Anwar “wins” debate hands down – but is now arrested


Almost all (97%) of you picked Anwar as the more convincing of the two debaters last night (see also: Anwar gets bloggers’ vote) – but today he is arrested – again. 

Here we go again – it’s like a re-run…no, a re-make… of a bad movie, complete with the balaclava-clad special squad. You just don’t want to sit through such a sordid saga again. Once in a life-time is enough, thank you very much.

Anwar was detained on his way back from the ACA office by a team of police officers just before 1.00pm – an hour before a 2.00pm deadline for him to report to the police station.

Nurul Izzah writes in her blog:

Dad was arrested by the cops whilst on his way to the IPK to give his statement. The cops gave till 2pm for dad to report but still arrested him before the deadline. Dad was on his way back home to have lunch in Bukit Segambut, and then head to the IPK but the cops blocked off the road and arrested him like a criminal. And the cops who arrested him were Special Squad cops with balaclavas!!! Is that necessary!!!

I hope and pray for our nation today. I ask all Malaysians to be calm but strong in this event. I truly do believe our nation’s future rests on what happens in the next weeks.

Please please do not give the authorities any reason to crack down on us. Let us do everything by the book and do what’s right.

And most of all, please pray.


Minutes before his arrest, pandemonium broke out in Parliament when Khairy asked for Anwar’s DNA sample to be given to the police (see Harakah report below).

His family and many other Malaysians are already deeply concerned about how he will be treated in custody. Abdullah Badawi and his administration will be held accountable for this.

For the record, Anwar gave a polished performance last night and looked magnanimous by not responding to Shabery’s personal attacks. His suggestion for a 50-sen oil price reduction sounded feasible and do-able to alleviate some of the pain felt by the lower-income group and to revive the economy. The BN would have had a tough time explaining why it can’t do that. 

Neither side, however, addressed the issue of conservation and sustainable development to preserve oil resources nor did they touch on the importance of carrying out research on renewable energy such as solar power.

But whatever goodwill the Abdullah administration may have generated from allowing such an unprecendented debate on “live” television last night will undoubtedly be squelched in the uproar that is bound to follow in the wake of Anwar’s arrest. I hope PR supporters and other Malaysians will remain calm and avoid giving the authorities a pretext for any further draconian measures.

This is just a temporary setback in the struggle for justice – there have been many before – but we shall overcome. The struggle for justice must go on – this time led by all of us who cherish justice and democracy.

Meanwhile, an uproar broke out in Parliament this morning centring on Khairy’s bizarre request for Anwar’s DNA sample. This from Harakah Daily:

Anwar ditahan, Azmin sangsi kenapa Khairy minta sampel DNA Anwar

Wan Nordin Wan Yaacob

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 Julai (Hrkh) – Beberapa minit sebelum Ketua Umum KeADILan, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim ditahan berhampiran rumahnya pada jam 1.15 petang tadi Dewan Rakyat turut kecoh berhubung kes Liwat Anwar.

Dewan Rakyat kecoh hampir setengah jam ketika menantu Perdana Menteri, Khairy Jamaluddin berucap dengan membuat tuduhan terhadap Ketua Umum Parti Keadilan Rakyat (KeADILan), Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim berhubung dakwaan liwat.

Khairy mencetus kemarahan ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat antaranya, Ketua Pembangkang, Dato’ Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail; Azmin Ali (KeADILan Gombak); Gobind Singh Deo (DAP Puchong); Yusmandi Yusof (KeADILan Balik Pulau) dan beberapa ahli Pakatan Rakyat lain yang turut mengecam Khairy.

Perang mulut antara Khairy dengan Azmin bermula apabila Khairy menyifatkan Anwar tidak mengikut undang-undang kerana tidak ke Balai Polis untuk memberi keterangan kepada pihak polis.

