics…..

Dr. Ramanathan

What do you think is the reason Teoh Beng Hock jumoped to his death? Why was his boss not thoroughly investigated?

the Triads are known to have inflitrated all levels of society in Malaysia. Could the pervasivness of this sinsiter movement into government been a reason the many jumped?

Why would his family approach a Prime Minister of a government in which “they do not have any faith” to obtain a birth certificate for Teoh’s son?

Too many unanswered questions….

Dr. Ramanathan

Dear Anil it is a pity that Teoh Beng Hocks death was a spectale for the ill informed and sensaationalist lawyers and the DAp to make capital out of. Nothing will have been achieved at the end. Karpal will continue to swagger in his wheel chair seeking pity and attentin when he is unable to advocate and advance a matter on legal principles alone. Malaysia is full of legal practitioners the majority of whom know little about the law promote not the causes of their clients but instead use their clients and their causes as platforms to glorify their undignified… Read more »

Gopal Raj Kumar

Beofre we clamour to decide the whats and hows of Teoh Beng Hock’s demise, its important to look outside the list of ‘ususal suspects’ like the MACC and address the sinsiter motives of ‘do gooders’ like Raja Petra Kamaruddin and the circumstances surrounding that Mystery Letter.

This is a good starting point. We have to balance all of our views and criticisms by begining with our ‘heroes’. To not do so is to invite tyranny of the righteous.

Gopal Raj Kumar

people power

… what is more intriguing and interesting is how the police decided to use Dr Prashant S. Ambekar to conduct the post mortem. Now that is a food for thought, you may actually believe everything is true in the post mortem report as it done by Dr Ambekar based on the credibility that he had build on Kugan’s case. That is one tough question, don’t you think so? Suddenly the good Doctor who disputed the findings in Kugan is now the appointed doctor for TBH for the government. Doesn’t this sound too fishy? I don’t mean to insinuate anything here… Read more »


I am extremely curious as to why Dr Prashant was ‘booked’ or recruited by the Police for this inquest.

First, they raided his office after his much acclaimed post mortem report on Kugan was publicised and took away some of his documents.

Then, just before he was due to testify he, mysteriously, felt ill together with Dr Khairul and then both recovered,just as mysteriously, at about the same time(which was only after a short while).

What a fishy coincidence!I thought.

…. you don’t simply employ someone whose office you have just raided without raising any suspicion, do you?


The two doctors seem to be pushing for suicide and looking for evidence to support their pre-formed hypothesis while ignoring any evidence which does not fit such as the broken wrist watch, the mark on the waist caused by the belt, the facial injuries, the marks on his buttocks, the scratches on his hand, the abrasion of the shoe, etc. All these tell a different story of a man under pressure and trying not to fall. Why are the 2 doctors doing this? … The most the doctors should say is that he jumped himself instead of speculating suicide. This… Read more »


This whole business of the RCI and Inquest into the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock is nothing but a farce… I (predict they will) find the perpetrators innocent and conclude that a young man, for no apparent reason whatsoever, simply decided to kill himself on the day of his marriage.


(Maybe) Dr. Prashant guy will now make a U-turn and say Kugan committed suicide too?


The MACC and PDRM (appear to) have already concluded that it was suicide, but we all know that one cannot make the evidence to support just any conclusion,the evidence will lead to the truth. In this case, too many evidences are either not collected or left out, and I believe the crime scene was already compromised with ‘too many visits’ before the place was properly processed, either delibrately or due to imcompetence. With no prints on the window frame, pane, one can only conclude that TBH ‘dived’ down to commit suicide, if he indeed chose to die. The evidence from… Read more »

Cool Observer

I stringly believe they made they have already made conclusion as “suicide” and just work backwards to gather all supporting evidences (and reject/bypass all non-supporting evidences) to build up the case. But some .. witnesses showed weaknesses when grill. E.g. the policeman said no finger prints could be taken as the window panes are very dusty. Come on, if the window pane is dusty, there will be imprint or finger marks right?



if he was alive when he jumped and there was no sign of struggle, have they consider that he might be forced to jump? remember he is only 1 person, all alone and those MACC officers interrogating him… how many? 4? 8? 10?

whatever the outcome, MACC must bear responsibility….

R.Prem Kumar

Prashant is stating the obvious- TBH was alive when he hit the ground- legs first.. the question is was he shoved, released or went to his death leap all of his own. It occurs to me quite odd that a husband to be; a dad to be would choose to depart in such a manner without suicide note and with his handphone in someone else’s possession.


Good morning Anil,

I have been searching for an update on the Kg Buah Pala date with the Court on 18th . Any chance you know what happened.


if its suicide, why wait until the macc people call for “interview” and then jump down form their building. why only chose the macc building?

come on as what my young son always say ” what do you take me for? do you think i am retarded/stupid?” we are not so gullible as to believe this..


Alive!! may be, but UNCONSCIOUS could be…..which is which Prashant?


God know I have seem so many CSI seasons from Las Vegas to Miami and New York and what-not. IMHO, I think I can deliver better judgment and verdict than the two experts. As a matter of fact, methinks the majority of Malaysians have the same feeling. Seessh.

2nd class

When Dr Prashant did the post mortem for Kugan, he is the hero. WHy suddenly he is now no hero anymore.

Leong Yook Kong

The tremendous pains and sufferings endured by TBH and for how long should be very unbearable during the time of his death. What wrong had he done to deserve such pains and sufferings? Therefore, TBH should not die in vain. We want justice for TBH.


Why the heck Suicide?!! Is there even any conclusive evidence to support this!? All signs show he’s not even a suicidal person and these so called Drs kept speculating “Suicide”….


If Teoh was alive when he fell why was there no signs of struggle? Suicide can be ruled out!


It’s true that injuries on a dead body will not cause haemorrhaging or blood clots but the good doctor should not discount the possibility that they could have been formed when (and if) Teoh was beaten in the MACC office.


IF he did jump down from the 14th floor window, his shoe and hand print will be clearly visible around the window because according to a police officer the window is dusty. Dont tell me that he just dive down without holding on to anything…like diving into a pool????. I think anyone who went in on Wednesday and left on thursday after 5am (the estimated time of death) should be questioned thoroughly….like checking their handphone log,land line log, sms log and their psychological behavior. Those going in on wednesday and left on thursday after 5am can be easily identified from… Read more »