Artefacts missing from Bujang Valley?


Questions were raised by the public about missing ceramics and other artefacts at the Bujang Valley archeological site in Kedah during a ‘Penang Story’ talk yesterday evening.

This is serious as the Bujang Valley is a national treasure. As one of the earliest, if not the earliest, civilisations in the region, the site could potentially become a source of much knowledge about the region besides becoming a major draw for visitors.

The talk yesterday was presented by Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Centre for Global Archaeological Research director Associate Professor Dr Mokhtar Saidi, who leads the archeological dig that has discovered monuments dating back to the first century AD at the sprawling site in the northern region.

I didn’t get the chance to attend the talk at the Wawasan Open University but a couple of those who did told me that one question from the floor was about missing Chinese ceramics.

Another told me he had noticed statuettes that were no longer at the museum/site after a number of years.

Each time questions like these were raised the audience smirked or laughed knowingly, said one of my sources. In fact, the talk was filled with laughter! “They seemed to take it in good humour,” said the first source.

Mokhtar himself said the preservation and conservation of artefacts and inventories comes under the museum department, the source told me.

He also conceded there was little protection of archaeological sites apart from tents covering the digs.

The museum department must tell us where all these artefacts are being stored and provide us with a full list of the inventories over the years.

Questions were also raised about the meaning of Sanskrit inscriptions on artefacts and other relics, but apparently not all of these have been translated. One would imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to find experts in ancient Sanskrit to descipher the inscriptions.

The Bujang Valley site is one of the earliest, if not the earliest, civilisation in the region.

Some of the discussion centred on whether other discoveries at the site were Buddhist or actually something of local origin.

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Its because they are not Muslim…typically (they do)… not want to admit they hindu-buddhist history nor they even care about it…


Isn’t it strange that while most ASEAN countries are proud of their historical heritage find of numerous archaeological artefacts that dates back centuries, Malaysia smacked right in the middle does not have such a site? It would be indeed improbable that such sites are not found, perhaps they have already been found but not intended to be made public knowledge? This is hardly surprising! Our local newspapers that used to carry articles on the lost city of Kota Gelanggi known only to few aging Orang Asli elders in Johor many years ago, suddenly went silent! It’s alleged there has been… Read more »


Indonesia, the biggest Muslim nation in the world nominated Buddhist and Hindu old temples as their national heritage and listed in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Here, Bolehland twisted history… – (now) make Hindu artifacts disappear(?)


Anil, why you so chicken out to delete Parameswra is not a Muslim historical fact?


That is not true in history. See this letter in The Star,

Besides from Dr. Ranjit Siggn Malhi, there are other sources disapproved Parameswara is a Muslim.

China Ming dynasty’s royal archival record only mentions his Hindu name. In fact only third Melaka sultan changed his name to Muslim name as per historical text.


Sorry, my Opera does not support this editing plug-in module.

The correct name is Dr. Ranjit Singh Malhi.


Exemplifying the TRUTH, is what we want, surprising the TRUTH is what they want. So its wiser to promote truth awareness to our society.


It is pretty obvious that any thieves would go for old Chinese ceramics first as they are the most valuable.


Why is there no news of thieves if they are stolen? So obvious they are hidden by some [other party]?

Ong Eu Soon

Another proof that we are not pendatang of a few generation.


Chinese civilisation is almost 5,000 years and through time, every single detail – even the smallest note – of every and each successive dynasty has been painstakingly recorded and stored, and the compiled volumes gives the most accurate information of China and its Imperial Dynastic rule. No surprise, the fabulous superhuman ‘tale’ of Hang Tuah and his cronies that we all had to commit to memory, is but a memory because the people responsible for its writing were making it up all the while. The storyline that a Chinese princess Hang Li Po was given away in marriage is probably… Read more »


I’m quick sick with Chinese boasting of 5000-year Chinese civilization. In reality, Chinese verified history with unearthed artifacts evidence is 3500-year old Shang Dynasty. Chinese royal archive system only established after 2000-year old Han Dynasty. Ching Dynasty official archival record was just recovered in an old well not long ago. Other earlier China historic texts are like “Hikayat Melayu”, all are still unverified legendary stories. Don’t take these kind of legends as scientific facts like UMNO goons did for Malacca Sultanate. That is not a history, but “cerita dongeng”. Go read a letter in the Star’s public forum about Malaysia… Read more »


I mean Ching Dynasty is “秦朝”, the China first centralized government.