Malah, Khairy juga mendesak sampel DNA Anwar diserahkan kepada polis jika Ketua Umum KeADILan itu meskipun bagi Azmin dan Gobind siasatan polis belum selesai.

Tuduh menuduh bergelandangan dalam Dewan Rakyat antara Azmin dengan Khairy ditambah dengan beberapa orang ahli Parlimen yang menyebabkan suasana tak keruan.

Azmin juga menyifatkan bahawa Rembau (Khairy) adalah Perdana Menteri yang sebenarnya mentadbir Malaysia walaupun Perdana Menteri yang dinamakan kini adalah dari Kepala Batas (Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi).

Timbalan Speaker Dewan Rakyat, Dato’ Wan Junaidi Tunku Jaffar yang menjadi orang tengah dalam perdebatan itu terpaksa beberapa kali meminta ahli-ahli dewan bertenang dan tidak melontarkan sebarang tuduhan.

Sementara itu di Azmin yang ditemui di Lobi Parlimen menyatakan kesangsiannya terhadap kenyataan Khairy, itu yang disifatkan menjustifikasikan awal dalam kes liwat Anwar.

“Soal DNA, kita setuju dengan soal dia nak satu forensik bebas menyiasat, tetapi siapa yang akan menganggotai forensik itu benar-benar berwibawa dalam jalankan siasatan,”

Namun kata Azmin, beliau melihat bagaimana Khairy seperti boleh tahu tentang laporan polis terhadap Anwar itu sedangkan pihak yang dituduh sehingga kini tidak pernah mendapat salinan laporan itu.

Sedangkan, katanya sepatutnya pihak yang dituduh (Anwar) menerima laporan polis tersebut.

“Bagaimana Rembau (Khairy) boleh tahun tentang laporan itu, saya cabar dia agar dia jawab dalam dewan, ” katanya.

Beliau juga sangsi bahawa mungkin ada satu konspirasi terhadap tuduhan liwat Anwar.

Perkembangan mengenai Anwar, sehingga kini Anwar dilaporkan dibawa ke IPK Kuala Lumpur dan orang ramai mula berkumpul bagi memberi sokongan kepada Anwar.

Polis yang menahan beliau dilaporkan memakai topeng dan berkaca mata gelap.

Antara pimpinan PAS yang ada di IPK ialah, Dr Hatta Ramli dan Dr Zulkifly Ahmad.

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budak muda
budak muda
2 Aug 2009 8.29pm

kj….kau masih kuning dalam politik……jgn… ingat nak buat hal dalam nagara yang amam damai…kou jaga aje rambau 2..
masih juah 20 tahun belakang…maju kan rambau dan buktikan yang kau boleh jaga malaysia……ckap macam orang kurang ilmu….sori ye ….tapi 2 yang fakta nya…

budak muda//////////

23 Jul 2008 8.52am

Absolutely DSAI won the debate! Why? Because his speech was based on facts & figures with strong proposals to keep up the Malaysia economic growth from collapse! Huh, like BN will collapse as what we can see right now! Dato’ Ahmad Shabery Cheek? He was delivering speeches on about to blame DSAI on his previous years as a student back in the 70’s, and talking … about while DSAI was a Finance Minister partner with Tun Dr. M as a PM then. Of course Tun Dr. M is good at financing when he team up with DSAI, but people knows… Read more »

19 Jul 2008 1.50pm

irrational is when you worry more about what goes on in other pple ‘bakyard ‘ than whatever craziness that’s taking place in your in your own frontyard. Looks at who is messing with the nation’s crops, nation’s wealth, nation’s credibility ? These are the things in our frontyard and these issues directly affects our quality of life ! Its insane that the ‘upper’ pple capitalise on DSAI ‘preference’ (ya if is found true?? mind you, the foresensic expert employed here is …….u decide . DNA obsolete??) so we can be distracted from understanding / and thinking / reacting to core… Read more »

