Bad news for Mr KPI


Whichever way you look at it, Idris Jala’s appointment as “KPI” minister must be bad news for the other “KPI” minister, Koh Tsu Koon. A friend sent me a text message, with a pointed observation: “looks like ktk is surplus to requirements”, never mind that Idris is supposed to “report” to Tsu Koon on “KPI” issues.

The news comes as the Kg Buah Pala villagers stand on the brink of losing their village. No thanks to Mr KPI for allowing the land to be sold under his watch – and then remaining largely silent about what actually transpired back then while the villagers agonise ahead of demolition day.

So now we have two “KPI” ministers as the Cabinet bloats up again. “Performance now”, huh?

Perhaps one of the first “KPIs” Idris should look at is the 30 per cent target. (No, I’m not referring to the NEP.) To find out which 30 per cent I mean, read this piece I wrote after the Permatang Pasir by-election. Perhaps our country wouldn’t be in such a mess if this particular group achieves parity.

PENANG, Malaysia, Aug 26 (IPS) – Yet another by-election is over in Malaysia.

Tuesday night, a candidate from the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance or PR) defeated a candidate from the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition in a semi-rural constituency on mainland Penang. That brought the by-election tally to 7-1 in favour of the PR since the last general election in March 2008.

These by-elections are important barometers of public opinion. The opposition Alliance is hoping the by-election momentum will catapult it to victory in the next general election after it deprived the BN, which has ruled the country for 52 years, of its coveted two-thirds majority in Parliament last year.

But there is one glaring statistic… Full article here.

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If really Idris Jala have to report to Koh, that means Koh is most POWERFUL minister in cabinet in history! Ministers only report to Pm or DPM! Are we aware of this?

Azizul Jaafar

KTK aside, Idris Jala’s achievements should not be looked down on. I think it would be fair to give him a chance in doing the job, the only thing is that politics might get the best of him. Whichever way you look at it, Idris has had a significant impact on MAS’ turnaround and hopefully he can do the same with KPI’s by employing private sector work ethics into the government.


Idris Jala has already running out of ideas on how to keep MAS afloat in the economy crisis as well as minimize the effect of agreesive expansion of Air Asia.

Perhaps it is time for him to step down as CEO of MAS to prevent further damage to his professional manager status, as it is obvious that MAS would not have the ability to challege Air Asia judging from the current economy situation.


Idris Jala to my opinion is not doing any good in MAS. Profits are not true operating profits but more from the sales of old aircrafts with big written down book value (called depreciation). By selling off old aircraft, new planes need to be purchase as replacement and this cause MAS debt to balloned which is not highlighted in the media. So to pull him out from MAS (he being a pure sarawakian) the govt need to place him somewhere better or at least at the same level so as not to sow discontent among the Dayak of Sarawak. So… Read more »


The most malu part about BN lost was PR candidate was a lightweight – the man lost so many fimes before..And he won with one of the biggest margin…


Look at the sectors for kpi, they can all be manipulated to look good. They are not verifiable or visible or have no direct impact on the rakyat. Why no KPIs and targets for reducing costs of good, increase bring home income, reducing taxes, even on public transport like increasing taxis, buses on the road? These have direct impact and can be measurable by you and me. These KPIs are what we want to have, right? but the gomen choose not to include them. Why? because these KPIs cannot be hidden and if manipulated will be obvious to you and… Read more »


Anil. Don’t be so happy about the end of by-elections. There is a another coming soon, within 1-2 months. This time in Selangor. An act of god again.So get your notebook computer and mobile broadband ready.

Itam Man

Najib should just sack this KTK guy. Afterall, nobody is going to complain or protest about it. And there’s no votes to lose for sacking KTK. Is it because KTK has got some dirty secrets to tell if he get sacked outright?


Hello FenceSitter, be happy that you folks are known as tree dwellers. The BN gomen have allowed the developers to chop away all our trees here, and the hills are all levelled flat like a plain in many areas! The famous Batu Caves used to be one big hill full of caves. Now it is only part of a small hill. Even the Perak Caves have been chopped away by the quarries until it is now a fraction of its former glory. And as for urban KL, we are now known as land of landslides as the developers cut off… Read more »


We dont need KPI for the old boys..

