Are you concerned about Tg Bunga hill-slope projects?


Are you worried by what you see, each time you go past the hillslopes of Tanjung Bunga?

George, one of the flood victims in Chee Seng Gardens, says:

… in Chee Seng Gardens, Tanjong Bunga this is a hill slope. Floods do not happen on a hill slope unless something has gone wrong, seriously wrong. I have lived in this area for nearly 40 years and there has not been a flood due to water run-off from the hills in this manner until the recent hill-cutting exercise began.

… to allow hill cutting will only make worse many areas:

  • landslides and hill collapse
  • huge water run-off, flooding areas immediately surrounding the hill-cut area and all low lying areas below the hill
  • huge amounts of siltation, drain clogging,
  • (possible) loss of life, be it drowning or being buried in tons of mud slides or even hill movement as in the highland case
  • sea-life destruction due to huge amounts of mud being swept into the sea (pollution) – fishermen suffer too eventually. It is a cycle of destruction.

So do realise that this is a problem and we Malaysians as a country must address it.

Residents of Chee Seng have called a meeting with their Penang State Assembly representative Teh tonight  at his service centre to discuss the unending problems caused by uncontrolled hillslope development in Tg Bunga. Those of you affected by these problems and interested in participating in this meeting are thus invited to attend.

Details are as follows:

Date: Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Time: 9.00pm

Venue: 3 Jalan Chee Swee Ee, Tanjung Bunga (DAP Service Centre)

Likely attendees: Teh and @ 20 residents of Chee Seng Gardens

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George Aeria

My input refers to Linda’s comment above: – TO be fair to our YB Teh, ADUN Tg. Bunga, he has helped us quite a lot and has spoken out many times in favour of the residents in the Chee Seng Gardens situation. I know because I am part of the Action Committee working towards stopping all dangerous hill slope development in Chee Seng & Tanjong Bunga. We are not against development BUT only dangerous Hill Slope development that is contained in the JUNE 2002 Federal Government Guidelines as issued then to all State Governments for their notice. Let us all… Read more »

Linda Lam

It’s amazing how quick the government halts projects when something bad happens. However, it’s also amazingly quick the government forgets and soon, projects restarts again, and people also forgets and buys those properties. It has been months that places like the junction of Chee Seng Garden, Ratu Mutiara, is flooded whenever heavy rain strike for a mere 30minutes. Tak pe lah….. cars can still get thru. Anyways…. it only happens during heavy rain-mah! We voted a kopitiam tauke to represent us. What would you expect from a kopitiam tauke? Speaks on behalf of us? I bet he only knows about… Read more »


We will lose the entire tourist belt from Tanjong Bungah to Batu Ferringhi to poor management of the development, mark my words.


Hiil-slope project really bring lots of problem to the residents nearby, MPPP should take immediate action to deny any hill-slope project in PG, however are they managed to freeze the on-going hill-slope projects? legally is it possible? Hill cutting activities adjecent to Taman Chee Seng to me still not yet stable and required immediate slope stabilization works such as safe gradient slope plus turfing to ensure the safety of the reseidents nearby. I am wondering why lately our government is concern about the cleaniness of the drain and road, earth drains, silt trap pond and etc rather than carry out… Read more »

Gale Metcalf

Can the hillside disasters in KL provide us with an opportunity to influence the MPPP to deny or freeze such projects in Penang? It was quite disappointing to read today’s Star, “Highland Projects Frozen” in which leaders in Pahang and Perak say they are putting the breaks on this type of development, while Lim Guan Eng does not seem to be responding in the same manner. Can anything be done?


landslides and hill collapse seriously happend at jln chee seng,
everyday heavy vehicle carry construction material across jln chee seng 13, damage the road and menacing resident and children walking around.
huge water run-off, flooding areas immediately surrounding the hill-cut area and all low lying areas below the hill (copy as above)
ADUN Teh, can you do something?