Auditor-General’s report: Has anything really changed?


A couple of reports have surfaced indicating the Auditor-General’s report has been delayed.

Until a couple of years ago, the report was released at the same time the Budget was tabled. Not anymore.

See FMT report here.

Take a look at The Star’s headlines 30 years ago. See this report in the Kinta Chronicles blog.

Problem is each time some financial wrongdoing is exposed in the A-G’s report – and there have been many occasions – what kind of action has been taken against the culprits?

Nothing much has changed except the amounts squandered have grown bigger.

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RM500?….. This is the value of RAKYAT. Buying a binoculars for tens of thousands and not counting every project or tenders that they have laid their hands on. They should be returning those money back to where it is. If the MACC seriously wants to work and look into any of the mega projects accounts, you will not even believe when you see referrals or entertainment expenses figure. These expenditure is already lump together when tendering for the project and whose money is it. It’s always the RAKYAT’s money. If BN is serious into helping the RAKYAT, at least make… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

“Always look a gift horse in the mouth” as the English
saying goes.

(To look for rotten teeth ?? 🙂 )


This ‘bonus’ is something new. Umno has been doing it for years now. Every time when it is near election time Umno president, the P.M., will give away the nation’s money away to the civil 1.3 million servants and who are they ? The P.M. must think we are as stupid as he his if he thinks he is giving to every family that earns less than 3000- ringgit. No he is giving to the civil servants really and who are they ? This is typical of Najib, who promised that all top students regardless of their races would be… Read more »

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

Mr. Anil, I think the RM500 one off give aways to all families earning less than RM3,000 per month, may be a trap set by the Government to generate future incomes? As it is, LHDN had reportedly said that it had 1.2 million active tax payers on its database, and 90% of them are from you know who. Now, don’t you think it is a trap set up by the BN to collect as much datas as possible as, it is common knowledge that it is not possible or they are too lazy to go after those without a LHDN… Read more »


BN knows rakyat is desperate to submit all their details to qualify for the RM500.

Ask yourself why the BN governmnet do not have the database of the earnings of its rakyat?

Agree fully that once you have submited your application, you will be hounded for life by LHDH folks, many are hired from the pool of unemployed local graduates to milk money from rakyat.


My neighbour is earning less tahn RM3K a month as a technician. However, he has just used his credit card to buy on hire purchase an Ipad2 for his teenage son, although the family could not afford it. This is the BN mentality that is affecting the rakyat. Many people are highly geared and in debt (mostly to credit card firms and Ah Long) to buy things that they cannot afford. They said if BN government can be in deficit for 15 years and yet able to give out goodies to rakayt, they see nothing run to emulate such behavior… Read more »