Australian satellite image shows debris in waters off Perth


Could this be a breakthrough? A number of objects have been spotted 2500km south-west of Perth; the largest one is 24m long.

The distance from Perth to Penang is 4461 km or 2772 miles. Flying time from Penang to Perth would be about five and a half hours assuming an average commercial airline speed of 500mph and depending on wind speeds. Then there is the added distance to reach the south-west of Perth. So if this was the plane, it could have been in the area after 8.00am, but it may not have had enough fuel to reach that area.

Link to the statement from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

The Syndey Morning Herald reports:

  • That AMSA press conference has now wrapped up. Here’s a few of the key points to emerge.
  • Commercial satellites have captured images of several large objects in the ocean off Western Australia.
  • The images were analysed this morning and thought to be credible enough to warrant a full-scale search by aircraft and ships for the objects in the belief they may be debris from missing flight MH370.
  • The objects are around 2500km south-west of Perth.
  • The largest of the objects is up to 24 metres long.
  • One RAAF aircraft is already at the location. A further three aircraft have been sent to the area, including a New Zealand Air Force Orion and a US Navy P8 Poseidon aircraft.
  • It is not unusual to see debris floating in the ocean. Containers are sometimes adrift after falling overboard, for instance.
  • There is no guarantee the objects are from the missing flight, but this is the best lead search authorities have had so far.
    It is not known when the objects will be physically located.
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Reminder to those who speculate the “far far away redirect path”. – The sea is HUGE dimension. It is beyond most sophisticate equipment can reach so far. – Search by Navy sonar means little, not even 1000 submarine operation in the area for DECADES. Under water stream, salt water layer can deflect sonar and make stuff invisible. – it took YEARS for expert to find Titanic,a ship that is 10 times bigger than Boeing 777 and make of steel.. Even south China sea is “shallow”, it is just a relative term. – The coordinate of Titanic sunk is well drafted,… Read more »

Rich Daddy

I cannot agree with your points when it seems logical. Why you are not defending the Malaysian Sar Teams earlier but only speak out when the incompetent Australian Sar Teams failed at the given mission ???

When western / English speaking countries failed, then you suddenly so understandable, considerate and speaking some sense but condemn like a stupid person when our Sars Teams or other Asian Sar team (eg Vietnam) failed at the given mission ???

Why huh ???


Perhaps you should retract those “comment” make by me and pin point those “condemn”. Why should I “defend” those WTH you talk about “team” when there is freaking no facts to talk about?

It seems there is no less government apologist here than those critique without facts.

Rich Daddy

I think Australia should give up the SAR leadership in that area. Let other to take over the SAR works there. The Australian SAR teams are clueless, incompetent, slow and irresponsible for announcing some unverified information which potentially harming the SAR works in other areas. They are clogging the SAR resources. Even US Poseidon aircraft also didn’t find anything in that area. Wasting SAR resources on unverified claim of MH370 debris.

The Australian PM should apologize to MH370 crews and passengers families / friends. He was giving false hope to them. So mean and inconsiderate.

Rich Daddy

Why nobody questioning the competency of Australia SAR teams ??? Why no news after so many hours ??? Is it because Australia is western nation / English speaking country, so we blindly believe they are the best ??? Why nobody questioning Australia whether they are hiding information regarding to MH370 ??? So many hours already, why no news of the debris ??? Are they destroying the evidence ??? Why nobody throwing bottles at Australia PC ??? Is it time for us to stage some hunger strike because of Australia SAR teams incompetency or possibly they are hiding the findings of… Read more »


Ah Soon Kor, do you think Captain Zaharie is the culprit because our dear tunglang with his ” intelligent ” analysis points the finger at him. Wonder that is fair to the pilot and his family in time like this.

Dont mind, would like to hear your view and others as well. Tq!

Ong Eu Soon

The story of MH370 flew over Andaman Sea now has been proven a mistake. This morning I posted a few comments in, some of them were censored within half an hour. Quite unusual for westerner to do so. This afternoon, I received news that US considered the allegation that MH370 flew over Andaman Sea is a mistake. Search operation near India will be stop and reversed to the point of origin.

Ong Eu Soon

US have just confirmed that the Indian ocean search might be a mistake, will reverse to the original point for search after I question about the accuracy of the detection of MH370 at strait of Melacca . Now there is news of wreckage near Australia waiting to be confirmed.

Kok Keong

Yes “breakthrough” for the investigators after 12 days of emptiness. But if you are a relative of a passenger on the lost airliner it means the plane had crashed somewhere and, after 12 days, the passengers likely would not survive. Even if the debris is connected to the MH370, things would have moved so much since 12 days ago that there is still the vast Indian Ocean to comb through to actually find the rest of the pieces of the plane, not to mention the victims…

Ong Eu Soon

what breakthrough mere speculation waiting for confirmation. The only breakthrough is the news abiut MH370 flew over Andaman Sea proven to be a mistake now.


Do not rely on our local mass medias or wisma putra or even the putrajaya.
For those who does not wish to see the faces of najib, hishamudin , igp on their screen.
It is now live over the BBC.
readers may follow the live text and updated recorded video broadcast over here

najib manaukau

How can MH370 flew that far down ?