Ong Eu Soon

You better believe that it has 5000 years of history or may be more. The ancient texts I have, if you ever read you will be amazed by the depth of knowledge of the ancient people. I found nothing special in modern day that is comparable with those ancient knowledge when come to term with nature, environment and life. The ancient text from Shang talk about a much earlier history of Huang De and Fu Xi. Both are the most amazing human being on earth. I don’t buy the ideas that a lot of ancient texts were written by others… Read more »


All modern mankind are from a same source in Africa with same length of history if you believe in science.

Keep your secret for yourself. I am not interested with this kind of hearsay.

Ong Eu Soon

Since you know mandarin, you can read my article on
2010巳卯年的月令- 天灾人祸的季节
Those are knowledge passed to me from my meditation. You can compare the weather forecast made by me with what has transpired during the past few months.


I only know after the fact prediction.

Gerakan K

Anil, call 999 now !!!


Call you nanny.


Call 666, your father of all shame and evil!


They erase historical facts like they did Altantuya’s immigration records! That’s history of early civilization for you Malaysians, ala Ibrahim-Eli? Just don’t underestimate them, rumour has it many religious artefacts that dates back 2000 years of Hindu and Buddhist elements discovereds were never made public, not allowed public display. My source told me “They were conveniently removed and carted away – supposedly on loan to main muzeum and possibly transit to disposal!” Apparently same is happening to Gelanggi site in Johor which is (allegedly) cordoned off to purge the evidence! What a shame, is this BN government condoning such irresponsible… Read more »


Yes, BN can (allegedly) erase things conveniently like immigration records and create things to suit their agenda.

That’s why BTN curriculum will creep into the History syllabus for the same reason. Scary!!!


The inevitable evidences of much earlier civilisation smack right in the hurting faces of zealous cultural ego-maniacs with ulterior motives of One Supremacy at all costs of natural course of factual history of Malay Archipelago. The glaring facts of artifacts do not sit very well with their inflated illusions at the altar of cultural, historical delusions. Even heroic warriors Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat are not spared for their ‘surprising’ Oriental DNA.
Our rich cultural diversity of history is liken to a Chinese face-changing opera manipulated and defaced by invisible pull strings of irresponsible self-serving masters of pseudo-history.


I did read a famous Malay writer’s (I think it was Samad??, a person with bearded face) article in Utusan when I was in the secondary school. He claimed no such historic personalities like Hang Tuah and his gang in the Melaka history.

Regarding the so-called DNA finding, I feel it was a hoax because no such academic institution in America.

semuanya OK kot

Lelong, lelong.

Wayang Street

Curi wang, curi harta, now curi harta karun(?)

We’re ptetty sure “Bujang Senang” who is himself harta karun won’t need it.

But Mokhtar should be the first to know and not last to determine if archive data has adequate details for subsequent reproduction. They do CT-Scans and MRI on these artifacts these days.

Maybe Brahim Ali ate them up!:wink:


Missing with a purpose(?) otherwise how UMNO goons write the twisted history of Islam is the first civilization reached Malaya…

Sazali Ramli

Those artefacts from Lembah Bujang would have proven that there was a Hindu civilization long before (many others) came here…


Not surprising to discover that Hanuman (Hindu Monkey God) did come here for our delicious durians and rambutans! And also brought the Buddhist Monk of the famed Journey To The West Epic to meditate in the limestone caves of Ipoh.


1. It is valuable antiques. I don’t think anyone stupid enough to destroy it than sell it.
2. If a huge jet can be missing, Atlantuya immigrant computer record can turn missing (together with month of backup data) , as usual, Malaysia boleh.
3. USA become world super power, not because they are the first occupied North America.


I am not at all surprised if indeed there are missing artifacts. Chinese ceramics, buddhist and sanskrit. The compulsory history subject. See the connection?


That’s why none of the artefacts is exhibited in the Alor Star Museum.


ha2, it might not jive with Perkasa if the translation comes in. History may not be the same as expounded by the malay first malaysian second DPM and his backer from Kerala.
I rather not speculate but the trust in this BN-led Govt is zilch.