Bagan Pinang: Congrats to the BN!


Congrats to the BN! It finally broke the Pakatan’s winning streak on the peninsula. There will be much rejoicing in the mainstream media about how the tide has turned.

But at what cost?

In its desperation to win in its own stronghold, Umno put up a popular local candidate whom its own party disciplinary board had found guilty of “money politics” (let’s call a spade a spade and refer to it as corruption). A candidate who perhaps best reflects the ethos of the party – at a time when the MCA itself is in utter disarray following the PKFZ debacle.

What message does this send out about “1Malaysia” and “1World”? We might as well disband the MACC…

Says an observer who was closely following the by-election campaign:

I feel sad for the nation. It has gone three steps backwards after leaping two steps into a new era of  non-partisan politics and nation building.

The electoral process is back to ‘door gifts’ (who said money politics?), same old racial and religious platforms, the questionable postal votes system, new swimming pool, use of government machinery to win.  Even TM and Tengku Razaleigh recognised the wrong choice of candidate and the message it would send out….

“But who cares … as long as we win.”

(Meanwhile) the MCA will  be buried in the mud of PKFZ… (and Samy is finished too).

The Elections Commission appeared more interested in removing party paraphernelia and symbols on polling day instead of clamping down on the obvious abuses during the campaign period such as the promise to turn Port Dickson into an Army Town with all kinds of facilities. It seemed more interested in picking out the fly in the soup than chasing away the 600-pound gorilla in the kitchen.

OneMalaysia indeed.

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chomelwangi & hubby

BN is too happy. Let it be. BN guy said PKR is Anwar and NO Anwar NO PKR. Whatever lah. Once we were BN great supporters BUT stopped in 1998. Insyaallah, we will go for PKR forever dengan izin ALLAH.

Be Positive

Ok, folks, it is nice to hear the voices of so many of us, with all our assertions with the rout the PR suffered in Bagan Pinang. Firstly, let us not be discouraged, but instead understand that Bagan Pinang is a BN fortress, but PR had faulted far too many times, PAS, DAP and PKR. Let us look forward to better times and fight as one. The status quo is still the same in Negri Sembilan. No actual loss for PR really, but such routing should not be allowed to occur because it demoralises and will continue to be discussed… Read more »

Charlie Oscar

Dear Anil,

Apprently, there is NO DEMOCRACY in Malaysia!!!
Yet, there are so many Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) MPs in Parliament!
So far, the by-election score is PR 7 – BN 2!
It a wonder, where did DEMOCRACY come from?
PR think when they WIN, it’s DEMOCRACY. When LOST, NO DEMOCRACY!!!
People with this mentality are so SAD!!!


PR, when you win, you never blame anything ie postal votes, briberies etc…but when you lose, you r such a sour grape…its good to lose once a while so you can reflect your weakness too else you too (PR) become arrogant…and Tian Chua, pls don’t belittle the poor rural areas by classifying us as bribe-ready! who are you to tell you…i used to support PR but if Tian Chua can put such a low remarks on the rural people, I am against it and my next vote in PRU13 will go to BN! Its all because of you Tian Chua… Read more »


PR people like Tian Chuan is not a true politician, he was a street fighter minus political wise unlike Anwar Ibrahim.


So I see that PAS’s so called Sarawakian ignorant ‘cawat’ or loin cloth political mentality also exists in W Malaysia?


This is a wake-up for PR that non-bumi supports to them is not automatic and unconditional choice.

DAP under LGE has failed Indian community in Kampung Buah Pala issue while PAS talibanization has put off many Chinese

On top of that PKR corrupt and no-principle politicians have casted doubt and no trust from the rakyats.
Votes in Bagan Pinang have answered call from DAP idiotic supporters that go vote BN if you people do not like DAP.