18 Jul 2008 1.36am

DSAI won hands down ? Yeah right….I my view Shabery trounced DSAI…there was no contest. Those people who “voted” DSAI obviously made up their mind before the debate….Perhaps it is a sad and damning reflection on Malaysians’ maturity… BTW my advice to Nur Izzah.Be prepared, bigger shocks gonna come your way when DSAI’s crimes are revealed by Saiful in the court. DSAI would not been arrested had not he voluntarily gave his statement to the cops instead of paying cat and mouse political game. It is obvious what he planned to do. By going home and staying there, he wanted… Read more »

16 Jul 2008 8.45pm

If you can’t debate… incarcerate

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
16 Jul 2008 7.26pm

Arrest in haste and regret at leisure
Let’s not abuse the use of undue pressure
For ultimately in fair justice we all treasure
With the good Lord above to all of us to reassure

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 160708
Wed. 16th July 2008.

16 Jul 2008 6.40pm

losing party (loser BN) is now taking action to purnish the winner…. as the BN cannot accept the fact that they are OVER….. over…. pls step down….. reformation needed!!!

16 Jul 2008 6.04pm

I think the issue here is not whether we are DSAI fans or not.

What is clear is that there is INJUSTICE being pepretrated right in front of our eyes by the very instituitions and people that we hope to actually protect us!

How can one turn the other way when you see evil, you see vindictiveness, you see corruption !!!!

16 Jul 2008 5.51pm

Dear sunwayopal,

Thanks for your comment to this Mugam Guy. I think we need not waste time on him.

Just to let you know, I completely share your feelings on this.
There is so much emotions in me.

If this Mugam Guy is in front of me, I may even be tempted to punch him in the face. But then why waste my energy on someone who is just trying to impress.

And I am no Dato Seri fan, mind you.

16 Jul 2008 5.45pm

I would call the minister a kampong stand over man; these kampong stand over men are the neighbourhood bully. They This sort of behaviour do not argue, but they just resort to clobber their opponent; that is how disputes are settled. There is no debate and disputes are thrashed out in the streets in violent quarrels. Quarrelling is more his style. From him there was no debate but a quarrel with Anwar. Coming to the more serious development, the arrest of Dato Seri Anwar. Malaysia must not condone this sort of police (heavy-handed action), because Anwar was already on his… Read more »

Kenny Gan
Kenny Gan
16 Jul 2008 5.40pm

Umnodu said, “Your lack of understanding in reading judgments is symptomatic of the problems facing most Anwar’s supporters.” Umnodu, I presume you represent your political masters in Umno. The lack of understanding you goons have of the situation is symptomatic of how far the party has moved away from the rakyat. In the first place, the case is at worse, a matter of consensual sexual misconduct akin to consensual oral sex. Unless you believe a 61 year old man with a bad back can forcibly sodomize a 23 year old man, then I pity your mental capacity. So why arrest… Read more »

Mr. Mugam
Mr. Mugam
16 Jul 2008 5.34pm

Wow. I cannot believe why some of you all are being so short minded. Yes I’m aware of the Altantuya case and the sodomy case. And some of the gentleman upstairs is saying that is sodomy is not a crime in civilized country. I wonder if you have citizens doing that sort of actions in your country. And I don’t care if Najib is involved either in the Altantuya case. If he is involed he will be getting his punishment just as the rest. To be truth, I dont even prefer them both, because they are the c***** in their… Read more »

16 Jul 2008 5.32pm

umno is in total fear!

16 Jul 2008 5.28pm

Already Mahafiruan’s son Minifiruan has made a statement in the house that he is sure that DSAI has committed sodomy. Meanwhile the S-I-L is demanding DNA to be taken although DSAI is not even charged yet. Perhaps these guys know something that we do not.

