ASM shares for hardcore poor: What criteria?


Najib has announced a RM100 million government allocation in the form of ASM trust fund shares to assist the urban poor. The government is reportedly now compiling data on the urban poor and hardcore poor to determine who is eligible to receive the aid.

Several questions spring to mind:

  • What is the criteria for eligibility? This should be publicised.
  • What is the mechanism for distributing this aid?
  • Is it necessary to get parliamentary approval for this aid?
  • Why ASM shares and not other forms of aid?
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It just does not make sense…..! Another Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Tell them to take it to Parliment first, it’s our money.

Anak Kuching

In a few months it will be Christmas. Santa Claus is coming to town with ASM shares. Hmmmm may be is due to Raya or is it because of Deepavali?

I hope they don’t forget the poor starving Penans. Hey do you know our CM donated RM 1,000 to a Penan family recently?


Why use gomen money to invest in a bank’s trust fund? Why not just distributed the aid directly? How much do the poor actually get? The main beneficiary are the banks. Obviously a disguise form of bail out.


something smells here, giving away free stuff? it cant be true… i’d suppose they keep the 90% and give away the rest….??


the urbar people must thank all the people 99.9% chinese all queing up as early as 7am to lend a helping to th goverment,do to a good deed.


…Teoh Beng Hock… Confiscating alcohol, Barbaric cowhead protest…

Yow Chuan

Is ASM really the best way to assist these people?

Wong Ka Wai

Without any mechanism for transparency, these shares distribution will be opened to abuse.

Possibly scenarios for example, few genuine hardcore poor got some shares and the rest owned by unqualified receipients.


The more he does, the more disaster the country is in. Is he the Santa Clause appointed by heaven? Who’s money is he giving away? On what basis? Has this been approved by the cabinet? Did he has the right to make decision without being tabled? Hey, it is Rakyat’s tax money? Who are you giving too?… What is the purpose? Teach people how to fish and don’t give them fish……..I will agree if you and Rosmah give your own money and shares to them!! Excuse me!


Their foreign spin advisers only teach them how to sound good, not be good


Hi Anil;

remember TM share for Malaysian Indians? Then you know already.

1 Black Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now.


This is nothing else but a way to bribe the people to vote for BN. No one ever knows how ASM operates. They (could even) manipulate the shares to give away big dividend just before the next election. They are never sincere in helping the people, in making this country a better country. Giving the poor people 2000 shares that earns a dividend of 6% per year (i.e. RM120) will not help them change or improve their life. Giving to them will only make them lazy and ask for more. (Aren’t we have a big, big model of this already)… Read more »


The AS1M shares allocated to 1st Year IPTA students is yet to be given out. It is all silence and no agency has informed these 1st year undergrads as to where to collect the 100 units (RM100) shares from.
So will this also be just for publicity stunt and after that all forgotten?