Phua Kai Lit

Hi K “BN had been running Malaysia for 52 years and we are no Nigeria or Zimbabwe. As such, your statement defies logic. Care to explain ?” I actually said it is a “milestone” on the road to a failed state. Another sign of the further degradation of our political system and institutions. In your heart of hearts, putting political partisanship aside, do you honestly think that getting someone like this elected into high political office is good for the nation in the long run? “As a supporter of civil society and democracy shouldn’t you be respecting the wishes of… Read more »


We wake up everyday, hoping to understand and to know what the PR State Government in Penang has in store for its folks, but instead what we got to read, are their opposition and confrontational stands. Just when are they going to start governing and performing and start serving the Rakyat? Just when are you going to start working? It had been 18 months, just when are you going to start? Remember in the next GE, the opposition today will come out with their guns blazing. You are the Government and the roles had been reversed! We voted you in… Read more »


For all the stupid in-fighting that PR chose to engage in and over-politiking that they like to engage in , PR deserved to lose. BN deserved to win for playing out a shrewd strategies that captures the hearts of the people of BP. However, we have to admit a corrupt people will have the type of government they deserved. We may not be like Zimbabwe which is an over-statement, we are neither anywhere near to Singapore, our closest neighbor, so don’t be so proud about our ‘achievements’, Mr. K.


As Najib said, the people accepted 1Malaysia. I say the People of Bagan Pinang accepted your money,goodies and promised development projects. And I can safely equates 1Malaysia=bribery and corruption.

PR the Liar

Well ….Congrat to BN for winning the election. A Big majority shows that people reject a leader with a twisted toungue.Well after reading PR the liar Blogs…i found that they can’t accept the defeat.They are accusing the BN for thir defeat…
PR the Liar …your days are numbered and BN will take all the states in the next GE…

Well Done BN

Phua Kai Lit

Another milestone on Malaysia’s journey to
a sub-Saharan Africa-type failed state.

So, BN regime wants to turn Malaysia into another Nigeria?


Phua BN had been running Malaysia for 52 years and we are no Nigeria or Zimbabwe. As such, your statement defies logic. Care to explain ? As a supporter of civil society and democracy shouldn’t you be respecting the wishes of the people of BP instead of being yet another sour-grapes apologist ? PR better of doing a post-mortem than going on a hyper-spin mode to offer excuses and run down the people of BP and BN’s victory. If you stand for democracy, one needs to accept victory as well as defeat. Only cheerleaders of dictatorship would only want victories… Read more »


I must admit I am a solid supporter of the opposition since the days of Semangat 46, and needless to say, with the formation of the pact between the PKR, PAS and DAP, I finally thought, there is a chance for Malaysia with a two party system in place, but sad to say, I am but sad and dispirited with the constant bickerings amongst the PR parties. Honestly, I had never been happier than when I read from Anil’s blog that the PR was routed in Bagan Pinang. If you sow the seed of discontent, you harvest the fruits of… Read more »

Charlie Oscar

Dear Anil, Congratulations to the RAKYAT of Bagan Pinang for making a firm decision!!! They have chosen a ADUN who will be able to serve ALL the people of BP, including the oppositions! ALL the 8 Districts and the Postal-voters, are in favour of the BN ADUN!!! The Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) leaders and supporters are now calling the RAKYAT of Bagan Pinang as POOR, UNEDUCATED, ILLITERATE, IGNORANT, GULLIBLE, etc…!!! This is a real INSULT to the people of BP and Malaysians in General!!! It also shows that PR CANNOT accept DEMOCRACY in Malaysia when they talk so much about DEMOCRACY!!!… Read more »


what do you mean by democracy. Every day during campaign period, All TV channels, All local newspapers only give coverage for BN propagandas. No voices given to PAS except for negative news. BN blatant abuse of govt machinery and public funds by openly campaigning for ISA during the so-called Hari Raya Open house. BN bribery at its peak…giving cash,saree, flour, swimming pool , futsal courts and loads of other goodies.

Fight on a level playing field, and I can bet you BN will … in their pants through out the campaign period.