16 Jul 2008 5.27pm

For me – as a muslims – still I was very proud to say go to hell with …

Pls all can u imagine is it so easy for us to do this to a normal guy (lelaki sejati) as claim by his fiance.
This is bull s*** … unless saiful was a gay… and he claims done by DSAI.
Everything is possible.
anything possible when you’re trying to frame…

16 Jul 2008 5.20pm

(UMNO) at work, no one can critize the gomen, no one can stand in the way of the gomen. Anwar phobia at its peak, its scripted that he will be charged in the a political execution.sodomy become the NO 1. in list of serious crime.

now, the stupid khairi demands DNA, … the underhand dirty tactics by UMNO govt is disgusting, ungentlemanly,unfair and discriminative. i think the more agressive and foolish handle this matter, the event could be the catalyst for the downfall of this undemocratic govt.

16 Jul 2008 5.02pm

Whatever the charge is, whatever the evidences are, no matter how much the Govt, police and media will try to convince us; the manner the Government and police are handling this (with no human decency at all)..there is NO WAY the ordinary rakyat will believe Anwar is guilty.

16 Jul 2008 5.00pm

They going to pay for this. BN & the gang have done a sin. You see Khir Toyo lost the state because of his wrong doing.

Is killing is more humane than liwat? Well arrest the VVIP (and others linked to that case) too Mr Mugam. Don’t try to be fair when actually you make a fool of urself.

16 Jul 2008 4.58pm

The emergence of the new MAHAFIRAUN..

16 Jul 2008 4.55pm

To put the record straight Anwar did NOT support the IMF measures in the 1997 crisis. This was a mischevious statement put out by Mahathir when he brought Anwar down in the first “sodomy” conspiracy when Anwar opposed him for using huge sums of public funds from the GLCs to bailout his cronies’ companies who were bleeding badly from the currency turmoil exarcebated by lack of proper governance and transparency in financial management. Anwar had given various public statements about the need for these measures (good governance & transparency) around the time prior to his arrest (please look up the… Read more »

16 Jul 2008 4.53pm

Our hearts and prayers go out to you, Izzah, your mum and the rest of the family.

16 Jul 2008 4.39pm

You are trying to be righteous in a WRONG way.Maybe you atre not aware that sodomy is NOT a crime in many civilised countries.If those countries do not consider them criminals, I believe that they are not violent and not a threat to human lives. Why treat Anwar in such a harsh manner?
Remember that we have an alleged murder who was allowed bail and this guy is well connected.
Mugam, just compare the two of them!!!

16 Jul 2008 4.37pm

A normal citizen gets arrested by a multitude of policemen in baclava and a 15 car convoy? The next time u get mugged, try shouting loudly. 99% of the time, no police is around. Then you go to the Balai to report, and will never get feedback. DSAI did not get preferencial treatment, he got preferencial intimidation. Please think before writting, most UMNO lovers still think that there is rule of law. Tell that to UMNO Penang who can demonstrate and nobody get caught.

16 Jul 2008 4.16pm

It is so clear there is one law for THEM! and one separate law for the rest of us. There is no justice for all as alluded by mr Mugam. And UMNODU, i have one question to ask you and if this doesnt prove that this politically motivated , I dont know what is!!! I ask you this, from Merdeka 1957 up to now, can you tell me how many males have been arrested for the crime of sodomising another man (lets leave alone conviction). Just tell me how MANY!!!! ZERO!!!!! Other than Datuk Seri!!!! Not politically motivated???? 51 years… Read more »

J. D. Lovrenciear
J. D. Lovrenciear
16 Jul 2008 3.50pm

Why the hell are the authorities treating Anwar like some-kind-of-an-Osama? The PM being the kepala for PDRM has just bunked his credibility to the pits. And so should fall all of humpty dumpty’s horses too. No?!? Please Mr PM do you not realize that this arrest has now totally betrayed the rakyat’s iota of hope in you and your fellow stooges? More so when Anwar had publickly stated that he will be there at PDRM at 2.00 pm. My God, the dark clouds are indeed setting all around us. What have our last bastion His Majesty the King got to… Read more »