We need a Complete overhaul with new KPI for
all the new kids in the House.

New kid in town-Eagle.


… Beat me till death also i wont leave! Thats what KTK (seems to be telling) NAJIB!


This man from the land of tree dwellers (we still live on trees is what you w. msian think, rite?)have managed to turn mas around and now KPI minister? I hope
the guy who replace him in mas can do better than us tree dwellers.


As a boss, if you have a “useless”, “spineless” & “bodohless” man in your team…….

For sure you’ll need to hire a “smart” man to hold the “spineless” fella….!!!

Well, since “he” can’t be sacked, just play along with it lah….!!!
Till he get’s the bosses drift…!!!

I wonder….
How can a man, after all….. these years be “spineless” & “useless” & still keep doing it…??????????

Pala Richie

KTK will not be bother with this small thing. He has not been bother being called as political eunuch either. Maybe he requested it, he is more intersted to accompany Rosmah and MuyuDin to official or private function. He likes to be Public Relation Minister. KPI stuff is not suitable for him, b’coz he is direction-less, he find himself always end up in holland. Idris Jala is direction-ness, b’coz he is CEO for MAS, You can’t fly an earoplan without direction. He is Captain to captains, he fits well. So if KPI set the direction for malaysia, then you need… Read more »


Idris Jala, the Baba, will do all the donkey work while Ali, the political eunuch KTK, gets to enjoy gaji buta.

This is classic rent-seeking, Ali Baba style.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

On second thoughts, maybe we shouldn’t be cruzifying KTK too much – see how he makes BN commit ‘hara kiri’ every time this political eunuch goes campaigning in by-elections – the people simply couldn’t stand his shamelessness! No backbone, no credibility as proven once again by his being a ‘backdoor’ minister, now even worse when a ‘second minister’ is appointed to oversee his ministerial work – what a big vote of confidence on his capabilities!

Pakatan should thank KTK for BN/UMNO for shooting their own foot for always using KTK – it just alienates more and more Malaysians!!


Haha! Sean… Brometre’ is in French for Barometer (in English and American spelling) which is just the instrument for measuring Atomospheric pressure. It can measure atmospheric pressure both in Metric or Imperial standards.


When I heard the news my first reaction was how dumb our gomen is. This is to tell the world this Koh Tsu Koon is … lazy …. and Idris Jala is being kicked out from MAS. It would be better to admit Koh … cannot perform, sack him and replace him with Idris Jala. At least it does not look so bad.

But who’s going to head MAS? Omar Ong?

Leong Yook Kong

Of course, this is bad news for the backdoor KPI minister. This bad news is an early hint to the backdoor KPI minister. We do not know how he will take the hint or the bomb shell. What say you, Mr. KPI?


Shame … MALU is one word KTK is too thick skin to admit or even understand.
Wonder how he rate his OWN KPI !


He (KOH)should resign now for kampung pala & by election in Permatang area.Thank you CM keep it up and make Penang as a FREE PORT.


Wasting public fund…. CHANGE is the only hope Malaysians have.

Leong Yook Kong

The backdoor listed and “people rejected” KPI minister, your days are out numbered. Since your appointment through the backdoor until now, we have yet to see your performance. Where are the KPI reports on the ministers? Dare you give a bad report to certain ministers? The KPI post is redundant.

Better resign and return to Penang to face the villagers of Kampung Buah Pala. They need your performance.

Andrew I

KP nuts.


I wonder if Idris Jala appointment is to remove him from MAS (he potong jalan of many people to riches previously available from Tajuddin time) or to downgrade Dr Koh.

Basically you don’t need so many people to collect KPI data if the role of the ministry is only to gather data (otherwise the PM or DPM should head the KPI ministry). It’s also more effective to get experts (ie. consultants) to monitor performance for feeding back to the PM than to have 2 chiefs running a ministry to collect data.