The silent majority had spoken, why the hue and cry? Something must be seriously wrong with PR, that in such a short span of time, Malaysians of all races are ditching them like men with plagues. Anyway, there is no point for us, commoners, to ask the YB of PR to sit up and start performing. Remember, Malaysians cepat lupa, and in the next GE, PR will be wiped out. LGE? You gotta perform man, like a CM, not an opposition YB. Remember you are a CM,and you are the Government in Penang, forget about what the past Government had… Read more »


lets not be sour grapes.

we now know its ok to be corrupt and win big.

let it be. its up to PR to work harder to keep our votes.

if Hassan continues with his diatribe, just vote BN ok.


Anil, good job at Bagan Pinang live coverage yesterday.


Please respect Bagan Pinang voters for making BN won. Their choice, they spoke out.

Its a simple town, they are not complicated in life style unlike some of us in big cities, they still eat, still drink water, same life goes on.

For PR,its time do reality self check.
DAP…start respecting other races and religions, even in Penang when Malays still 41% of the population.

chinese malaysian

a blessing in disguise for Pakatan they will have to work more harder as a team/coalition
in confronting an awaken BN…

to all the 10 DAP adun of NS….
this is a wake up call…
without the Malay vote DAP is nothing….next general election
NS DAP / West Malaysia will be totally wipe out unless they start approaching/engaging/respecting the Malays who are the majority in NS/Malaysia

Oh Oh

Now that NAJIB had managed to convince & regain the trust of most Malay & Indian voters, the only task remaining is to focus on getting back the Chinese voters.

With MCA in major disarray, I believe NAJIB will come up with a plan to either revamp or replace MCA with a new party.

Pakatan Rakyat is indeed in DANGER!!!


Hello Anil,

According to Malaysiakini report, it says Bagan Pinang win is all due to the candidate & NOT the party. Do you agree with this?

If yes, isn’t it correct to say a tainted candidate is mightier than Pakatan Rakyat who constantly say they will fight for this & that for the rakyat?

I’m confused & if things go this way, ain’t it a better choice to have BN back as our Federal & State Govt?


No, Confused. BN is already our Fed govt. We need to throw them out in the next GE (that’s General Election). And depending on which state you are in, you could already be in a PR (that’s Pakatan Rakyat) state, so you need to still vote PR in the next GE.


That’s it!

I’m throwing my support behind Parti Sosialis Malysia!

Oh wait … ‘workers’ … will I have to actually get a job?


I think the moralising that Isa was a corrupted man and as such UMNO’s victory is tainted sounds patronising and an insult the BP electorate. Firstly he was found guilty of money politics by his party and was punished for it and not by the criminal justice system. Secondly he had undegone the ban. Even those sentenced by the criminal justice system are allowed to stand for election (like Anwar and LGE). Whether he can be forgiven best left to the elctrorate of BP and based on the result of the by-election, the voters do think that Isa had paid… Read more »

Ju Jin

Well said, TOKZ!!!

Very frank, honest & intelligent comments!!!


Rasuah dan tipu memang BERSALAH, Macam mana kami nak undi dan PANGKAH?, Pakatan Rakyat tipu manakala Isa Samad MERASUAH, Tapi Bagan Pinang tolak tipu dan undi sokong RASUAH. Pakatan Rakyat kalah pasal suka TIPU, Tak henti fitnah dan tipu sejak DAHULU, Mereka ingat fikiran rakyat semacam orang ULU? Padan muka sekarang kalah… Isa Samad mungkin jahat dan suka RASUAH, Tapi dia masih menang dengan MARUAH, Isa Samad tunjuk Pakatan Rakyat jalan KELUAR, Orang Bagan Pinang marah Pakatan Rakyat si CELAKA. Pakatan Rakyat sekarang sedih penuh KASIHAN, Sedih sampai tak tahu cari ALASAN, Kenapa nak cabar BN yang GEMILANG?, Bila rugi… Read more »