Asset declarations: Still waiting for the right “forms”?


On 17 June, the Penang Chief Minister was asked why the Penang state exco members had not yet declared their assets. He said they were waiting for the right forms from KL to ensure “uniformity” and “maintain good federal relations”.

I said back then that there was no need to wait for KL. The BN federal government is not interested in a public declaration of assets. The PR governments are supposed to show us they are different.

So where is the declaration of assets on a public register – which should have been made available right at the start of the new administration taking office?

Many defended the new state government back then by saying it needed more time.

How much time does the exco (for a start) need to declare their assets? Still waiting for KL to hand over the “forms”? Come on, there is no need to wait for some silly “forms”.

There is no excuse for not declaring their assets. Many voted for change on 8 March and they expect higher standards of accountability from the PR state governments than what the previous BN administrations displayed. Remember CAT?

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Huh? Waiting for right form from KL? The Penang (and Pakatan) government cannot on its own think up a suitable form this purpose? Then what hope do we have that they can think and come up with policies to implement in the state for the benefit of the people. What a lame brain excuse. Mau tipu pun, at least cook up lah something plausible. If you google “asset declaration form” you can find plenty of examples. Even the State of Bhutan have some asset declaration form. What the Penang (Pakatan) government can do is declare their assets first using their… Read more »

johanssm / khun Pana

I guess LIM G E just wants to be diplomatic with the bn as well as to see how long the bn able to drags their feet.
There is NO NEED to wait for anything from the federal ….
Penang together with other PR states are to start their own standard which is to be followed by all the federal ….
I calls on LIM GE to make the first step and set a high standard .
Together we can do it and together we can kicks out those ….


wait lah… cannot die one what..
give pkt a change to co-op with federal n hopefully we can get more funds for penang development.
everything you want to do yourself, then federal can tell you go n get your own funds..
what the heck you guys complaining for ??? wait a bit also cannot ? you tahan chicken’s governance for so long n now cannot meh ?


Sounds like a lame excuse.

Photocopy satu tak boleh?


guan eng is at it again.

blaming the fed for his own failure.

sigh !


Thanks Anil for reminding all of us of this declaration issue.

Over to you LGE!


Seriously, like I mention before, if these excos plus CM of Penang are corrupted, the ACA would be over the head in an instant.

Guys, haven’t you guys forgotten the alleged corruptions beign hurled at 2 EXCO members in Perak? What about Ronnie’s arrest?

So with or without asset declaration form, these people especially from the other side would be vigoriously persecuted. So, why adding oil into the fire?

As far as I see, it would be more worthwhile if the federal government would be cornered into declaring their asset as well. More meaning right????


Declare assets? Afraid to disclose I suppose Delaying it giving excuses Why so difficult to go CAT? Walk the talk Don’t wait for uniform Does it now; let the people screen The truth of one’s wealth Assets declaration forms Any company will have a list Go and get one improvise on it Why a turtle crawl? Run like the rabbit Later take a nap….. In the snooze think about it Delaying tactics ruin the CAT Speaking of it doesn’t implement It holds bad karma in politics Pakatan Rakyat government Don’t play games of BN You are elected for change So… Read more »


Even quasi-govt agencies do have asset declaration forms (rather detail ones I might add). Why not just ask them for a copy?

Andrew I

A case of choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea? How different is DAP compared to the other political dinosaurs, really? It’s racial composition in terms of leadership is not that different from that of Gerakan. Kit Siang congratulated Obama on being the first black……..Obama is actually half white. Why is no one emphasizing on this part of his heritage? If we wish to talk about meritocracy, then we should not talk in terms of black, yellow, white, brown… Kit Siang, I’m sorry to say, is still stuck in the 70s and 80s when it comes to the… Read more »


This shows that PR is another NATO. No Action Talk Only. It is always easy to comment when you and in opposition. Since now they are the ruling govt, all kind of reasons are given. Declaring assets should be the first thing to be carried upon becoming a CM or Exco member.


Well, it would be even more significant if such decision by the state government would trigger or force the federal government to do the same. Although I fully agree that the Penang state government should fulfill their promises, however with so much (alleged) sabotaging going on with the full control of BN on all machineries including the ACA and the police


Yes, asset declaration forms should not be an obstacle.

Give federal government a deadline. Say a month or two. If they do not deliver, then come up with your own forms. Conformity can come later.

Sounds reasonable? Make it compulsory for all the ADUNs. Make it law if you have to, even to the extent of legitimising those ADUN seats. Failure would mean disqualification.

That should get their attention!


Looks like these fellows are no different from the BN *******


Actually, LGE and all his merry men were not serious about this pledge. And till today, despite all their big talk about being different from the BN, they are still not keen on starting any new culture of transparency and accountability in politics. Really indicative of the fact that the DAP are a bunch of charlatans at core.


You are right. Let’s just keep reminding LGE. It will be a shame if he turns out to be another KTK.

Jason Loh

This is simply indefensible. CM Lim’s credibility on this one has gone down the drain, I’m sorry to say this.

Jason Loh

What?? CM is delaying the asset eeclaration on bureauratic grounds? No. This cannot be right. The asset declaration must be done without anymore delay. CM Lim if fond of talking about justice must not only be done but seen to be done; people must not only be safe vbut feel safe. Where is the consistency here?


Please walk the talk.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

Yes, hurry up with the filling-in of asset declaration form, irrespective of forms formatted by the Federal Govt or ones done by the PR Govt so long as important particulars/items are listed in the forms!

No excuse to wait for the ‘federal forms’, for what happens if such forms are not forthcoming!

The Pg State Govt should show its seriousness in pratising its CAT policy by making the asset declarations of its Exco members accessible to the public!


The Rakyat demands that the Asset Declaration be done immediately and backdated to the day of their appointments