Batang Ai: BN does not practise discrimination?


The BN claims it does not practise discrimination in dishing out projects. Oh yeah? Read these news snippets and form your own conclusions.

BN does not practise discrimination: Masing

Borneo Post, April 1, 2009

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Dato Sri Dr James Masing said the Barisan Nasional (BN) does not practise ‘pilih kasih’ (favouritism) when it comes to disbursing funds for projects or allocating projects.

NCR land devt aimed at helping owners

Borneo Post, April 3, 2009

…On the by-election, Gramong said it was very important for the voters to make the right choice. He said the BN government, since 1963, had been faithfully dishing out development projects like schools, health centres, hospitals, roads, water and power supplies not only to towns but also rural areas. He said a lot could be achieved if they voted for the BN.

“Vote the opposition and you will be in the political wilderness. Your representative will be sitting with the other opposition members, shouting to have their voices heard. They will be blaming and criticising others for their own shortcomings and failures,” he said.

Muhyiddin announced an allocation of over RM1 billion for the development of basic amenities and infrastructure in Sabah and Sarawak.

Borneo Post, April 5th, 2009

Muhyiddin said from his meetings with community leaders and headmen in Batang Ai, he felt confident that the people supported the BN and its aspiration to develop Batang Ai through a new elected representative. He said the prevailing issues in Batang Ai were basic necessities like roads and other infrastructure, which only the BN could provide.

“If the people support the PKR candidate, they will not get anything because they do not have the ability to deliver and furthermore, it is not an indigenous party in Sarawak and I feel that the people really want a BN representative there.”

And from what he had gathered yesterday, he believed that Mussen, though a greenhorn, had an “excellent” chance of winning.

BN needs strong convincing margin to develop Btg Ai, says Taib
By Churchill Edward, Borneo Post, April 6, 2009

LUBOK ANTU: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday called on the Batang Ai electorate to ensure Barisan Nasional’s (BN) victory with a wider margin when they cast their votes tomorrow.

The Sarawak BN chairman said that if the coalition won but did not have a strong mandate in Batang Ai, the constituency could still experience a slow pace of development.

“A strong and convincing victory for BN is important for the people because we are working for the people and therefore we need their support,” he told reporters after the earth breaking ceremony for the new Giat Mara centre here.

Taib said anything less than a convincing margin could mean that some people would “be led in different ways”.

“Such people get agitated because they cannot achieve what they want and then this same old story (of slow development pace) repeats itself again,” he said.

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23 Apr 2009 1.51pm

no discrimination, ahah…..if u see down town into urban areas there’s a lot things (dev) unseen. For example….road conecting to rural areas…..somes areas almost for 50 yrs already the same as before with holes here and there. Even some nearby areas to the city, there’s cries from the people need electricity until now there’s no respons from the authority. The rep of the area (YB) never cares about it..not even during election. But cried here and there seeking for support from such people saying that only BN can do the job. Should all these happen after 50 years saying the… Read more »

9 Apr 2009 4.42pm

u should say that not only to Anwar, but also to federals gov. ur comment is dripping with racism..

8 Apr 2009 10.35pm

i am from sarawak and i am very proud being a sarawakian. if you semenanjung people come to sarawak to buat kacau like anwar did…


7 Apr 2009 2.02pm

Everytime they are given a strong majority, nothing happens. Then the people still believe. kah kah …. Rubbish.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
7 Apr 2009 12.45am


Let your voice be heard through your vote
With your own choice through your note
So that you may rejoice with what you dote
Without the price of voting merely by rote

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 070409
Tue. 7th Apr. 2009.

6 Apr 2009 11.00pm

anil …your reporting is beginning to get stale …come on man … buck it up!

6 Apr 2009 10.05pm

Monetary tactic – same old electoral goodie trying to buy voters’ hearts. Come on, voters, you have seen enough of the dirty BN’s political rhetorics, don’t be fooled by these ramen noodles promises. BN’s victory means a strong support to Mahathirism!

Please vote for Pakatan Rakyat!

6 Apr 2009 9.54pm

Follow the way we Penangites voted. KICK out the BN. The federal funds are for the Malaysians to share. You think the federal fund is ‘lu punya bapak punya???’ BN leaders please take note….’DONT THREATEN THE VOTERS !!!’

Pangkis Pangazou
6 Apr 2009 9.40pm

BN memang tidak pilih kasih! Ha ha ha… kelakar betul.

6 Apr 2009 9.39pm

How many times do we have to listen to ” only BN can provide development” bull s…..

The people want change and are sick and tired of umno/bn’s corrupt way….we say enough is enough.

Pangkis Pangazou
6 Apr 2009 9.31pm

Oh yes… BN does not practice discrimination, they are a fair lot. What bulls… is this? A fair government will develop the underdeveloped regardless of political alignment. A fair government will assist the poor regardless of race or religion. A fair government will distribute the wealth of the nation equally. A fair government will RESPECT the rakyat…. even though the rakyat voted for the opposition. So, BN “tidak pilih kasih” my foot! Dear BN… the rakyat is no longer blinded by your sweet-talk and intimidation. Vote for change my Batang Ai brothers/sisters. We need change and change we must. Agi… Read more »